The new Covid vaccines, which are not based on spiked proteins (not yet authorized)

There’s a letter to the editor in the Epoch Times that refers to Novavax and Madicago, two new vaccines for Covid-19 not yet authorized by Health Canada.

The author says they use a more traditional vaccine technology, not the experiment spiked protein technology that has contributed to so many negative side-effects (“adverse events”).

mRNA drugs have caused millions of people to be skeptical of the efficacy of ‘the jab’ and widespread criticism.

Censorship of the criticism and use of the drugs to impose medical segregation have only managed to cause more skepticism and distrust.

If they’re authorized and distributed, will this solve the medical problems? Maybe, but it won’t solve the political mess — namely, the incredible misuse of a disease and its alleged remedies that violate both medical ethics and human rights.

If those in power continue to push vaccines on us — however they’re made — that’s still fundamentally wrong.

Keep in mind, as well, that they blocked Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for no good reason, so maybe this really is all about forcing only mRNA injections on us, for some nefarious purpose?

I can’t say for certain, but I don’t trust the health and media and political authorities at all. They have proven themselves completely untrustworthy, willing to destroy people’s lives for their own short-term power and profit.

Here is the letter below, in italics, with my commentary interspersed.

“My thoughts on the Covid vaccine” by Peter Scholz, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), as printed in ‘The Reader’s Turn‘ in the Epoch Times, Nov. 11, 2021, p. B8:

For a bit more than a year now, Canadians have been told “Do your part, get vaccinated, it’s safe and effective.” But the Covid vaccines are neither 100 percent safe or effective, while “do your part” has become a passport that ignores human rights.

[NB – The mRNA ‘vaccines’ are so unsafe, many scientists are now convinced they are potentially fatal to everyone who continues to take them. And they are a failure in terms of providing immunity.]

According to Health Canada data, Canada has had 5,531 total adverse side effects as of Oct. 29, 2021. Some of the serious side effects that been have been reported include Bell’s Palsy, heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis), blood clots, capillary leak syndrome, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

[NB – The VAERS reports are said to be about 1 percent of the total, so there may actually be 50,000 adverse side effects or more in Canada (?) — some quite serious. But the media won’t report on this.]

Although most mainstream Canadian media outlets refused to report it, Sweden and Denmark have stopped distributing Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine to youth due to the risk of myocarditis and/or pericarditis.

The current vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious cases of Covid. They do not stop the spread of the disease, however, and the vaccinated can still get sick, just much less severely.

Covid mutations, which are more resistant to the current vaccines, are able to spread unchecked. A pre-release British study indicates that current vaccines may be ineffective against the Delta variant after only 12 weeks.

What about better vaccines? Some are about ready to go, yet the Canadian government dithers. Novavax is slightly more efficacious and has a significantly lower rate of side effects and than the mRNA vaccines. It is also effective against variants.

Results for Medicago are similar. Both of these vaccines use the more traditional vaccine technology –basically, a viral shell is injected, and immunity is conferred as the body learns how to clean it out.

The current vaccines, on the other hand, force human cells to produce huge numbers of toxic “spikes.” These are the same spikes that cover the surface of the Covid virus. As the body learns to clean out the spikes, protection from Covid is induced.

The side-effects that are reported probably come from either damage caused directly by the microscopic spikes floating in the blood before they are cleared out, or from the immune system destroying the otherwise healthy human cells that are producing the spikes.

[NB – This is a discussion on the toxicity of the spike proteins from last year. I think this particular clip has been taken down by Youtube, but people keep putting it up. It’s titled: “Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein”]

SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage
Covid-19 itself produces a spiked protein that causes internal damage, apparently. But does the ‘vaccine’ do the same? Its critics say yes. Source of image

Why don’t we have access to these safer vaccines? According to Health Canada, the maximum period between application and approval for the four current vaccines was four months.

Medicago (based in Quebec, City) applied for approval in April 2021, and Maryland-based Novavax (with planned federal facilities in Montreal) applied in January 2021.

Both recently completed their Phase 3 trials [these are human trials, the final test before government approval] but neither has been approved. With all this going on, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization has stopped giving press briefings.

[NB – I wonder if the producers of the mRNA drugs are attempting to sabotage this effort as we speak? Nothing would surprise me anymore.]

As for me, with my healthy heart and an immune system that has shown a propensity to over-react, I am at a higher than average risk for vaccine side effects. I have four kids that need a healthy dad. I will wait for Novavax and Medicago.

[NB – The author makes a good argument for this new drug over the old. That still does not mean the new drug is safe or worth taking if one is not at real risk from Covid-19, which is really nothing more than a strong version of influenza.

Natural immunity is still better.

Even if it is authorized, I’d still be cautious before taking it. And I won’t be coerced. It’s my decision alone.

I do know that mRNA drugs are not worth it, and I will never voluntarily take them. I am justifiably skeptical of the motives of those trying to coerce us into taking them.

At best, they are just opportunistic, using an accidental lab leak to profit and gain political power; at worst, they planed the whole thing and are trying to kill most of us off. I hate to consider the latter possibility, but others have raised and it deserves consideration, based on available evidence.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know we’ve been lied to and manipulated by powerful people for reasons that have nothing to do with advancing public health, and all this has to come out in the open.

A final point: You can see the clinical trial report for Novavax here. Medicago doesn’t post its trial online that I could see, but interestingly, it does claim to be plant-based in its production process — though I know they were required by law to do experiments on animals for phase 2 (and from an ethical standpoint, all animal experimentation is cruel). And no doubt used fetal cell lines at some point, which poses a religious objection for those pro-life.

And all vaccines carry with them some risk of adverse events. They might be compared to cars: we take the risk of death to get from point A to B. But some cars are less safe than others and should be avoided.]

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