Unfortunately, he’s not wrong in saying that this is a war

Clif High sharing his thoughts online at https://www.bitchute.com/channel/HBBwqdoMy7Gz/

This speaker, Clif High, is definitely a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – but that does not make him wrong. Some so-called conspiracy theories are correct, and some are incorrect and entirely implausible. They are not all the same.

High, in my opinion, makes a plausible argument that there’s an observable and demonstrable pattern in how imperial wars are started. They start with what’s often referred to as a ‘false flag’ operation, such as the Reichstag Fire. In recent American politics, Jan. 6 is a comparable event.

Reichstag Fire, 1935 Jan. 6, Washington DC, 2021

I myself have observed this phenomenon on a smaller scale, through the use of agent provocateurs at political rallies, 20 years ago: police acting as protestors perpetrating violent acts in order to give the police an excuse to crack down on the protest and label it ‘violent (e.g. Montebello Quebec protest, G20 in Toronto).

Montebello Quebec protest. Police arrested supposed protestors who wore the same type of boots.
They later admitted the arrestees were undercover police, agent provocateurs.

The speaker looks like an old peace activist like many I used to know. He argues that the medical tyranny being imposed on us now is an undeclared war, similar to past wars that started with a deliberate provocation or event to shape public opinion.

He gives the example of the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to American involvement in Vietnam. And alleged WMDs led to the 2nd US-Iraq war; 9/11 led to the ‘war on terror’ (which in turn contributed to the creation of Daesh/Islamic state terrorism) and the US-Afghan war, through a cycle of violence. This is good for the business of war profiteers and bad for the families of men who die in these wars.

The Pearl Harbor attack was preventable but it was useful as a pretext for the US to enter the Pacific war at the time (I had not heard that one before, but it’s plausible). Et cetera.

He then goes on to say that this new war is about population control. Again plausible, an argument made by Iain Davies in Pseudopandemic, which is the book that woke me up and led me to create this blog. I also have to thank my friend Paul who said he would not allow others to violate his bodily autonomy, which was a moment of epiphany.

He is also correct in saying that vaccines are not vaccines and that the CDC actually changed the definition. He calls it a “poison”, presumably because of the spiked proteins. I first became aware of this argument through Dr Byram Bridle: the mRNA injection has a “cytotoxic” in it that travels (“bio-distributes”) to different parts of the body and damages them.

Is this damage deliberate or not? I don’t know. I tend to think the main political value of what’s happening for those perpetrating it is to divide and conquer us.

But yes it has already killed some people. How many? Again I don’t know. Estimates vary from 6 to 150 thousand dead from the jab in the U.S. None of this is being tracked, so it’s hard to know. Not enough to say that the jab equals mass murder at this point, however.

High says “people are dying faster now.” Is this true? Time will tell. He says “four out five people will die over these next two years.” Luc Montagnier has said something similar; so have some other scientists. Who really knows if they’re right?

Again, I personally believe this is about social and political control: to impose a social credit system on us. It’s about re-making the world and imposing the Great Reset and Chinese world domination.

But if the worst-case scenario is correct, as some people contend, it’s even more serious than that. It’s genocidal. That may eventually happen one way or another if the CCP has its way. Once they have complete control, then genocides will start happening in earnest, just as they are happening now to the Uyghurs.

Getting multiple injections can potentially make you sicker than if you got none. mRNA shots, critics say, are causing ADE. This is why the state of Israel has a high incidence of the Delta variant.

Much of the evidence regarding the true nature of our predicament would have been suppressed early on, and people who tried to bring it forward were no doubt murdered. Still, the operation is so huge, there have to be leaks and whistleblowers coming forward eventually. The truth will come out.

High’s videos can be found at this link. None are titled with the term “Covid” probably on purpose. All he will say of himself is this:

“Located at the south end of the Salish Sea, we are also naturally involved in boat/water life here in the PNW of USA. Building a pacific Proa catamaran with a sail plan of my own invention (Advanced Crane Sprit Rig) due to be launched as a video platform and fast local transport this year. Also have a fleet of skin on frame vessels
including Qui-oki-oki, a sailing trimaran adaptation of an umiak. Fiercely dedicated aikido focused on life, freedom, and the future.”

He reminds me of the father played by Michael Caine in the film Children of Men. Old hippies who used to protest Vietnam, who are very anti-government, some libertarian. Not like the new Left, who are censorious and authoritarian-leaning. People used to make fun of the old conspiracy theorist libertarians, but it’s not so funny now. A lot of what they said (e.g., NWO, 9/11) is coming true or has been proven true.

The person who notified me of this video above is another freedom-minded activist who re-posts some of my posts: Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska runs the New Human New Earth blog. She is a retired judge who became a freedom activist.

I like these free spirits and feel a certain kinship with them. They don’t censor themselves. They say exactly what they want to, whether it’s accepted by others or not – as one should, ideally.

A lot of old hippies go to the freedom rallies, as I have reported in the past. It’s not a ‘right-wing’ issue like it’s being framed in the MSM to fool left-leaning masses. It transcends that. It’s freedom vs. tyranny.

It reminds me of how the people of Ukraine pleaded for unity across classes against the state during the imposed famine/ genocide (below). Both kulaks and peasants were killed back then. The class divide the Communist government exploited was a ruse, just as the race and vaccine divisions they’ve created today are false.

Marxists never cared for the peasants then (they murdered them), just as they don’t care for the black, gay, female, transgender, or other minorities, but use them to divide people. Now the new divide is vaccinated and unvaccinated and the latter are being deliberately scapegoated to divide us.

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