A Global Conspiracy Between the Pharmaceutical Companies, the Media, and Health organizations to force world-wide vaccinations using an untested new technology


[NB – This article is not stating anything we don’t already know. I am re-posting it only because it nicely summarizes the situation in a few words. It’s what you would tell someone who was not from planet Earth or had been isolated from human civilization and the mainstream media for the last two years.]


What is in the shot they are administering? It is untested and unapproved because it is a new technology that consists of messenger RNA (mRNA).

One cannot rely upon the mainstream media and the government to inform you—their info is exaggerated or downright lies. Fauci belongs in jail for funding the Wuhan Lab $7.4 million.

As far as mandating a vaccine, that has never been done before.

We are talking about people being forced to take an experimental and unapproved Gene Therapy – mRNA – not a vaccine – that is not safe; has killed tens of thousands in the US, and isn’t needed. And also doesn’t work. There are more cases of Covid now than before the vaccines were rolled out. It interferes with your body’s innate immune system. This mRNA contains a spike protein that is basically a little Covid factory, which means you will have Covid, a small amount…

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