Tyrants cannot rule unless people back down in fear and learn to self-censor

The solution is to think for yourself and be unafraid of others disapproving of your views.

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The people responsible for medical tyranny don’t have enough power to pull off their global coup d’etat if enough of us refuse to cooperate with them. But if we censor ourselves and live in fear, then they’ve won.

An advocate for free speech, recently lamenting the rise of censorship in the media, wrote: “newspapers should be forums where readers are exposed to different and even unsettling viewpoints. Self-censoring does not extinguish such views. It only fuels an appetite to control and censor opposing views.”

But self-censorship is not just occurring with newspaper editors. It’s happening on social media and in daily conversation. We’re all doing it all the time, instinctively.

We learn to frame our comments in ways that won’t be viewed askance. Self-censorship stems from a contagious fear of disapproval of others – of being called a bad person and losing one’s social status as a good person – which spreads to others until all are affected by it.

Some people have ended friendships with me because of my outspokenness on some topics. Family members are silent or express disagreement. That can hurt but I’d rather speak the truth as I understand it than try to please everyone.

Those trying to take away our rights and freedoms don’t have the full legal apparatus and power to do so — but they’re succeeding only because most people are afraid and give into them.

I confess I’ve curbed my speech as well. We all have to some extent. It’s easier. Fear of a neighbour or family member or someone on social media disapproving of us is a powerful motivator. When we define ourselves in relation to others too much it’s dangerous.

Millions of people have appointed themselves guardians of the new orthodoxy. Having power over others is a temptation that small, insecure people find very tempting. They have a newfound power over us: to tell us what we say or do is wrong.

A mob of anonymous people online will back them up. Fear of being scapegoated online and losing one’s job is now a powerful social force.

If you walk the wrong way down a grocery aisle, a domineering woman might correct you. If you don’t wear a mask in public expect to be lectured about it. Not taking the mRNA shot is considered wrong by many who’ve been brainwashed to believe it’s safe and necessary. The media and government back them up.

Those of us who look at the facts and question this experimental drug and loss of bodily autonomy are demonized.

We’ve learned to conform to this new orthodoxy in countless small ways. It began with what’s now called wokeness and used to be called political correctness. That changed society for the worse.

For some people, wokeness fills the space that religion and morality used to. It used to be a fringe movement even just five years ago. It was a cult, now it’s the state religion. Now it controls entire governments and corporations. It happened fast. Now it’s being used to further medical tyranny.

Here is a good discussion (below) on the problem of self-censorship on social media, from a former Leftist who is now in that no man’s land between Right and Left (which is not a bad place to be). His conclusion: think for yourself.

Censorship, Self-Censorship, and the Cult of Woke-ness

by Mickey Z, Mar. 26, 2021

Since many of my Facebook friends are left-of-center (a.k.a. #woke), I knew that the simple act of posting a photo that resonated with me would be “controversial.” Here are two of the main reasons why:

1. The Vaccine Police™ would be out in full force. In the past year or so, large swaths of humans have appointed themselves to be volunteer guardians of “science.” My Facebook page is a pretty quiet venue — except, for example when I point out undeniable truths like:

  • There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines for COVID-19
  • Vaccine companies have been granted immunity from liability for any adverse events

For committing the transgression of posting facts, you will be labeled “anti-vaxxer” or “anti-science” or a “conspiracy theorist” and publicly mocked. In some cases, you’ll be un-friended without any explanation. In WokeWorld, disagreement is not permissible. 

2. No one is “allowed” to use the phrase “lives matter” unless the word “Black” appears somewhere before it. It could be “Black Girls” or “Black Trans” or something like that. Anything else will be censored and censured by the cancel culture guillotine of the “Left.” You will be un-ironically deemed a white supremacist because, well… in a hive mind, it’s all or nothing.

“Vaccine-Injured Lives Matter?” That’s a double whammy. You’ll be subjected to ad hominem attacks from the same smug, anti-free speech crowd that once promised a return to civility after the fall of Trump.

Last year at this time we were living through Compassion Theater™. Every life counts. We are all in this together. Stay safe. Today, try questioning the accepted dogma and see how much kindness and positive energy you garner. 

This puts someone like me in an unusual position. I was once a well-known character on the “Left” but I no longer vibe with their thought-police mentality. That crowd also hates being called out — especially by a former comrade. The compassionate (sic) woke-sters will relentlessly try to squash anyone’s freedom to practice independent thought.

At the same time, I’ve got virtually nothing in common with the “Right.” They don’t even know I’m alive and even if they did, I wouldn’t want the added drama of having them stick up for me.

When faced with a rock-and-a-hard-place situation like this, my typical reflex is to self-censor. It’s just not worth it, I tell myself. Pick your battles. You’ll just stress yourself out, lose friends, and nobody will change their mind anyway.

I’ve been a radical writer and public speaker for decades and I’ve seen this play out plenty of times. Let it go and live in peace, right? Pretty decent, self-loving advice, but… living in peace is not possible when you allow the will of the mob to control even your most minor decisions. Therefore, since there was a chance Facebook might’ve banned the photo anyway, I decided to instead write this article about the graffiti, the series of thoughts it inspired, and the sad state of things in 2021.

Take-home messages: You don’t have to march in lockstep with the algorithm-driven denizens of the Left or the Right. Do your homework. Make up your own mind. Don’t surrender to dangerous echo chambers. Plant your flag and see who comes to stand with you. Most of all: It’s time to rediscover the subversive pleasure of thinking for yourself. 

Opinion: Language between self-censorship and political ...

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    People can be (and are) in many places, an unpaid enforcement brigaide.
    I mean lots of folks will bow down to an unruly mob of family, friends, coworkers and neighbors who show up outside your home. ***but not me


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