Media Stirs Up Omicron Hysteria, Points Finger at Unvaccinated

[NB – I recall a statement by an Irish Parliamentarian at the advent of WWI (I can’t recall his name). He said, in response to calls to join WWI (which the UK eventually did, resulting in great loss of life): “I do not think we should great the Great War much reality.”

I’ve always thought that was a good statement. If you give something reality — if you acknowledge its importance — you run the risk of investing in a shared fiction that can destroy a whole society, as the Great War nearly did. WWI resulted in a horrendous bloodbath and incredible suffering and heartbreak.

The cost of lockdowns and Covid restrictions is much the same: there’s really no point to them, but people get caught up in a mass hysteria and are persuaded by authoritiy figures that it’s important to conform to the new order of things. It’s all just insanity but on a global scale.

I would say after that Parliamentarian from long ago, “we should not great the pandemic much reality.” I don’t believe it’s real pandemic. We should not as a society be responding to it and goiong along with these insane restrictions. The cost of doing so is already too high. This needs to end.]


By Rob Verkerk, Ph.D.


  • Lockstep political decision to roll out leaky “vaccines” occurred around the world immediately following theOmicronannouncement.
  • Circumstances with a new, heavily mutated variant, vastly different population immunity and knowledge about “genetic vaccine” effectiveness, nothing like those 12 months ago when first generationCOVIDinjections were rolled out globally.
  • Omicron may be more infective, is likely no more dangerous — but may be more likely to evade injection-induced immunity.
  • There is no conclusive evidence that Omicron originated in Africa — which happens to have the lowest injection rate and case rate of COVID-19.
  • Mass injection of first gen injections, followed by re-worked Omicron-specific jabs, could cause disastrous consequences, including accelerating development of further variants and antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of disease.
  • We consider some of the possible political and economic drivers behind the new unscientifically backed policy to up the ante on injections.

No sooner…

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