Testimony of a former prisoner of Covid isolation camp in Australia

“It’s a horrible feeling. You feel like you’re in prison … it’s inhuman what they’re doing.” – Testimony of a woman who was locked in a quarantine/isolation camp.

The bad news is that countries are now starting to lock people into these makeshift prisons. The good news is that it’s not forever. They let you out eventually. But will the price of freedom be taking the jab? If so, that’s another form of imprisonment.

There is another testimony of an Australian who was incarcerated. In the video (at the link below) you can hear another inmate who has been inside for 14 days yelling at the guard loudly that he wants to get out – which sounds like a lot of jail cells.

Aussie Who Is Vaccinated And Tested Negative 9 times Uploads Video From COVID Concentration Camp, People Locked Into Rooms For Over 300 Hours, Guards Threaten To Gas Them

An Australian man uploaded a video from his COVID ‘hotel’ room with the sounds of a prisoner screaming to be let out after hundreds of hours being cooped up inside a small room. The man, who seems to be having a mental breakdown, is demanding to be let out only to be told to get back inside or face being gassed. The man who uploaded the video claims to be vaccinated and has tested negative 9 times and he is still stuck inside this prison camp. This is the text that came with the post:

“No air, no leaving the room for 338 hours, the second time in my 11 days here someone has totally smashed up their room, babies crying. I think this guy thought he was leaving today when he is actually leaving at 11.59 pm tonight. You go crazy being all alone. Is this really necessary? I myself had 9 negative tests before being denied quarantine at home and I am vaccinated. Why? What is the price of Victorian’s mental health? does anyone actually care? This guy is threatened to be gassed by authorities if he doesn’t calm down ?? WTF!”

It is important the world sees what is happening in Australia, which was once known to be a first-world country with human and civil rights.


In Australia, there was the first case of the unvaccinated being taken by the military to a camp: 38 Aborigional people. The case is being challenged in court.

Isolation camp in Manitoba, Canada
Source: https://portageonline.com/local/mmf-camp-covid-ready-for-use
Interior of one of the rooms of camp in Manitoba
Testimony of a man from an Australian camp. You can see the video here.

Map of quarantine stations in the U.S., from the CDC.

Source: https://www.cracknewz.com/2021/09/scariest-map-ever-quarantine-camps-in.html
Original source: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/quarantinestationcontactlistfull.html

Snitch hotline / online complaint form set up in Saskatchewan (and probably everywhere else in Canada). Your neighbour can turn you in:

“A website where people can fill out a form to inform officials about people allegedly not following the public health orders. . . The site is specifically for individuals who willfully fail to comply with isolation orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19″ Source.

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