120 Teens Hospitalized, 3 Dead Following Pfizer Vaccine Rollout for 15- to 17-Year-Olds in Vietnam

[NB – Giving the mRNA injections to children is child abuse. It’s insane. But numerous healthcare agencies are authorizing and approving it, despite near immunity to Covid-19 among 0 to 19 year olds. What will it take for people to wake up? How many severe “breakthrough cases” and “adverse events”? It will all end eventually, as all things do. This too will pass. But in the meaintime, it’s important to spread the message that parents should not be giving this to their children. Pregnant women should not get these injections, despite what the so-called “fact-checkers” tell you. Better to exercise the precautionary principle.]


The Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoasuspendeda batch of Pfizer-BioNTech’sCOVID vaccineafter more than 120 teens were hospitalized after being vaccinated.

According to the province’s Center for Disease Control (CDC), the teens were hospitalized for symptoms ranging from nausea and high fevers to breathing difficulties — with 17 children exhibiting severe reactions.

Thanh Hoa authorities have yet to confirmPfizer’sCOVID vaccine caused the teens’ symptoms,VN Express Internationalreported.

Vu Van Chinh, director of the Ha Trung District General Hospital, said side-effects following vaccination are normal but are more likely to happen in children than adults.

Luong Ngoc Truong, director of the CDC, said although the province stopped using thecurrent vaccine batch, “We still have other batches, also Pfizer vaccines, so we will continue vaccinating the children.”

The suspended batch was put into storage and could be used later for other groups like adults, Truong…

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Who’s so thick headed to allow this to continue? ***sigh
    Meanwhile our own granddaughter is quarantining for 10 days – just because she was in close proximity to a classmate that tested positive over the weekend. Actually – I believe the whole class is in “lockdown”. We weren’t notified until Sunday morning.
    Nope, no vaccinated persons in this house.


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