Just like North Korea, Canada is making escape from medical tyranny nearly impossible — forcing many, whose backs are to the wall, to resist or submit

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t get out of a Communist country without considerable difficulty, including the risk of imprisonment and death. Many have tried and been caught and sent to the gulag, or psychiatric prisons, or simply tortured and murdered.

It’s increasingly becoming like that for freedom-loving Canadians who feel alienated in their own country. Most will stay and suffer what comes, but a fraction will leave to escape to a better life — mostly south of the border, to the USA — much as people from third world hellholes have left their home countries to come to Canada: to be free and to enjoy relative prosperity.

To get out of some parts of Canada means having to pass through provinces that have a border policy of not allowing the unvaccinated to enter. Eastern Canada (Atlantic provinces) and the northern Territories. So it’s hard to get out if you have to go through those provinces. That’s my situation.

Getting into the US is not a problem, but getting back into Canada would be: they’d require self-isolation at home (at best) or hotel quarantine – or perhaps now in one of the so-called isolation camps.

Can one enter them unvaxxed? The websites for those provinces say no, but the anecdotal experience of some travellers is that border crossings are not being implemented. I honestly don’t know because I haven’t tried.

I do know that one cannot fly in or within Canada anymore without taking the mRNA injections, as per Trudeau’s orders, so flying is out.

The fact that this is even happening is what’s most astounding. People come here from around the world to escape despotism. It’s a free country. Or was.

The noose is tightening. All Canadian provinces and territories now have Covid vaccines and mandates. Some have border checkpoints at highways. Most places have mask mandates. People have been fined, arrested, persecuted. Families have been divided.

The worst of it is what we’re doing to ourselves: turning on each other. Your neighbour or even family member has been conditioned to fear and despise you, thanks to the Canadian provincial and federal governments, and mainstream media.

Isolation centres (prisons) have been built and former police officers hired to arrest people to put them in these places.

They say the isolation centres are “voluntary” but if so why are armed men being hired to arrest people and why does the government encourage snitching? In Australia, the use of these centres for mandatory incarceration is already a reality.

Provincial border crossing in Eastern Canada
Isolation centre, Manitoba

As the map below illustrates, the provinces with direct access to the USA include British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon (into Alaska), Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

The provinces/territories that do not have direct access include Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland/Labrador. There is a ferry from some of these provinces to Maine but it probably requires a vax passport and doesn’t operate in the winter.

There is a list of the crossings here:

  1. Washington State / British Columbia
  2. Idaho / British Columbia
  3. Montana / British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan
  4. North Dakota / Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  5. Minnesota / Manitoba and Ontario
  6. Michigan / Ontario
  7. New York / Ontario and Quebec
  8. Vermont / Quebec
  9. New Hampshire / Quebec
  10. Maine / Quebec and New Brunswick

I believe that all of Canada will fall to the worst forms of medical tyranny, as Austria has, eventually: total lockdowns on the un-jabbed, followed by mandatory jabs for all citizens. A total police state. Real dictatorship.

The only way out is to submit to the state and take a potentially lethal injection of an experimental drug, to be strong-armed by fascists to give up bodily autonomy. I won’t do it.

But just like North Korea, the USSR, Cuba, etc., it’s near impossible to escape from some places in Canada. I feel stuck. Can I get out? And should I? Or should I stay and fight to the end? A dilemma those in Germany in the 1930s had to face. Some did one, some did the other. A dilemma also faced by early Christians in Rome (see Paul Apostle of Christ).

I have toyed with moving to a free state in the U.S. There are a few left (here is a list of them). These are places where Republicans run the state, at least for the time being: the CCP, working with the Democrats (whom they control) are trying to undo that. There are reportedly swing states, like North Carolina and Texas, where actual Communists are working to impose their rule, through Liberation Road, as they apparently did in Virgina.

I did an article some time back on places in the U.S. and the world where there was still some relative degree of freedom and another about an Australian man who fled to the relative freedom of Mexico.

Canada has fallen, or more precisely it’s in the process of falling. A free fall sans parachute. Eventually, we will hit the ground and a lot of people will wake up – but too little, too late.

All the provinces have caved into the passport and mandates thus far — even Alberta, where the premier Jason Kenny vowed he never would submit. In the end, he did. Why? What did they have on him? It’s obvious that a combination of bribes and threats, behind the scenes, made him capitulate.

This is not just dirty politics. This is the imposition of Communism, in degrees, and it’s destroying Canada. Trudeau and all those who have helped him destroy a once-great nation — including many so-called “conservative” politicians, such as Doug Ford and Tim Huston — are to truly blame.

They have committed high treason against Canada by secretly siding with the CCP against their own countrymen. Men like that, elected as “conservatives” are actually Communists in disguise.

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North Korea’s border
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At the Berlin Wall
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Trying to escape East Germany, through barbed wire (before the Wall was put up)

Even speaking like this turns me into a political dissident. I can stay and fight it (non-violently, with the power of the pen, of course) or I can become an ex-pat.

I am tempted to, though I can’t afford to move and don’t really want to. I have friends where I am that I’m close to. I am attached to them. Leaving them, to never see them again, would be hard.

At the same time, my heritage is American, and I’ve lived for years in the U.S., so it’s not foreign to me. I like the USA – even love it — and feel patriotic towards it, what it stands for (unlike the Democrats who seem to have become Communists in recent years).

Like North Korea, Canada right now won’t let me have freedom but also won’t let me leave (or not without worry and difficulty — I’m not saying it’s impossible, just tricky).

So I feel trapped in a country where the majority of people seem to have turned off their brains and submitted blindly to authority figures. It’s like being in Invasion of the Body Snatchers but in real life. Our lives are now like a dystopian science fiction plot.

But at this time, I also have to recall that freedom is a state of mind. People in prison can be free, within themselves, through prayer, exercise, mindfulness, and cultivation of self-discipline.

A Stoic attitude is needed in times of war, and there is a war going on, against humanity. I almost envy those who are oblivious to it, but I am also admittedly angry with them for being so obtuse and so easily manipulated, for conceding so easily.

Life before medical tyranny was not perfect. There have always been problems, personal and political. But we had a relative degree of freedom that’s now being eroded before our eyes, and the unthinking masses have been brainwashed to scapegoat those who resist tyranny — which is a tactic often used in prisons: punishment to send a message to obey or else.

I knew all this would happen in early 2020. I have studied Communism. The fact that I called it early when it started in 2020, gives me no great satisfaction — because everyone I spoke to (friends, family) ignored and dismissed me. I was unfortunately proved right about all of it, but that’s no satisfaction. I sincerely wish I had been wrong.

It turns the group against the individual, who beat him so they won’t be punished. Canada is now a prison where inmates are encouraged to turn on each other by the jailor. It helps him run the camp. The Health Ministers for each province are the kapos, the Sonderkommandos, needed by our oppressors to keep us in line.

And as in a real prison, I have to learn to accept my fate with equanimity I have to remind myself that many persecuted minorities (religious, ethnic, political) have had it much worse. I still have a roof over my head and food to eat and control what I do on a day-to-day basis.

I can still communicate with others. I just can’t enter certain places and am asked to wear a mask in indoor public places (which I sometimes don’t do because the masks are just symbols of submission, they have no medical value).

I can’t travel outside the province or work in certain jobs or visit my friend in the hospital (I resent that one a lot), but right now it’s not too bad all things considered. It could be worse.

But I know the worst is yet to come, so I have to consider where and how I’ll go if they start arresting people and putting them in isolation centres and starting forcing the jab on us, and if they try to starve us by forcing all grocery stores to do the vax passport.

As far as I’m concerned, when it gets to that point, I have to consider all options, including leaving – but (and this is important) I also have to conder my moral obligation to people near me who can’t move, and not just think about myself, too. I don’t want to abandon them in their time of need. It puts me in a real dilemma.

Most of us cannot up and leave when we want. The reasons have to be very compelling. Being imprisoned and dehumanized by the state is compelling enough for me.

I won’t lie and say I don’t hate the people doing this to me and others. I do hate them, or rather what they stand for, but also know that as a Christian, I should forgive them “for they know not what they do.” Forgiving someone who harms you is not easy. A lot of Christians are struggling with this — they always have.

And I have to be careful about whom I talk to because Communist regimes love snitches and some provinces have already set up online forms to inform on people who are unvaccinated. Such things will happen more often, mark my words. I know this because they have happened before, many times in history. We are no different.

I suspect a lot of people will kill themselves in the future because of all this (suicide went up under lockdowns) but the globalists actually want that: they want more people to die. They want more abortions, suicides, drug overdose, and euthanasia. They want more death by Covid and mRNA shots. They want to kill us.

I am convinced the people doing this — the higher-ups, the globalists like Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Trudeau and Tam — want to see most of us die in the future — all except those who are most useful to them for making industrial society function. The sycophants and people who run technology are useful to them. The rest of us are expendable.

After all, with most Canadians dead or submissive, this frees up the country for the CCP to take over and use up all of Canada’s considerable natural resources: wood, water, oil, arable land, minerals. We are in the way of their plans. Trudeau is happy to help them get us out of the way.

Those who made it happen will get their earthly reward, perhaps, but they’re also very likely setting themselves up for eternal damnation, for selling their souls.

Canadians are practically handing the country over to Communist China right now, thanks to Trudeau and their irrational fear of a disease that’s not much worse than commonplace influenza. In the end, we’ll have to learn to live with it because creating an effective vaccine for a respiratory illness is thought to be impossible.

Resistance is necessary. Keeping the principles of freedom and truth alive is necessary. All my ancestors fought for my future. I am obligated to honour their sacrifices and legacy, and that of the culture I come from – meaning a culture founded on Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment values.

I am not talking about race as much as principles and values. From a true Christian perspective, race is irrelevant: we’re all loved by God, no matter the skin colour (Jesus was middle-eastern Jew). From an Enlightenment perspective, we’re all equal by virtue of being rational beings. It’s not just about the survival of individuals at stake, but the legacy they carry with them.

We all die eventually, but to eradicate millions of people before their time, and to entrap them in despotism and fear, through deceit and guile — that is truly evil. It’s a crime against humanity. And it’s being done to all of us right now.

The unvaccinated are being dehumanized to the point that mass violence against us would not surprise me at all. History shows that state-sanctioned scapegoating always leads to mass murder.

There are a lot of ways to resist. It doesn’t have to be with violence — in fact, it would tactically bad to use violence because they want us to be violent so they have an excuse to crack down on us. No point in losing the moral high ground by resorting to such tactics.

Maybe I’m naive, but I believe in the possibility of change through moral force, reason, persuasion, through words. This is why I’m against censorship. And it’s why my enemies are for it. They too know the power of words.

Non-violent resistance, through ideas, is most powerful right now. That’s why they want to silence us with censorship, and it’s why I write this blog (while I’m still able). These are my innermost thoughts on all this. I know others who feel the same way.

And lastly, it saddens me to think about a beautiful place like Canada falling to Communism. I believe the CCP will invade and take over — and are doing so in degrees right now — and they’ll destroy this country with the help of traitors like Trudeau, MSM, local politicians and health officials, and the complicity of many police and the military who put career ahead of country.

Canada is becoming a Communist country before my eyes and I can’t stop it because most people here seem oblivious to it, because it’s being done through stealth and deception, using peoples’ own psychological weaknesses and fears against them.

That saddens me greatly — just as dissidents in all past tyrannies were deeply saddened by the loss of their counties to evil men. They left their homelands with a heavy heart, knowing it was probably the last time they’d see the land of their birth.

At the same time, I try to remember positive things every day and am thankful for my mind, health, and loved ones.

I am thankful to be free within (to the degree that I am) even if they impose their draconian laws. I am thankful to have known what it was to be free, to have enjoyed so much that’s good in life. I might be the last generation to really know what that is, if the globalists have their way. I’m not sure future generations in Canada will know what it means to not have to submit to despots.

And I’m not even sure that Canada will exist as a nation for very much longer, the way things are going. But while it’s still here, I feel obligated to defend what it stands for (or used to stand for) and to stick by those who may still need me.


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