An increase in mortality rates in Germany and Canada (non-Covid-related) raises suspicions that the mRNA shots could be responsible; meanwhile, the MSM in Canada attributes it to climate change

This is the first of what will probably be several articles looking into the spike in death rates worldwide. The data is finally coming in, albeit slowly, and under the veil of self-censorship by reporters.

There was a larger than usual increase in deaths in 2021, the year the Covid ‘vaccine’ was released.

Some time ago I shared an article on an estimate by scientists who were commissioned by a private businessman, Steve Kirsch, to compile the data, inasmuch as authorities were at the time failing to do so.

They estimated that as many as 150,000 deaths could be causally correlated with the jab in the U.S.! So confident was Kircsch that he offered to pay anyone $1 million if they could disprove the study. If he has had to pay

Yesterday I noticed a report from reporter Alex Berenson, whose recent book Pandemia is now out and looks worth reading. He writes “All-cause mortality in Germany is rapidly rising.” See the full thread here. He writes:

“During the second half of November Germany – the largest country in Europe – had a death rate almost 25% above normal, compared to 17% above normal in the first half of the month. These extra deaths are mostly NOT from Covid.

“For all of November, Germany reported almost 15,000 extra deaths. Excess deaths were almost normal in the spring and early summer; they have sharply risen since then. Germany’s mass vaccination campaign for most adults began late. On May 1, only 8 percent of German adults were fully vaccinated. On September 1, 61 percent were.

“Is anyone even going to start asking questions, or are the public health authorities just too scared of what the answers might be?”

This recalls the infamous Bill Gates quotation on using the jab for depopulating the Earth. Fact-checkers claim it’s taken out of context and doesn’t mean that, but I’m not so sure. Gates has a habit of revealing his true motives in interviews.

I have watched his talks on climate change and he views the whole thing as a technical problem, with consumption and human populations as variables that need to be adjusted, using this formula: CO2 = P x S x E x C (= People x Services per Person x Energy per Service x CO2 per unit of Energy). If P is reduced that helps solve the climate crisis, which he seems committed to doing, at any cost.

Gates, I believe, is not capable of thinking of climate change in ethical terms, or in terms of real human costs. It’s just a problem to be solved by adjusting the numbers. And since people were unwilling to curb their GHG emissions voluntarily,, he and other globalists feel justified in deceiving them into doing it through a faux public health scare.

The infamous Gates quote: “First, we’ve got population,” Gates said during a TED talk. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”


Commentary by Think for Yourself on the CTV article below this

In the article below CTV is not blaming the jab for the higher death rates in British Columbia, but they do mention what’s known as “lockdown deaths” which can account for some of the deaths mentioned. Drug overdoses count as lockdown-related deaths. Here is a past article on that.

Statistics Canada reported that in 2020, there was a higher than normal mortality rate for people under 65 (four times as much) due to drug ODs and suicides, which can be interpreted to mean that lockdowns drove people to kill themselves.

Why isn’t anyone asking if the mRNA ‘vaccine’ works to prevent deaths so well, why are there higher than normal deaths in 2021?

The reason could have something to do with its adverse effects (negative side-effects), which critics (many of them noted scientists) predicted from the start. See this article on it.

The CTV reporter blames heat waves, which is interpreted by some as being caused by anthropogenic climate change. But how many did the fires and heatwaves kill in 2020 in B.C.?

According to the Globe & Mail, it was 486 dead. But this could be an overestimate, in the sense that these deaths might not be heat-related. In fact, it sounds very much like attributing deaths to Covid-19 that were “co-morbidity” cases, leading to an over-inflation of the death count. Why?

There was a financial incentive for hospitals to inflate the numbers: patients in an NYC hospital “who tested negative were routinely listed as positive and quickly placed on ventilators, a largely inappropriate treatment that ended up killing virtually all of them. These memes mock and expose the phenomenon.

Man crushed by steamroller : funny
Are Doctors and Hospitals Paid More for COVID-19 Patients?

By August 2020, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield admitted financial policies may have artificially inflated hospitalization rates and death toll statistics.”

This happened worldwide in 2020, according to anecdotal reports from hospital staff. There was, in the U.S., a “perverse incentives” to amend death certificates: the federal government paid hospital extra for Covid-related deaths.

Attributing B.C.’s additional deaths to wildfires plays helps justify climate change mitigation requires additional funding.

B.C. wildfires

This is not to say that climate change is not a real phenomenon and concern. I think it is. But it’s also true that the mainstream media in Canada is skewing stories on climate change in a certain direction, consistent with the direction of the federal government, which now pays them to do so.

And this is used to justify extraordinary measures — which in the future could include so-called climate lockdowns — even though they’re very likely ineffective in terms of global mitigation because Canada has less than 2 percent of the global output of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Meanwhile, China is the world’s number one emitter of GHG emissions.

I personally believe that real and effective climate change mitigation is needed (unlike many conservatives) but I am also wary of the issue being used to impose globalist totalitarianism. This cartoon illustrates the problem. Climate change mitigation should be done in such a way as to not infringe on basic rights and freedoms.

Climate Change is a Globalist Hoax! : forwardsfromgrandma

The real reason for the lockdowns is neither disease nor climate change mitigation, but power: the more the government locks us down (for whatever reason) the more power they have over us.

Giving the government more power over our lives doesn’t solve climate change; it just robs us of freedom in the name of a good cause they have no intention of honoring — very similar to Covid restrictions: people obeyed them out of goodwill, trusting the government naively.


Excess mortality rate spikes in B.C. and Alberta, for reasons beyond COVID-19

by Deena Zaidi Data Journalist, Dec. 7, 2021

The pandemic has led to excess mortality across the country since 2020, according to the recent numbers released by Statistics Canada. [Here is an article on that] However, a summer heatwave and illicit drug overdose have combined to cause even higher excess mortalities in two of Canada’s westernmost provinces.

Using Statistics Canada data, has compared how excess mortality has shifted since the start of the pandemic, especially in the two most affected provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

We look at weekly data from Jan. 1, 2020, in order to analyze the course of excess deaths since the start of the pandemic. Please note the data does not include numbers from Yukon. The dataset does not reflect all the numbers since the causes of some deaths are still being investigated.

What is excess mortality and why does it matter?

Excess mortality is when there are a greater number of actual deaths than estimated over a given period of time. Excess mortality helps understand both direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic by comparing the number of deaths over previous months.

According to provisional data, from March 2020 to the end of September 2021, there were an estimated 20,994 excess deaths in Canada, 5 percent more deaths than expected if there was no pandemic, due to factors such as changes in the population and aging. Some provinces, including Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia showed periods of excess mortality, with many death numbers coinciding with COVID-19 deaths in the same period.

Excess Mortality Estimates

British Columbia and Alberta show a rise in excess mortality

While more than expected deaths were reported across many provinces, there were other factors that led to more people dying in Canada’s two westernmost provinces, according to Statistics Canada.

The provinces of British Columbia and Alberta have reported higher-than-expected numbers since March 2021, with the highest excess deaths of 1,177 and 455 respectively, in the month of July alone. According to Statistics Canada, the deaths in July were attributed to the heatwave that gripped the provinces.

While heat-related deaths in British Columbia were reported in older age groups of 62 and above during July this year, the more recent increase has been in those under the age of 40, mostly among males. In the months of August and September this year, there were 67 percent more deaths in males under the age of 40.

Excess mortality in British Columbia

In a recent report for deaths occurring in 2020, the coroner’s or medical examiner’s service in British Columbia reported 181 deaths in August, the largest number of suspected deaths from illicit drug toxicity in any month. Between January and September, there were 1,534 such deaths, a 24 percent increase in the same time period from last year.

The highest illicit drug toxicity deaths since 2011 were Vancouver (414), Surrey (218), and Victoria (218) in 2020. Seventy-nine percent of these deaths were in males. The recent data suggests that such numbers could be far surpassed in 2021.

The two provinces continued to record higher-than-expected deaths in September 2021 than any other province.

Significant excess mortality has also been observed in Alberta among people under the age of 40 in the months of August and September this year. However, unlike British Columbia, this trend was similar for both females and males within the same age group. 

Excess mortality in Alberta

As of 2021, 75 percent of deaths of drug poisoning deaths were in males, between the age group 35 to 39, according to the Alberta substance use surveillance system.

Data Caveats

The released data comes with a few caveats. Due to lengthy and ongoing investigations in deaths, certain deaths are not recorded by coroners or medical examiners. As a result, it can take longer to report cause-of-death information for such deaths. Due to such reporting delays, numbers from Yukon have not been included in the recent report. Statistics Canada will release more comprehensive data on Jan. 24, 2022.


[NB – In the following article, there is an excellent commentary on how high ‘breakthrough infection’ rates in highly-vaccinated countries — including the deaths of the fully vaccinated — demonstrate the failure of the so-called ‘vaccines’ to provide immunity or prevent transmission. And some of the deaths could be attributed to the jab itself – though it’s hard to say with certainty because health officials are afraid to attribute deaths to the jab, for fear of losing their jobs.]

Study: COVID-19 Vaccines INCREASE Deaths and Hospitalizations from COVID-19 Based on Analysis of Most-Vaccinated Countries

Comments by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

As the data continues to come in regarding the experimental COVID-19 shots, it is abundantly clear now that pretty much everything the FDA and the CDC have told the public about these shots is a lie.

Dr. Gérard Delépine from France, whom we have featured often here at Health Impact News over the years, has just published a study based on public data from the countries with the highest vaccination rates that clearly shows that the COVID-19 shots are hospitalizing people and killing people at higher rates than countries who have adopted early treatment protocols without the use of vaccines.

This is the biggest scam and cover-up in the history of the human race. The voices of the millions who have suffered injuries and deaths of loved ones are being censored in the corporate media and in Big Tech social media sites.

Google this week purged many YouTube channels that contained much of this information that goes contrary to the corporate media, where channels that have been published for years just vanished overnight, including The National Vaccine Information Center, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Ron Paul, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and many others.

The video of a well-known Trinidad Pastor, Marva Paschier, has gone viral this week as she mourns the death of her son just hours after he took the shot. She is crying and you can hear someone in the background also mourning and wailing.

Facebook took down her video, but locally doctors and health officials are allegedly looking into the boy’s death. (Source.)

This is the kind of information Big Pharma and the corporate media are trying to suppress.

This is from our Rumble channel, and it is also on our Bitchute channel.

High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. Increased Hospitalization

by Dr. Gérard Delépine,, Nov. 6, 2021

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the French government has claimed that early treatment was ineffective. It has imposed major restrictions on our freedoms, in particular on doctors’ prescriptions,[1]

It has also promised that vaccination would achieve collective immunity, the end of the crisis, and a return to normal life.

But the failure for 18 months of this so-called “health strategy” based on false simulations, innumerable lies, promises never kept, as well as the propaganda and fear campaign has become unbearable.

In turn, this has been followed by the extortion of consent to be vaccinated, by outright blackmail, while curtailing our freedoms to move and socialize, our right to work, and engage in leisure activities.

Are the current vaccines that they want to impose on us effective? Can they lead to a collective immunity or is it only a myth?

To answer this question, we will make the current sanitary assessment of the most vaccinated countries according to the figures provided by the World Health Organization and the curves of OurWorldinData.

Record mortality in Gibraltar, champion of Astra Zeneca injections

Gibraltar (34,000 inhabitants) started vaccination in December 2020 when the health agency counted only 1040 confirmed cases and 5 deaths attributed to covid19 in this country.

After a very comprehensive vaccination blitz, achieving 115% coverage (vaccination was extended to many Spanish visitors), the number of new infections increased fivefold (to 5314) and the number of deaths increased 19fold.

The number of deaths increased 19-fold, reaching 97, i.e. 2853 deaths per million inhabitants, which is one of the European mortality records.

But those responsible for the vaccination deny any causal link without proposing any other plausible etiology. And after a few months of calm, the epidemic resumed, confirming that 115% vaccination coverage does not protect against the disease.

Malta: 84% vaccine coverage, but just as ineffective

Malta is one of the European champions of pseudo-vaccines: on this island of 500,000 inhabitants, nearly 800,000 doses have been administered, ensuring a vaccine coverage of nearly 84% with a delay of about 6 months.

But since the beginning of July 2021, the epidemic has started again and the serious (fatal) forms are increasing, forcing the authorities to recognize that vaccination does not protect the population and to impose restrictions.

Here again, the recurrence of the epidemic in terms of cases and mortality proves that a high rate of vaccination does not protect the population.

In Iceland, people no longer believe in herd immunity. In this small country of 360,000 inhabitants, more than 80% are primo-vaccinated and 75% have a complete vaccination cycle.

But by mid-July 2021, new daily infections had risen from about 10 to about 120, before stabilizing at a rate higher than the pre-vaccination period. This sudden recurrence convinced the chief epidemiologist of the impossibility of obtaining collective immunity through vaccination. “It’s a myth,” he publicly declared.

Belgium: recurrence of the disease despite vaccination

In Belgium, nearly 75% of the population is primo-vaccinated. And 65% of the population has a complete vaccination cycle. However, since the end of June 2021, the number of new daily infections has risen from less than 500 to nearly 2000.

As RTBF acknowledges, in the face of the Delta variant, current vaccination is far from sufficient to protect the population.

Singapore abandons the hope of “Zero Covid” through vaccines

This small country is also highly vaccinated and nearly 80% of the population has received at least one dose. But since August 20, 2021, it has had to face an exponential resumption of the epidemic with an increase in cases from about ten in June to more than 150 at the end of July and 1246 cases on September 24.

This uncontrolled recurrence of the disease despite vaccination has led to the abandonment of the strategy of eradicating the virus for a model of “living with the virus” by trying to treat the disease “like the flu“.

In the UK: a worrying rise in infections

The United Kingdom is the European champion of Astra Zeneca vaccination, with more than 70% of the population vaccinated for the first time, and 59% with a complete vaccination schedule. This high “vaccination” rate did not prevent an explosion of cases at the beginning of the summer, with up to 60,000 new cases per day by mid-July.

Faced with this significant resumption of the epidemic despite vaccination, Andrew Pollard, representative of the Oxford Vaccine Group, acknowledged before Parliament: “collective immunity through vaccination is a myth.”

This resumption of infections has been accompanied by a resumption of hospitalizations, severe cases and deaths. According to the official report of August,[2] deaths were more frequent among fully vaccinated patients (679) than among non-vaccinated patients (390), thus cruelly denying the hopes of a protective effect of the vaccine on mortality.

After the last sanitary restrictions were lifted, the epidemic decreased to a level of less than 30,000 cases per day, whereas at the beginning of July, simulations by covid specialists were predicting up to 100,000 new cases per day if the sanitary measures were removed.

Israel: obvious post-vaccination disaster denied by officials

Israel, champion of the Pfizer injection once everywhere cited as an example of effectiveness, is now being harshly reminded of reality and is now the model of vaccine failure.

70% of the population is primo-vaccinated, and nearly 90% of those at risk have a complete vaccination cycle.

But the epidemic has rebounded stronger than ever since the end of June, and more than 11,000 new cases were recorded in 1 day (September 14, 2021) surpassing the peaks seen in January 2021 during the outbreak following the first Pfizer injections by nearly 50%.

This resumption of the epidemic, despite the Pfizer injections, is accompanied by an increase in hospitalizations where the vaccinated represent the majority of those hospitalized.

Vaccination does not protect against severe forms of disease or against death.

End of July: 71% of the 118 seriously ill Israelis (serious, critical) were fully vaccinated!

This proportion of seriously ill people vaccinated is much higher than the proportion of fully vaccinated people: 61%. 

To claim that the vaccine protects against serious forms of the disease, as the Israeli Minister of Health imprudently declared, is a mistake (or disinformation?).

In order not to acknowledge its mistakes, the Israeli government remains in denial of this obvious failure and continues to propose only vaccination as a solution.

How many more deaths will it take before it follows the example of India or Japan and finally adopts early treatment?


The current pseudo vaccines are not effective enough. They do not prevent the recurrence of the epidemic, nor hospitalizations, nor severe forms, nor death. In Israel and Great Britain, which specify the vaccination status of the victims, the vaccinated suffer from an increased risk of mortality compared to the non-vaccinated.

The pursuit of a vaccine-only policy leads to a deadly impasse, whereas countries that officially advise early treatment (India) or allow their doctors to prescribe it (Japan, Korea) fare much better.

What are our health authorities waiting for to stop believing in false simulations carried out by epidemiologists who are too closely linked to vaccine companies, to look at the proven facts and to interrupt their deceptive and deleterious pro-vaccination campaign and recommend early treatment?

The continuation of the ban on early treatment by treating physicians leads to a loss of chances for many patients and directly engages the responsibility of the government and particularly the Minister of Health.

Dr Gérard Delépine

Translated from French by Global Research.

[1] For the first time in 2500 years.
[2] SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England Technical briefing 21

Published August 2021 Public Health England Gateway number: GOV 9374 20 August 2021

The original source of this article is, published on our French-language web site

Copyright © Dr. Gérard Delé, 2021The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Gérard Delépine, Global Research, 2021

Lastly, someone commented on Berenson’s thread:

Lastly, someone commented on Berenson’s thread: “When someone declares ‘people will die’ as a justification for curtailing liberty, the correct response is, ‘what are you suggesting – that liberty isn’t worth dying for? That those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms made the wrong choice?’ None of this theater has ever been about safety. Someone wrote after 9/11: It has only ever been about control. We no longer know the meaning of freedom. We have traded away everything to a false prophet. We refuse to see that belonging to a government is a fate far worse than any terrorist can reap; than any madman can sow. The word of a terrorist has no power over us. The government’s word is the law. In the name of security, we will lose our security.

In addition to the terrorist, we will have the relentless uncompromising gaze of the government. The power of the people is born from its freedom, and it is the people who must be the guardians of that power. It is from our freedom that we draw the authority to force our government to abide by its boundaries. Through the guise of security, we are slowly allowing our government to relinquish that authority, and ultimately, the government will know no boundaries. Once we allow our freedoms to categorically run dry, we, as a people, will no longer have the authority to stand up to our government. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would trade essential liberty, to purchase temporary security, deserve neither and will lose both.”

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