A message from Undercurrents: websites against medical tyranny

Undercurrents is one of the best blogs in defense of human freedom that I know of.


Thank You for reading. Our goal is to learn and share helpful links that people can use The articles and videos tell the entire story. Gradually the truth is coming out.

Copy all you wish. Send the info onto your loved ones. It may not often get through, but reliable and enduring facts cannot be suppressed forever.

A typical conversation goes like this:
Friend: “I’m so excited, I just got the jab.”
Me: “What’s so great about it?”
Friend: “Are you ANTI-VAX??”
Me: “It’s not a vaccine, it’s experimental gene therapy.”

Fearfulness and Outrage, regardless of which direction it comes from, is always in the way of education. We can be calm, we can be loving and rational human beings, with all the highest things the name implies.

Keep an eye on …

Children’s Health Defense 
Stand for Health Freedom 
• Dr. Peter Breggin
The Epoch Times 
Rand Paul 
Dark Horse Podcast 
Sky News Australia
Organic Consumers Association
Alex Berenson

If you subscribe to the above you’ll be well-informed. Use Duck Duck Go as your search engine.


Comment from Think for Yourself below.

I would add the following as well:

Peckford42 [a good blog]
CLG News [digest of Covid news]
Sheryl Attkisson [medical information]
The Word We Live In [good blog]
Coronavirus News
Mark Oshinskie
Freischwebende Intelligenz [German language]
Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom [Canadian legal news, updates]
Rebel News [updates on legal cases in Canada re: medical tyranny]
New Human Communities [reposts on several issues, including medical tyranny]

And these independent media sites/blogs sometimes report Covid/freedom news:
True North [Canadian conservative news]
Reclaim the Net [primarily on Internet censorship]
Babylon Bee [satire of medical tyranny]
Brad Salzburg [a site dedicated to exposing Trudeau]
Spencer Fernando [a site dedicated to exposing Trudeau]

If you have other links, leave them in the comments below and I’ll post them here. Thanks!

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