“Is it the fault of the unvaccinated?”

by Daniela Dahn, Oct. 28, 2021. Dahn is an independant German journalist.
[edited; the original, in the German, is read aloud in the original here]

There is a new marginalized minority in our nation, suffering discrimination. The mainstream media in particular like to tell us a fairy tale framed as good versus evil. That fairy tale is deemed acceptable because it serves the state’s order — as though the situation is not already irritating enough as it is.

Only a few courageous actors, scientists, and writers have positioned themselves against this [mainstream] narrative. Those who contradict it are censored, more often than not, by the social media. This inquisitorial stigmatization of doubt can be perceived as a form of structural violence.

The pandemic situation is not going well, but not for the reasons we’re being told. The real reasons are unclear, but [from what we’re told] it’s clear who is to blame: the unvaccinated. It’s taboo to suggest that the vaccinated are spreading the disease.

Deutschlandfunk Radio (DLF) [a German public broadcasting radio station] was surprised by a unexpected dissident broadcaster’s voice who (on August 31 of this year) stated: “When it comes to the Delta variant, the vaccines don’t work so well. The vaccinated can become infected and infect others.” Germany almost exclusively suffers from the Delta variant.

Of course, we should not underestimate the benefit of the [mRNA ‘vaccine]: it protects against the most severe symptoms for a while. However, its benefit is short-lived, resulting eventually in so-called “breakthrough cases.” [the vaccinated catching the disease] Such cases are increasing in number every day.

The 2-G experiments [a reference to Germany’s Covid restrictions, including vax passports] in the clubs in Berghain, Kreuzberg, and other cities, all failed: they all led to widespread infections [contrary to their stated purpose]. The players from the Munich ice hockey club who infected one another were all double vaccinated.

Although the efficacy of the restrictive G-2 method has thus been effectively refuted, many institutions, including those run by Leftists — who still hang onto a “zero-covid policy” illusion — are still adopting this exclusionary standard. After all, [their thinking goes] it is the fault of the unvaccinated if they do not allow themselves to be immunized.

The illusion of reliable protection against [Covid-19] infection has long been refuted. Moreover, regular booster shots could lead to “immune exhaustion” [where the immune system runs out of energy from overwork, and can no longer detect and respon to infectious agents or diseases.]

I am also observing increasing “vaccination breakthrough” cases [meaning that an immunized individual contracts the disease they are vaccinated against]. A fully vaccinated [person in the publishing industry whom I know] is currently in quarantine . . . A prominent colleague of mine, twice vaccinated with AstraZeneca, got infected on a reading tour, and then infected his wife. She was double-vaccinated with Biontech. He describes the disease as neither “mild” nor “short.”

Even the global paradigm for fast vaccination leaves you at a loss. The thoughtful [aforementioned] broadcaster at the Deutschlandfunk Radio stated: “Currently, reports from Israel in this context are worrying. More than half of the Covid patients in Israel’s clinics were fully vaccinated.” [NB – Israel was the first prominent international example of widespread ‘breakthrough‘ cases; since then there have been other examples.]

There are currently more vaccinated than unvaccinated pandemic cases in hospitals in countries with roughly the same [or even higher] vaccination rates than Germany [Germany has an average rate of 63 percent double-vaxxed] where they have been receiving them over a longer duration of time. [NB – This would explain why Israel’s widepread breakthrough cases peaked before that of other countries; now the same is happening in the UK]

Shouldn’t we ask whether those the vaccinated are actually at greater risk? This is because many of them are convinced that they’re protected and thus harmless to others and able to return to “normal life”? Meanwhile, most of the unvaccinated are still more cautious.

The pressure to justify oneself is harmful

. . . It is as if the virus, with its illogic, is mocking us. Our [German] vaccination quota is probably just as high as the British one, but who knows exactly: counting numbers has overwhelmed us.

The most common expressions on the Deutschlandfunk Radio include: “There is hope”, “all previous findings point in the direction of”, “is currently not yet clear”, and “there is a lack of reliable data.”

[We are told to] that many unvaccinated young people are in intensive care. But what’s concealed [from us] is that the majority of those affected come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds [that result in co-morbidities] including heavy smokers, alcohol addicts, overweight people, diabetics, and other patients with a weakened immune system. Why should the pre-existing conditions apply only to older people?

Why did I choose not to be vaccinated? It is hurtful to have to justify such a personal decision knowing that if you give the ‘wrong’ answer, you’ll be labeled a “radical” and “conspiracy theorist.”

Three years ago, immediately after taking an influenza vaccination, I was seriously ill for six months with severe bronchitis and a chronically high fever. There may be insufficient grounds for comparing that time and this, but I read in Nature (Oct. 14, 2021) that some people have a predisposition to “distorted” reactions to to influenza viruses, in response to exposure to a vaccinations.

[NB – Some people will had a bad adverse reaction to any vaccine, so their approval by health agencies becomes a utilitarian calcultion regarding how many deaths are considered acceptable for the sake of treating the disease. What this means is that some people who are known to have bad reactions, should not take them.]

Experts call this “antigenic original sin” and are now [belatedly] (!) researching whether this phenomenon also occurs with Sars-CoV-2. The reactions of the immune system are “one of the great puzzles of the pandemic.” No reason for clairaudience? [The supposed power to hear things outside the range of normal perception]

There are many different reasons for clairaudience . . . For example, all vaccines approved in the European Union (EU) currently only have “conditional approval.” This means that they have gone through an accelerated procedure in which missing data can be submitted later and not, as is usually the case, submitted beforehand as a condition for approval.

This applies to the complete lack of studies on long-term effects. They shortened the normal test times considerably. The EU has set up an expert task force that should ultimately weigh up whether the benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to market approval.

But that’s difficult if one doesn’t really know how long the vaccine will work or if antibodies also disappear soon after infection, in favor of memory cells. These cannot be detected, but it is to be hoped that in the event of a new infection they will send out messenger substances that produce the required antibodies.

Where to Buy Toilet Paper - Essential Goods
At the beginning of Covid mass hysteria (Spring 2020), millions of people bought up huge amounts of toilet paper for no reason, irrationally, mimicking one another. The media has been able to induce irrational fear in the masses for almost two years now.

An irrational focus on a disease

It’s particularly problematic that very little is known about the [long-term] influence of the mRNA shots on our immune systems. Natural immunity is thought to cure the 95 percent of all diseases [that we come in contact with] giving them a superior cost-benefit ratio [as compared to mRNA shots, insofar as the latter may compromise those systems]. There is something irrational about the total focus on a disease, albeit a contagious one.

Is it still permissible to ask whether, under these conditions, it was really a good idea to want to vaccinate the entire world population every year? Wouldn’t the pharmaceutical industry have been better utilized by concentrating the majority of government and private investment on research into a therapeutic drug instead? Is it not better to bring relief and healing in a targeted manner, e.g., antibiotics used against bacterial diseases?

This is more complicated [to accomplish], but the efficacy of drugs should be identified and proven in trials [and not rushed ahead, as was the case with mRNA injections] . . . Normally, when a vaccine comes onto the market, it is not treated as an emergency. It has to be legitimate and [first] given “conditional approval.”

“All human relationships are shapted by interests,” according to Friedrich Engels. Why should it be any different in this particular case? The professional watchdogs of capitalism [i.e., the fact-checkers] have leared how to dismiss any reflection on interests [on the part of Big Pharma] as a mere “conspiracy theories.” Brilliant.

Yet even the reference to Marx’s favorite motto: “everything has to be doubted” could turn out to have a hidden sub-text. The ethical questions we face are too difficult. The claims of politicians make — that fighting this pandemic is a matter of life or death – was a misleading from the start.

Mastery over death is not our lot as human beings. We, as natural beings, remain subject to nature. The more we create artificial intelligence [and technocracy], the more we sacrifice what is natural. Our hope of salvation is multi-varied as we have known for 2,000 years. [NB – This seems to be a reference to the Christological salvation schema]

Although [industrial] civilization has extended our average life expectancy far beyond the what was the norm of the Biblical period, it has also contrained us devestating wars, climatic stresses, human-engineered famines, and other diseases of modern civilization.

At best, we work to avoid an unworthy, untimely death. But isn’t every death that was something other than a peaceful falling asleep due to old age a premature death? [We should be honest about it when] it’s not yet possible to property treat a disease.

Progressive fellow campaigners would be well-advised not to associate illness with guilt. [They are confusing] vaccination as an act of social solidarity? From that starting point, it’s not far from arguing that it’s a patriotic duty: “vaccination for the fatherland.”

Democracy always carries the temptation of [devolving into] totalitarianism. Biological exclusion from the “healthy national body” was not that long ago.

[NB – This is a reference to the Third Reich’s policy of blood purity for the health of the Volk and Fatherland, which ininitally excluded Jews from daily life – as is being done to the unvaccinated now — and eventually resulted in mass murder.]

A recently issued requirement to attend a Covid testing centre [as the condition for entry to a literary event] feels much like a traffic ticket issued by police [so I will decline]. In any case, I refer not to attend events at which the doubters, questioners, and those who think differently have been singled out beforehand.

Graphic by Think for Yourself

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