Pfizer and Microsoft sponsored party of new German health minister

[NB – What needs to be done is a ‘murder board’ showing all the connection between all the conspirators of this effort to subjugate humanity through medical tyranny. This is just one of many connections that involve Big Pharma, the MSM, politicians, billionaire philanthropists like Gates, deep state operatives, medical tyrants like Fauci, and the CCP. The board would show all the interconnecting pay-offs and affiliations of the greatest criminal conspiracy of all time, committing the single most audacious crime against humanity in history]


Pfizer and Microsoft, among others, were allowed to sponsor the Social Democratic Party’s latest congress. The SPD’s justification for this form of institutionalized corruption is their shrinking membership.

Published: December 17, 2021, 9:13

Therefore, the party stated in theirGuideline of the SPD party executive committee on cooperation with exhibitors and sponsorsthat “sponsorship is a permitted form of party funding”.

“Against the background of falling income and increasing expenses, sponsorship is essential for us. We understand sponsoring to mean offering companies and associations an effective advertising presence. In return, we receive a financial contribution or a material or service. Performance and consideration must be in an appropriate relationship to one another. […] The presentation as an exhibitor is the most common form of sponsorship at the SPD. The exhibitor area is part of the overall picture of a federal party conference. This is where the divisions of the party…

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