Demos in London, Berlin, Melbourne, Frankfort, Hamburg, Luxembourg

Good to see this amount of resistance in Europe. I only wish it were the same in Canada! There is a freedom movement here (in Canada) but not as large or organized (yet).

As I have noted on this blog before, for some reason, Western Europe has been able to dissociate Leftism from medical tyranny more easily. Why? I don’t know. In constrast, Leftist progressives in Canada and the U.S. seem to believe medical tyranny is aligned with progressivism, so they don’t oppose the medical tyrants. They are naive and foolish, in other words.

Leftism is a reactionary movement: it defines itself in opposition to a largely imagined enemy. Proponents of this censorious worldview view Trump as a “fascist” but when faced with real fascism they remain silent or even become pundits for mandatory injections of an experimental drug. They don’t seem to understand that they’re supporting something enormously evil.

As someone pointed out, the Biden vax mandate is a hundred times worse than anything Trump ever did. In fact, if you ask most Leftists why they oppose Trump, they can’t name anything in particular. Kids in cages? Obama started that and Trump ended the practice. All they know is that they were told Trump was a bad person in the media, so it must be so. The one thing I hold against Trump is his support for the lockdowns and so-called ‘vaccines’ (ie mRNA shots). He erred by listening to Fauci.

I hope more demos like this shown below will take place until the force of them is overwhelming and the would-be tyrants abandon their plans to rule our lives through a technocratic fascist state. Resistance to medical tyranny matters and it is making a difference. It must continue.


18 Dec 21

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