Hatred and discrimination against the unvaccinated continues, despite the lack of scientific consensus to support it, and despite its ethical shortcomings

I. A rational argument against medical discrimination
II. Supporting articles
Discrimination Against The Unvaccinated Is Shameful
Europe’s Covid crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated

European Jews, serving as scapegoats were burned alive in response to the Black Death.
Woodcut from ‘Nuremberg Chronicle,’ 1493 A.D.

I. A rational argument against medical discrimination

The unvaccinated are being discriminated against unjustly. Here are the most prominent examples:
Austria forces all citizens to accept mRNA injections; those who resist face fines or prison
• Vaccine mandates have been imposed for government, health workers, teachers in many countries, and tens of thousands of businesses. This has affected hundreds of thousands of people. According to one poll, 5 percent of U.S. workers have quit due to the mandates. “Vaccine refusal” is the 10th highest reason for job cuts (in the U.S.)
• Vaccine passports have been imposed in several countries, both at the border and within the country for access to certain services. This has adversely affected billions of people.

It has also affected the lives of billions of people by dividing families and friends.

From a scientific standpoint, this discrimination cannot be justified. One could plausibly argue that it would be justified on utilitarian grounds only if it met the following two conditions:

(i) if the mRNA ‘vaccine’ provided immunity and transmission; and

(ii) if the disease it’s supposed to remedy was as bad as something like the Bubonic plague (which killed a third of the European population).

But neither is the case. So what are the facts?

SARS-CoV2 has a low mortality rate (about 1 to 2 percent, and that is concentrated primarily among those with underlying conditions or co-morbitities). And it’s now well known and widely acknowledged that the mRNA shots do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.

The only advantage, in terms of health, that the mRNA shots confer: they lessen symptoms among those who catch the disease. But that is hardly grounds for discrimination against the unvaccinated. It makes no difference to the spread of the disease if the vaccinated and unvaccinated are in close proximity if they have a similar viral load when sick.

The twin illusions of the mRNA shot’s effectiveness, coupled with the pretense of a health emergency, are being sustained only long enough for people to be socially conditioned to accept more authoritarian governance. In other words, it’s not about public health at all, as I have previously documented. It’s about power.

Here are the basic medical facts that have emerged in the last year:
• mRNA shots do not provide immunity or prevent transmission
• There is no more risk of transmission from unvaccinated than vaccinated
• Highly vaccinated countries are experiencing high Covid case counts
• mRNA shots have severe adverse side-effects
• Sweden’s case counts are similar to every other country because Covid-19 goes where it wants to; mRNA shots make no difference in its spread
• The Delta variant is caused by mRNA shots, through antibody-dependent enhancement. This last point is contested by ‘fact-checkers’ but there’s scientific evidence in support of it.

The mainstream media is spreading an irrational and unjustifiable fear of the unvaccinated. There’s no valid ethical justification for it.

From a utilitarian perspective, medical segregation would be justified if SARS-CoV2 were in fact a deadly disease and if segregation worked. But SARS-CoV2 has a low mortality rate; it’s an unremarkable disease.

From a deontological perspective, there would be a moral duty to vaccinate, if the mRNA shots worked — but they don’t. It’s wrong to coerce anyone to do this. Kant’s principle of “autonomy of the will” can be understood to mean that rational beings should make their own medical decisions.

Given the justified skepticism regarding the medical efficacy of the mRNA shots, people are within their rights to choose not to take them. This holds especially true for children who are at higher risk of injury from mRNA shots than Covid-19. In fact, it’s irresponsible of parents to impose this experimental drug on their children.

The way that officials have dealt with this is to defer responsibility to those lower than them: from nation to province, from province to corporations, from church denominations to individual churches.

This passing off of responsibility reveals that officials know what they’re doing is wrong. Many have acknowledged that it violates human rights but have gone ahead anyway.

Thus, there is not a moral duty to take this drug under duress, but there is a moral duty to resist state tyranny when it’s imposed on us.

The results of scapegoating from a previous century. Source

II. Supporting articles

Discrimination Against The Unvaccinated Is Shameful

Press of Atlantic City | Sep 20, 2021

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. I don’t even know if we’re still dealing with “COVID-19” anymore. How many mutations down the line are we from the original virus that brought us to our knees more than a year ago?

Whether we’re dealing with the delta variant or the new mu form of the virus, the battle lines in the vaccination fight are getting drawn more rigidly every day. And the discrimination we’re seeing is mind-boggling.

In the most egregious cases, we have seen a doctor in Florida and another in Alabama say that they will refuse to treat unvaccinated patients. So much for the Hippocratic Oath.

Even Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, received medical treatment after he was shot by Jack Ruby days after JFK’s killing. The same Dallas surgeon, Dr. Bob McClelland, treated both Kennedy and Oswald.

You think that wasn’t tough for the doctor and hospital staff? But they did their jobs. But don’t expect the same compassionate, unbiased medical treatment if you dare to assert your right to medical and bodily autonomy, and don’t take the jab.

Dr. Lina Marracini of South Miami was quoted as saying that the global health emergency trumps any one person’s individual rights. No soup for you!

This even goes beyond refusing treatment to unvaccinated people who’ve contracted COVID. This is denying treatment for anything to someone who has merely declined to get a vaccine.

An Illinois judge had denied an unvaccinated woman her child custody rights. The order was later rescinded, but the effect was still chilling. Do the legal merits in cases still matter, or are decisions going to be made based on who’s vaccinated and who isn’t?

Meanwhile, Logan Hollar, a student from Rutgers University, was barred from class because he’s not vaccinated. This even though Hollar is studying remotely and is no threat to any student or teacher in any classroom.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said the unvaccinated should be denied ICU beds. And radio shock jock Howard Stern poked fun at the virus deaths of conservative radio hosts who were against vaccination mandates. To hell with their freedom, he said.

None of this is science. It’s physicians, legal professionals, education officials, and entertainers passing judgment on the unvaccinated, denying them medical treatment, due process, and education. And freedom.

And President Joe Biden’s scolding, hectoring, blame-game tone during his COVID speech the other day will only encourage more of it.

Even if you believe that everybody should be vaccinated, you can’t sit still for this kind of discrimination.

Or maybe you can, because your head-shaking disgust with those who are unvaccinated runs so deep. Maybe you can just shrug and say “tough luck.” Maybe it’s OK to discriminate against some people if you agree with the reason.

It really is getting like a bad dystopian movie out there.

Remember, fully vaccinated people are still getting sick. There’s no guarantee that all those vaccinated people inside the restaurant aren’t passing COVID germs back and forth.

And vaccine discrimination ignores the natural immunity that recovered COVID sufferers have acquired. Don’t they deserve consideration?

To get closed out of a bar, restaurant, or concert because of vaccine status is one thing. But when your vaccine status is checked at the courthouse door and you’re going to be treated differently under the law, it goes against everything the Constitution says and everything that this country is supposed to stand for.

And to think that a physician would leave a sick person to suffer simply based on vaccine status is hard to comprehend. Can a doctor be held responsible if they refuse to treat such a patient who later dies?

And how does any school deny a student the chance for virtual learning under the guise of “public safety” when the student, who isn’t even sick, is doing the safest thing possible by learning remotely?

None of it makes sense. Unless blatant discrimination doesn’t bother you.

Europe’s Covid crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated

[with comments by Think for Yourself]

Associated Press, Nov. 20, 2021

BRUSSELS — This was supposed to be the Christmas in Europe where family and friends could once again embrace holiday festivities and one another. Instead, the continent is the global epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic as cases soar to record levels in many countries.

[NB – What’s unstated here is that this is most likely caused by the ‘vaccine’ itself, through ADE]

With infections spiking again despite nearly two years of restrictions, the health crisis increasingly is pitting citizen against citizen — the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

[NB – This is a false division, however, inasmuch as the vaccinated are falsely being blamed, as proved by the existence of highly vaccinated nations with high breakthrough case counts.]

Governments desperate to shield overburdened health care systems are imposing rules that limit choices for the unvaccinated in the hope that doing so will drive up rates of vaccinations.

[NB – Why governments are still doing this is hard to fathom. The only possible reason is that these governments are run by globalists who want power, or by fearful politicians whose decision-making is determined by sensationalist media stories. The media itself has turned into professional propaganda machines. The journalists are driven by fear to write stories that conform with the official narrative. One day all this will be exposed for what it is, but not before a great deal more damage is done.]

Austria on Friday went a step further, making vaccinations mandatory as of Feb. 1.
“For a long time, maybe too long, I and others thought that it must be possible to convince people in Austria, to convince them to get vaccinated voluntarily,” Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said.

[NB – This is an incredibly horrendous move by Austria. I believe the CCP is involved in this. As it turns out, Austria has a financial agreement with China: “In April 2018, Austria and China signed an agreement to advance cooperation, and for Austria to join the Belt and Road Initiative.” That explains a lot. I cannot imagine what other force would be powerful enough to turn an entire nation-state against 36.6 percent of its own population. The fact that 63.4 percent of the nation has taken the shots but that’s not enough for the government should be a red flag indicating that it doesn’t work — but alas, they’re continuing to push it.]

He called the move “our only way to break out of this vicious cycle of viral waves and lockdown discussions for good.”

[NB – In fact, the lockdowns against 36.6 percent of the population won’t work any more than they did when 100 percent were affected in 2020. This is because the mRNA shots do not work to limit transmission.]

While Austria so far stands alone in the European Union in making vaccinations mandatory, more and more governments are clamping down.

Starting Monday, Slovakia is banning people who haven’t been vaccinated from all nonessential stores and shopping malls. They also will not be allowed to attend any public event or gathering and will be required to test twice a week just to go to work.

[NB – Slovakia signed into the BRI network with China in 2015. Interesting how the Associated Press doesn’t make the connection or even bother to.]

“A merry Christmas does not mean a Christmas without COVID-19,” warned Prime Minister Eduard Heger. “For that to happen, Slovakia would need to have a completely different vaccination rate.” He called the measures “a lockdown for the unvaccinated.”

[NB – They will never get rid of Covid-19. It’s here to stay. A zero-Covid policy is destructive and doesn’t work. Holding people hostage like this is evil.]

Slovakia, where just 45.3% of the 5.5 million population is fully vaccinated, reported a record 8,342 new virus cases Tuesday.

[NB – That number of cases is not necessarily due to not being vaccinated, since the jab doesn’t prevent transmission. It could happen for any number of reasons.]

It is not only nations of central and eastern Europe that are suffering anew. Wealthy nations in the west also are being hit hard and imposing restrictions on their populations once again.

“It is really, absolutely, time to take action,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday. With a vaccination rate of 67.5%, her nation is now considering mandatory vaccinations for many health professionals.

[NB – All that does is result in thousands of health professionals leaving their jobs, making things worse. Many health workers know the jab is pointless and harmful but they’re not allowed to say that out loud, or risk losing their jobs.]

Greece, too, is targeting the unvaccinated. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a battery of new restrictions late Thursday for the unvaccinated, keeping them out of venues including bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, and gyms, even if they have tested negative.

“It is an immediate act of protection and, of course, an indirect urge to be vaccinated,” Mitsotakis said.

The restrictions enrage Clare Daly, an Irish EU legislator who is a member of the European parliament’s civil liberties and justice committee. She argues that nations are trampling individual rights.

“In a whole number of cases, member states are excluding people from their ability to go to work,” Daly said, calling Austria’s restrictions on the unvaccinated that preceded its decision Friday to impose a full lockdown “a frightening scenario.”

Even in Ireland, where 75.9% of the population is fully vaccinated, she feels a backlash against holdouts. “There’s almost a sort of hate speech being whipped up against the unvaccinated,” she said.

[NB – It’s not “sort of” hate speech. It is hate speech.]

Some 10,000 people, chanting “freedom, freedom,” gathered in Prague this week to protest Czech government restrictions imposed on the unvaccinated.

“No single individual freedom is absolute,” countered professor Paul De Grauwe of the London School of Economics. “The freedom not to be vaccinated needs to be limited to guarantee the freedom of others to enjoy good health,” he wrote for the liberal think tank Liberales.

[NB – He is wrong, both medically and ethically. Medically, because the jab does not guarantee others good health, and ethically because human rights are inalienable and the state does not have the right to restrict them. Individuals should always act responsibly but taking these shots is not responsible, since they’re ineffective. I would argue it’s in act our moral duty to resist taking them, given the fact that they’re the cause of the Delta variant and there is no scientific consensus on their safety or efficacy. When the state does violate individual rights by force, its motives are suspect. This is not about public health; it’s about power. This professor is wrong on both points.]

That principle is now turning friends away from each other and splitting families across European nations.

[NB – This appears to be the real function of the jab: to divide and conquer whole nations, which will allow globalists and the CCP to impose unilateral global tyranny.]

Birgitte Schoenmakers, a general practitioner and professor at Leuven University, sees it on an almost daily basis. “It has turned into a battle between the people,” she said.

She sees political conflicts whipped up by people willfully spreading conspiracy theories, but also intensely human stories. One of her patients has been locked out of the home of her parents because she dreads being vaccinated.

[NB – Calling anything which doesn’t agree with the official narrative a “conspiracy theory” is a morally and intellectually lazy way of avoiding independent thought and inquiry.]

Schoemakers said that while authorities had long balked at the idea of mandatory vaccinations, the highly infectious delta variant is changing minds. “To make a U-turn on this is incredibly difficult,” she said.

[NB – The real reason they are doing this is desperation because the mRNA shots are a failure and are being exposed. They were hoping to implement the Great Reset in stages but as their house of cards falls apart, they resort to more draconian measures — as this essay explains — just as the USSR and China did in the past — and China continues to do.]

Spiking infections and measures to rein them in are combining to usher in a second straight grim holiday season in Europe.

[NB – The authorities doing this truly do not care about their own citizens. Most of them don’t care about Easter or Christmas. This is entirely about power for themselves and their party. Europe used to be entirely Christian, but its new religion is Leftism.]

18th-century illustration of demons

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