Say hello Serf to your new Head of State, Mr Pfizer?

This is an important interesting take on what’s happening worldwide. An oligarchy of Big Pharma interests  –and in particular Pfizer – appears to be taking over entire governments, with the help of corrupt media and dishonest politicians.

Iowa Climate Science Education

Vaccine, Pfizer.


So imagine you live in a house with six people and you elect one of them to do a deal with the chemist to supply the whole house drugs. When you get back from Hardware Mart, he?s done the deal, but you can?t see the contract, or the trial data, you don?t know what it costs, or how long it lasts, but the money will be auto-drawn in unmarked tranches until such time as it is not. Then you find out you have to take the drug, or you won?t be allowed in the kitchen.

It?s a crime in the house, but ok for a nation?

There have been several allegedly leaked contracts with Pfizer, one from Albania, and others from Brazil and South America. They all make extraordinary claims, they can?t be backed up. They might all be fakes but here?s the thing, we don?t know they?re fake…

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