Biden Predicts ‘Winter of Severe Illness’ for Unvaccinated, Ignores Science on COVID Vaccines, Treatments

Common causes of death: cardiovascular disease is still the # 1 killer in the world. How much have governments done to mitigate it? All their attention seems focused on a disease that has now mutated into something relatively harmless (Omicron variant). mRNA injections have killed over 100,000; Omicron has killed less than 100. Omicron is now reportedly the dominant strain of Covid-19, accounting for 3/4 of cases.

Medical authorities (e.g WHO) and MSM and governments are pretending they don’t know how severe Omincron is. As of Dec. 4th no one had died of it. Since then, there are reportedly a few deaths (in the double digits). In other words, it’s not that severe. But instead of admitting the truth — which would put an end to they tyranny, which relies on emergency orders — authorities continue to exaggerate the threat and push the mRNA injections. The jab actually is killing people in the tens of thousands — for a disease that appears to have the same severity as the common cold. How long can this charade continue before people wake out of their stupor and stop this insane mass hysteria? There was a pandemic that hit the world in 2020-21: a pandemic of stupidity and hysteria and fear. How long will it continue?


President Bidenaddressed the nationabout plans to manage theOmicronvariant.

Acknowledging that people are tired and frustrated, he did little to change course or shift the narrative away fromblaming the unvaccinatedfor continuing disease.

Biden’s remarks followed last week’s warning from the White House that those unvaccinated against COVID will be “looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

Although the president today invoked “overwhelming science” to justify his solutions — vaccines, boosters and masking — he provided no details to back up the science or his proposed solutions.

But why would those solutions — the same solutions he’s been proposing all along — succeed now, when for the past two years, they’ve only failed?

The president also blamed the ongoing rise in COVID cases on those purveying “dangerous misinformation” and “peddling lies.”

He called…

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