Omicron has Already Peaked in South Africa

This is hopeful. However, I notice the media and politicians here are still acting as though Omicron is some sort of deadly virus — when clearly it’s not. One person has purportedly died from it in 30 countries. It’s apparently very contageous but not much different than the common cold in terms of health risk. Surely people can see through the fear-mongering now?

In addition, as Berenson notes, Omicron has peaked. The so-called “winter of death” is not going to happen — unless you count ‘lockdown deaths’ caused by over-zealous authority figures blocking access to medical care and driving people to suicide by destroying their livlihoods. Or flu-related deaths, which are normal. Job losses from vaccine mandates will end up killing many people and ruining the lives of many more.

It’s time to end this mass hysteria and acknowledge the truth: that the so-called vaccine and lockdowns did nothing to alleviate disease and Covid-19 was not like the Bubonic plague and never warranted this massive (and ineffective) over-reaction.

Lockdowns and vax mandates just made things infinitely worse for everyone. Those responsible for imposing them on the rest of us should go on trial for crimes against humanity.

Covid-19 never was about public health anyway. Don’t be surprised if they unleash another virus on us before long: now that the globalists have tasted real power, it will be hard for them to give it up. Medical tyranny has now proven to be a sure way of robbing people of it and imposing dictatorship.

Yes, we do need to be inocculated, but not against a biological virus. We need to be innoculated against the fear and moral panic that makes this medical tyrrany possible. The best ‘vaccine’ is learning to think for yourself.


See how the line is already plunging?

Here’s a closer view:

And deaths are approximately 1/12th what they were at previous peaks (some of those are likely from Delta, and many of the rest “with” Covid deaths).

And, again, this has nothing to do with vaccines – almost three out of four South Africans is not vaccinated. The earlier variants of SARS-Cov-2 were a cold for younger people in decent shape. Omicron is a cold, period.

I said it two weeks ago, I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: it is over. OVER. (Barring a new strain.) And if you get yourself or your kids vaccinated at this point – with a vaccine that doesn’t even work against Omicron – you are worse than a fool.

Alex Berenson from Unreported Truths (

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