On alternative treatments for Covid-19

Several treatments for Covid-19 other than the mRNA ‘vaccines’ have emerged over the last two years. Many of them have been proven to work. For instance, tens of millions of people in Uttar Pradesh took Ivermetcin, reportedly eliminating the disease in that province of India.

Despite this — or perhaps because of it — the mainstream media and social media giants, doing the bidding of the biosecurity state, did their best to quash these alternative remedies through censorship and laws. In doing so they’ve cheated people who could have been saved from death.

Drs. Fauci, Tam, and other state health czars are also to blame for advising against effective remedies: “Senator Blames Fauci For COVID Deaths Because He ‘Ignored And Sabotaged Early Treatment Using Cheap, Available, Generic Drugs’

The first alternative treatment to be censored was hydroxycholoroquine. When President Trump suggested it might work, he was mercilessly attacked and ridiculed in the MSM for months for doing so.

As it turns out Trump was right all along. For instance, “A new study in MedRxiv found that hydroxychloroquine and zinc increased Covid-19 survival by almost three times.” It took numerous studies to prove that HCQ was an effective remedy, and for the truth to emerge.

While that was happening, the mainstream media establishment censored news of its efficacy, leading many political leaders and hospitals to issue bans on the drug.

It should be clear to anyone with a working brain that the MSM spread lies and propaganda, not facts. This is a good example of it. Rather than tackling the issue honestly, the media deliberately misled the public.

Ivermectin was next to be censored and banned, despite proof in medical journals that it works to remedy Covid-19, and with fewer negative side-effects than the mRNA injections.

And there was always the natural immunity and natural remedies, such as vitamin D and zinc. The most recent alternative treatment to emerge is the combination of Benadryl and milk.

Several facts have emerged in recent months:

* The mNRA ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work to provide immunity or prevent transmission (even Fauci admits this now).

* The Omicron variant, which accounts for the majority of new cases, is immune to it the mRNA injections.

* Omicron is not life-threatening. It has the same symptoms as the common cold.
See “Cold or Covid? It’s virtually impossible to tell.”

* Lastly, alternate remedies work, are far less costly, and have fewer adverse events. They’d be readily available if governments and the media would not get in the way.

So why are the vax mandates and passports still being pushed on us? Because it never was about protecting our health. It was always about power and profit for the few over the many. It was always political.

The good news is that resistance to this agenda works. There just needs to be more of it for this medical tyranny to collapse and human freedoms restored. I don’t accept the “new normal” and neither should you.

I’d welcome Omicron if it came my way because natural immunity is better than any remedy and it’s not deadly. One can also take these natural remedies. The mRNA injections are completely unnecessary and worse than useless.

We still don’t know the long-term effects. Despite this, they’re now trying to push it onto babies and young children, needlessly. Have they no shame?

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