“Farewell, University of California” Another ethics professor loses job on principled grounds, for refusing vax mandate

I applaud his stand on principle. Most academics are silent. Prof. Kheriaty was not. Nor was Julie Ponnesse, another ethics professor. He is losing his job as a result – unecessarily as it turns out, since the so-called mRNA ‘vaccines’ are ineffective and he thus poses no threat to anyone – at least no moreso than someone with all the shots. This is about conformity to an unjust and unconstitutional law. Tens of thousands have take this stand for what’s right and lost their jobs. A great injustice is being perpetrated, which is an affront to human civilization and basic principles of human decency. The cowardly people imposing this should be ashamed of themselves. The good thing is that he will probably write a book about, as Julie Ponesse did. Here is her book.



Yesterday I received the following notice from the University of California, effective immediately, where I have served for almost fifteen years as Professor at UCI School of Medicine and Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health:

This termination has been an opportunity for me to reflect on my time at UCI, especially my time there during the Covid pandemic. Two years ago I never could have imagined that the University would dismiss me and other doctors, nurses, faculty, staff, and students for this arbitrary and capricious reason. I want to share a bit of my story, not because I am unique but simply because my experience is representative of what many others—who do not necessarily have a public voice—have experienced since these mandates…

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