New York Times Editor Dead After Booster

[NB – mRNA ‘vaccines’ are known to cause heart inflammation and are suspsected of being responsible for numerous fatal heart attacks. While the causal corellation is as yet not definitively proven, it seem probable that it exists. It’s still a subject of scientific debate. Here is a recent article I posted on this issue.

Part of the story here is that he’s a NYT editor who openly praised the jab in tweet posted just prior to death. The NYT is infamous for being part of the MSM establishment responsible for lying to the public and imposing medical tyranny. This also also reminds me of Bari Weiss’ well-written reasons for leaving the NYT.

Having said all that, I am sorry that he died and leaves loved ones behind. May God bless them. No one deserves to lose a loved one before their time.]


A NY Times editor has died of a heart attack at 49, one day after receiving a Moderna Covid “booster” shot

Alex BerensonDec 25

Carlos Tejada was married and had two children; he spent his career at the Wall Street Journal before joining the Times in 2016.

In July, he received a Johnson & Johnson DNA/AAV Covid vaccine. He was thankful to get it, per his Instagram page.

On Dec. 16, in Seoul, South Korea, he received a Moderna mRNA/LNP “booster.” No clinical trials have ever been conducted to examine the safety or efficacy of mixing various types of these vaccines, and Carlos did not give informed consent, as the consent form was in Korean, a language he could not read. He joked that Omicron should “hit me with your wet snot.”

A day later, Carlos was dead of a heart attack.

RIP Carlos Tejada, Dec. 7, 1972 –…

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