Sudden cardiac arrest claims and counterclaims, and commentary

The fact that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ have several serious negative side-effects is beyond dispute. It’s backed up now by a year’s worth of scientific data.

Despite this, the MSM and state health official position continues to be that it’s “safe” for all age groups. And they like to silence anyone who says otherwise.

The CEO of Pfizer wants to criminalize such dissent. That’s Pol Pot calling the kettle black.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide” is a humor video a friend sent to me. It combines the song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” with footage of what’s called “Sudden Cardiac Death” in athletes.

You can’t find it on social media sites. It’s on bitchute — which may end up being the last place on the Internet for sharing information about medical misinformation, as the censorship net tightens. I may have to put all my articles there eventually if WordPress ends up censoring. We shall see.

The video is dark humour but based on a serious claim: that the phenomenon of athletes collapsing (and in some cases dying) is linked to mRNA ‘vaccines.’ As may be expected, there’s no shortage of fact-checking articles trying to debunk that claim.

I have previously posted articles on the alleged toxicity of mRNA injections (below), so I take the claim seriously, though I still reserve judgment.

On the toxicity of the mRNA spike proteins (the jab), and commentary

Worse Than the Disease: Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines

“An Analysis of the COVID Pandemic” by Robert M. Rennebohm, MD

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

I find the evidence that the jab compromises our immune systems to be the most compelling argument. The jab has cytotoxic effects on the body, but is it causing widespread cardiac arrest? I don’t know.

If their plan was to kill most of us, would they not have made the jab more toxic? Perhaps that would have been too obvious. And who would run industrial society if civilization collapsed? They need some of us to run things.

Perhaps the plan is to wear us down over time, both psychologically and through compromised immune systems until we’re totally subservient. That makes more sense to me.

Is that better than Stalin’s overt use of terror? Perhaps the globalists think they’re being humane by not imposing gulags.

However, they are gaslighting us and imposing a kind of slow torture by stripping away basic rights and freedoms one at a time and turning the world into a prison.

We’re like Ulysses’ men who are seduced by the goddess on the island of Circe and turned into swine. It may be more pleasant than gulags, but still a curse (no offense to pigs).

Robbing people of their jobs and identity, drugging them under duress, and turning the world into a prison is a curse.

Gates said he wants to reduce the world population by 10 to 15 percent. Perhaps the jab is designed to accomplish that indirectly through social and political controls.

For example, globalists seem to want all of the following:

* increase abortions and euthanasia
* limit contact between people
* discourage reproduction
* limit incomes
* increase depression
* divide people against each other
(e.g., vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, escalate racial tensions).

All those things would reduce the population in degrees. Together they could over time reduce our numbers by 15 percent.

I certainly don’t believe the jab is benign or has anything to do with promoting public health. In fact, I can list reasons why the Covid response is not about public health.

But I’m still uncertain (as of this writing) regarding the claim that it’s supposed to result in mass death. More data needs to come in.

Below is a section of the article on the dying athletes, followed by a rebuttal by a heart expert.


At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead

Piermario Morosini: 25-year-old Italian Soccer Player Dies During a Game (of heart attack)

The reports of athletes who suddenly collapse have been increasing noticeably lately. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause – one of the known life-threatening side effects of Covid vaccines, which even the manufacturers themselves warn against.

The current phenomenon is also evident if you simply look on Wikipedia at the list of footballers who have collapsed and died. The year 2021 stands out with 13 entries so far. In no other year mentioned have more footballers died during a game. And this list goes back to the year 1889. So it really is a historical event . . .

Many top athletes from both Europe and the US have reported serious side effects after a Covid jab. For French professional tennis player Jérémy Chardy, it has meant the end of his career. Chardy, formerly ranked 73 in the world, said he has been unable to train and play. “Since I got my vaccine [between the Olympics and the US Open], I have a problem, I have a series of problems. As a result, I can’t train, I can’t play.”

Icelandic professional footballer Emil Pálsson (28) collapsed in the game between his club Sogndal IL and Stjørdals/Blink. As reported by German daily Bild, Pálsson collapsed during the game, according to the Norwegian broadcaster NRK and the newspaper Verdens Gang. According to his club, he suffered cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated.

Below is a shockingly long list of athletes who collapsed last month from heart problems or circulatory disorders such as strokes. Unfortunately, some of these incidents were fatal for the often very young athletes. The numbers are alarming, especially in view of mandatory Covid shots.

(1) At the encounter between PGS E Bosico and Romeo Menti (Allerona Scalo) in Umbria/Italy on October 2, 2021 , a “young player” from the visiting team collapses without any external influence and is transported to the hospital.

[the story goes on to list 69 such events in detail]


The ‘fact-checker’ article, in Science 2.0, is by one W. Glen Pyle, who unlike most fact-checkers at least can claim to know something about what he writes about. He is a professor of biology whose field is heart disease. He says:

“Despite the claims of multiple news organizations and social media commentators, there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are associated with increased rates of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes. The basis for these claims comes from the selective use of information from online resources and media reports. Data from clinical trials and international sporting agencies have revealed no connection between sudden cardiac arrest in athletes and COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, peer-reviewed studies of COVID-19 trials report no connections between the vaccines and sudden cardiac arrest in any population.

“Incidents of sudden cardiac arrest involving high profile athletes have always drawn significant public attention. These events are relatively rare, but widespread media coverage gives the impression that they are more common than they really are. The mismatch between public perception and epidemiological data on sudden cardiac arrest in athletes was well established before the development of COVID-19 vaccines. What is new is the irresponsible and dangerous dissemination of misinformation that incorrectly makes a connection between COVID-19 vaccines and sudden cardiac arrest.”

It should be noted that Pyle’s research is funded in part by Health Canada, the head of whom is Dr. Tam, who has been pushing mRNA shots from the start. That’s not to say that his position is compromised by this, but it is a fact that many scientists have self-censored and skewed their research to fit the pro-mRNA mainstream narrative. And there are those who also dissent from that position, and they’ve been censored.

I certainly don’t claim that “medical misinformation” doesn’t exist — it exists on both sides of the debate – but if Prof. Pyle is suggesting that we censor it (?) I’d have to disagree with him. Freedom of speech is a fundamental principle that should not be compromised at this time because there is still no scientific consensus on this issue.

The question of the safety of the jab has serious social and political and ethical implications as well — and thus is absolutely deserves to be debated both scientifically and in public fora.

A real danger is scientism, as I discuss here. Scientism is blind faith in only one scientific position, which occludes any other position.

Censorship is anti-scientific. because true science relies on discerning the truth by testing competing claims. It is necessarily falsifiable.

There are now several scientific papers in peer-review journals that question the safety and efficacy of the jab.

For pro-vaccine pundits to claim they represent science (as Fauci infamously did) is not science. It’s just egomania and propaganda.

But I will at least give Science 2.0 credit for allowing reader comments and not censoring them. That’s unusual. The comments dissent from the author’s position.

The author of the debunking article above (Prof. Pyle) also wrote this one: “Inflaming The Myths Of COVID-19 Vaccines” – which tries to debunk fears that the jab is causing cardiac arrest. Specifically, he tries to refute a study I wasn’t aware of before. He claims:

“The study by Dr. Steven Gundry reports that a Protein Unstable Lesion Signature (PULS) test revealed an increased risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome in patients inoculated with mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. The PULS test was given to 566 patients, 3-5 months before vaccination, and again at 2-10 weeks following the second vaccine dose.

“The results claim to show inflammation of the vascular endothelium, a layer of cells that make up the inner walls of blood vessels. Dr. Gundry also reported that his study found “T-cell infiltration of cardiac muscle”. The study concludes that there is an increased risk for cardiovascular events, including heart failure, following COVID-19 vaccination.”

And here is the study he refers to:

Abstract 10712: Observational Findings of PULS Cardiac Test Findings for Inflammatory Markers in Patients Receiving mRNA Vaccines by Steven R Gundy MD.

It concludes: “the mRNA vacs numerically increase (but not statistically tested) the markers IL-16, Fas, and HGF, all markers previously described by others for denoting inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle, in a consecutive series of a single clinic patient population receiving mRNA vaccines without a control group.”

Prof. Pyle’s rebuttal regarding the cardiac arrests seems to be that there’s not enough data to go on to establish a causal correlation. And both he and Gundry are making competing claims based on biological science. Fair enough.

Theirs is a good example of a true scientific debate in the public sphere, by two scientists, where the latter responds to the former’s claims online.

And this is why censorship is wrong. Let the reader peruse both claims and use his or her reason to discern what’s true — especially when it comes to what should be a private medical decision (what to put into your body).

Interestingly, the last time a nation-state made the claim that its citizens were not permitted to own their bodies — and that the state-owned them essentially — was the Third Reich’s philosophy of the Volk, based on blood purity.

For this reason, they imposed a kind of medical segregation against those of allegedly impure blood, which eventually led to the Holocaust. So the state taking away our bodily autonomy is a serious thing. It can lead to great evils, as history has shown.

Individualism is a good thing that needs defending at this time; collectivism is a bad thing, one that’s endangering all of us right now, and it needs to be contested. Medicine is being misused to impose collectivism. That’s truly dangerous.

Returning to the claim that the mRNA shots cause heart problems: this claim is widely documented and has led three Scandinavian nations to ban its use for young people as a “precaution.”

And there are peer-reviewed studies that confirm the link, such as this one – “COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis: Case report with literature review.”

It concludes: “The outcomes of this case scenario confirm myocarditis as a probable complication of COVID-19 vaccines.”

The nations that banned the jab for young people, based on the precautionary principle, are doing the right thing since the risks from Covid-19 for them is almost nil.

It seems like the jury is still out regarding a causal link between sudden cardiac arrest and the jab, but there is solid scientific evidence that it can cause heart problems.

As for the claim of “genocide” and a depopulation agenda, I’m keeping an open mind regarding that question. It’s easy to claim that this is what they’re planning, but I think more evidence is needed.

However, I am certain that its purpose is authoritarian political control by globalists and that it’s not about protecting our health. Of that much, I’m certain, after having researched thousands of articles on the topic and posted and/or written more than 500 in the last year.

I’m also certain of the wisdom of not taking the mRNA jab, both for medical reasons and as a matter of principle (freedom of medical decision and bodily autonomy).

I’m not wrong to be skeptical of the state for pushing so hard to force me to take this drug. Let’s briefly review:

* They destroyed the economy;
* turned people against each other;
* corrupted the media and healthcare system
* destroyed and divide families;
* isolated people and caused depression, suicide, and drug overdoses:
* denied people access to needed medical care;
* imposed unpreceded censorship;
* violated freedom of religion, speech, and assembly;
* trashed constitutional and civil rights;
* and generally acted tyrannically and it told us it was all for our own good.

There is no way they’d do all this to protect my health or yours.

If they cared about our health, they’d not have forced lockdowns. They’d have emphasized Vitamin D, exercise, good diet, natural immunity, and alternative remedies such as Ivermecict.

But they did none of that. They pushed the most unhealthy solutions onto us, using lies and manipulation, and ruined everyone’s lives in the process.

Here are links to two of the best articles I’ve run across in the past year on why they’re doing this and why it’s wrong on many levels and needs to be stopped:

Academics Breaking the COVID Spell

Are the Unvaxxed the Enemy of the People?

Above all, think for yourself, use reason to discern the truth, and always question authority figures. When they want to take away your basic rights and freedoms in the name of some common good that they alone define and control, be wary.


  1. I love the frequently used rebuttal by believers that there is no evidence to prove that the vaccines are doing harm. Where would they be if they applied that same standard of proof to claims that SARS-CoV-2 is an unusually dangerous virus?

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