The Many Covid Myths —-Can’t Take Much Scrutiny !


Expert statement regarding the need for lock-downs and other measures to ‘fight the pandemic,’ and on their effects on children


  • Michael Palmer MD and Sucharit Bhakdi MD


This expert statement makes the case that

  • the WHO’s act of declaring COVID-19 a “pandemic” was unjustified;
  • COVID-19 poses a negligible risk of permanent harm to otherwise healthy persons, particularly those of young age;
  • no empirical evidence exists to support the use of masks, social distancing, or lock-downs to prevent the spread of COVID;
  • empirical evidence does exist to show that healthy people do not infect others with COVID;
  • lock-downs, school closures and other scientifically baseless ‘pandemic control measures’ have devastating effects on the mental health of our children.

1. The misconception of the “COVID-19 emergency”

The WHO issued its declaration of a “pandemic” on March 11th, 2020. Considering that less than two weeks before that date the number of “cases”…

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