Two good articles: “The Great Reset is a technocratic coup” and”Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy”

“The Great Reset is a technocratic coup”
by Milosz Matuschek, Jan. 6, 2021
[translated and edited; my comments are in [square] brackets]

Grafik: Otto Rotbart

Powerful global players want to give the world a “fresh start” from the top down. That which may seem harmless now is actually totalitarian to its core and highly dangerous.

“The emperor is to be persuaded, against his will, to cross the sea by inviting him into a house by the sea, which is actually a ship.”

(Strategist No. 1 of the Moulüe, Supra-planning)

[This, as indicated below, is a reference to Chinese Communist and World Economic Forum planning of the conditions necessary for the Great Reset]

“Many of the behaviours we were forced to engage in by captivity will become more natural through familiarity.” – Klaus Schwab/Malleret, The Great Upheaval

[ The WEF doesn’t hide its plan; it’s there for the world to see, at this link:
“Last month, the World Economic Forum launched the Great Reset initiative: a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a fairer, sustainable and more resilient post-COVID future. Find out more here.]

For a year now, the world has been exposed to a pandemic policy that goes beyond all democratic dimensions in its intensity of intervention. As has been shown in earlier parts of this series [AuftaktPt. 1Pt. 2 und Pt. 3) – all in German] that this “corona complex” is a constitutionally dubious, permanent political excess based on medical-diagnostic inconsistencies and statistically useless data.

It is being held together by fear propaganda and a fabricated media “consensus”. Last year, the pandemic became an overarching theme, permanent and ubiquitous.

Whenever such a state occurs, the question arises: What happens in the background? Who benefits from this situation? Are there events that are currently being distracted from? Which topics are linked? What is the sub-text of the media reports?

A final assessment of this complex situation will probably take years. But what is already emerging is likely to make the last year of the pandemic seem like a mere prelude.

Everything to zero

The “Great Reset” is an agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to transform the world in the wake of a [faux] pandemic. The WEF is the association of the 1,000 largest companies in the world based in Switzerland, founded in 1971 and since then led by the German-born economist Klaus Schwab, who is well connected with decision-makers from business, politics and society.

At the annual meetings in Davos, the powerful of the world have the opportunity to discuss and coordinate policy content on an informal level. According to Schwab & Co., the pandemic has created a window of opportunity to bring about a fundamental change in policy or system.

The outbreak of the pandemic did not surprise the World Economic Forum. Schwab & Co. were well prepared:

  • In October 2019, the simulation game “Event 201” took place in New York, in which the outbreak of a coronavirus was simulated. The participants discussed reaction options and communication strategies, such as combatting misinformation on the Internet by technological means. The simulation was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the WEF, among others. At the end of December 2019, two months later, the first news of the outbreak of the SARs-Cov2 virus in China made the rounds.
  • Only on January 17, 2020, a press release about Event 201 was published (more about the process here). Shortly thereafter, the media began to report on the outbreak of the virus and – like the New York Times – to speak of a danger to the global economy, although at that time there were only 25 deaths worldwide according to the WHO.
Event 201 discussions
Event 201

[In other words, the media followed the model of spreading panic, based on the WEF plan] The World Economic Forum meeting took place in Davos from 20-24 January and the WHO initially tried unsuccessfully to declare an “international health emergency” on 22 January, which was made up for on 30 January.

  • In May 2020, numerous stars, such as Robert de Niro, Cate Blanchett, and Madonna, called in an open letter for a worldwide rethinking process in the wake of the corona pandemic. Nobel Peace Prize laureate and microcredit inventor Mohammed Yunus, who launched the initiative under the hashtag #thetimehascome, said a return to normalcy would be “suicidal.”

    A return to normal was thought of as a departure from consumerism and productivity to be initiated in order to save the climate. This action was carried out in cooperation with the WEF.
  • In June 2020, the book “The Great Reset” was released, accompanied by a campaign with Prince Charles and numerous celebrities and politicians. Since then, more and more decision-makers have been talking about a great reset and [the opportunity to] “build back better”.

    Ursula von der Leyen said literally: “The need for global collaboration and accelerated change will drive the Great Reset. And I see this as an unprecedented opportunity.”
  • In October, Time magazine dedicated the cover story to the WEF agenda, with authors including Klaus Schwab, IMF President Kristalina Georgieva, and economist Mazzucato, a proponent of Modern Money Theory, which provides for an infinite debt possibility for states.
  • In January 2021, the Davos meeting took place as an online event under the motto of the “Great Reset”. In the media, this agenda was either not dealt with at all or depicted as a conspiracy theory.

[NB – Canada’s PM Trudeau openly subscribed to the idea of a Great Reset, using the slogan “Building Back Better.” New Zealand’s PM Jacinta Aden openly spoke of the need for a New World Order and two-tiered society. So has Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

This is in public. Behind closed doors, one can imagine they all are working towards a NWO. What used to be the talk of so-called ‘far-right conspiracy theorists’ againt the UN has been proven to be true]

In the dystopian realm of good

At its core, the Great Reset describes a transformation of the current capitalist system. Schwab proposes (admittedly, not for the first time) ‘stakeholder capitalism.’ Companies should no longer only strive for profit maximization, but should also be evaluated according to how socially responsible they are, i.e. how green, inclusive and sustainable they act.

The terms “green, inclusive and sustainable” are repeated like a mantra in publications around the Great Reset. One cultivates communicative proximity to the contemporary consensus on what is considered “the good”. After all, who wants to be against the good?

In addition, Schwab & Co. are in favour of strengthening public-private partnerships: governments, large corporations and foundations should increasingly work on solutions for the world. The crisis can only be mastered “together”.

As far as the means to meet this great challenge are concerned, the democratic West will have to get used to a tougher approach. Looking ahead, Schwab noted earlier that people will ultimately accept authoritarian measures such as movement restrictions, surveillance, contact tracing, etc.

In addition, thanks to technological progress, there is the possibility of man and machine growing together. Schwab had already expressed his penchant for the idea of transhumanism in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The book The Great Upheaval reads like the draft for a strategy of the total digitization of all areas of life, written in the style of planning speak with intrusive-transformative Future I, which constantly emphasizes, even conjures up, the lack of alternatives of the upheaval and its means.

Alarmist tones of the greatest catastrophe since the Second World War alternate with demands for a new consumer behaviour, new social manners, and increased digitization in all areas of life. [i.e., the threat of ubiquitous computing, which will erase all privacy and centralize control in the hands of an elite technocracy]

An example of actions that have been advanced by tech companies and foundations in collaboration with governments and fit well into the world of tomorrow from the WEF’s point of view is the ID2020 or the Common Pass (see also here).

These are digital passports issued by private companies that contain far more personal data than would be necessary to travel; The digital vaccination passports have also been in the works for some time but were then available through inconspicuously “timely” proximity to the outbreak of the pandemic.

The driver of the digital vaccination record is the vaccine alliance GAVI, founded by Bill Gates, with headquarters and immunity in Switzerland.

[See “ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines“:

“The ID2020 Alliance has launched a new digital identity program at its annual summit in New York, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, vaccine alliance Gavi, and new partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief.The program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity was unveiled by ID2020 in partnership with the Bangladesh Government’s Access to Information (a2i) Program, the Directorate General of Health Services, and Gavi, according to the announcement. Digital identity is a computerized record of who a person is, stored in a registry. It is used, in this case, to keep track of who has received vaccination.“]

Impfausweis mit Nachweis einer Corona-Impfung | dpa
“In Germany, everything is still analogous: The sticker for the vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer sticks in a vaccination certificate after the owner has received a vaccination against Corona. Photo: dpa”
ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines
ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines

These private solutions don’t even have to be made mandatory by the state to develop a magical appeal. The Australian airline Qantas is already testing the digital vaccination record. Anyone who rejects this can no longer be a customer in the future. [See “Qantas starts first ‘vaccine passport’ trial ahead of border reopening“]

The CommonPass is one solution to certifying COVID-19 test and vaccination records.
“The CommonPass is one solution to certifying COVID-19 test and vaccination records.”

The same principle can be applied analogously to all other areas of life. According to Schwab, a return to the old normal is out of the question, but the exercise of rights such as freedom of movement can (as things stand at present) be regained as a privilege in exchange for a state-imposed physical intervention (vaccination), as well as the granting of the possibility of data storage, tracking, and surveillance.

[In other words, a Chinese Communist-style social credit system]

This is how one imagines the “brave new world”: as a caste system of those willing to be vaccinated. The testing of this can already be observed in Israel, and the EU Commission is also working on a legal framework on “green passports”.

After the era of digital colonialism, the era of digital re-feudalization now seems to have begun: State actors and large tech companies are increasingly striving for a form of total control over the population in the wake of the pandemic. The “great upheaval” is at the same time a “great access” to the individual.

The WEF has always been able to count on inclined interest from politicians. Angela Merkel, like many heads of state and government, has been a regular guest in Davos. Anna-Lena Baerbock and Jens Spahn from Germany, for example, are also members of the in-house “Young Global Leaders Program“.

Screenshot of Schwab addressing the Young Global Leaders
Screenshot of NZ PM Jacinta Arden and Prince William at the WEF

Other politicians, such as former Health Minister Daniel Bahr and former FDP chairman, Health Minister, and Economics Minister Philipp Rösler, are listed as “Agenda Contributors”.

Meanwhile, the destruction of the middle class, the destruction of the existence of small and medium-sized enterprises do not seem to be a problem, but an approved side effect of the current program. Years ago, the World Economic Forum headlined: “Welcome to 2030. I don’t own anything, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

With regard to Corona, the WEF expects a K-shaped recovery of the economy. “Recovery” here means that large companies recover faster than small ones (or in other words, the big ones eat the little ones.). The small bookseller around the corner will now have an even harder time against Amazon. [It looks like those in the lower part of the K get the short end of the stick]

Corona as a tankless water heater of a seizure of power

Since the beginning, the pandemic has produced an immeasurable number of victims. The consequences for the middle class of its policy measures are already disastrous. And there have been profiteers. The pandemic is a disaster for some and a catalyst for change for others.

It is also a mixture of interests, an incentive system for the distribution of power, and the opportunity to cement a new informal level of global decision-making in the hands of a few, whose representatives are neither elected, transparent, not even significantly bothered by the media, and are not accountable to anyone.

There are already clear interests among numerous actors:

  • Private Global Players
    The pandemic is benefiting numerous global players whose interests are pooled in the WEF. The financial and banking sector (big finance) benefits from the excessive bond-buying and assistance programs of the central banks, i.e. is flooded with unprecedented amounts of monetary liquidity at the lowest or non-existent interest rates.

    20% of all dollars ever printed were created in the last year alone. Large tech companies (Big Tech, Big Data) are experiencing record sales, while analog companies have been subject to a trade ban for months.

    The sector of military surveillance technology, security technology, and drone technology will also benefit. Finally, there is the Big Pharma sector, whose interests are currently self-explanatory: in addition to the business of vaccination, there is also the business of many health measure follow-up costs.
  • China
    The biggest beneficiary of the crisis is likely to be China. While the world is in lockdown (an invention of the Chinese Communist Party), China is presenting unprecedented growth rates. China wants to position itself as a military and economic superpower in the coming decades (Plan 2049). Western values are thought to be an obstacle to that plan.

    [Document Number 9 is an internal strategy paper of the Chinese Communist Party that warns against Western values and their spread in China. The confidential document was published internally in 2012 before it was leaked to the global public in 2013 through a leak by Chinese journalist Gao Yu. Gao Yu was then sentenced to 7 years in prison. Observers came to the conclusion that the document reflects the party line set by President Xi Jinping, even if he is not directly noted as the author.

    The document warns of the following Western values, which are referred to in the document as “problems” and prohibits any mention of these in education:

    1. A Western-style democracy with a separation of powers, a multi-party system, general elections and an independent judiciary would undermine socialism with Chinese characteristics.
    2. The spread of universal values such as human rights, the rule of law, freedom, and democracy could challenge and undermine the CCP’s theoretical foundation.
    3. The strengthening of civil society as a counterweight to the state, which defends the rights of the individual against it, destroys the foundation of the party.
    4. The spread of neoliberalism undermines China’s economic system through liberalization, privatization and the market principle.
    5. The Western notion of journalism, freedom of the press, and a free Internet runs counter to china’s principle of Party discipline, which requires the media to communicate the Party’s view.
    6. Critical historiography undermines the CCP’s interpretation and moral evaluation of events in Chinese history and the history of the Party, as well as the historical necessity of Chinese socialism.
    7. Criticism of the way in which the reform and opening-up policies and socialism of Chinese character are carried out, which the Chinese system calls “capitalist socialism” or “state capitalism”, leads to confusion and hinders further progress.]
Human Rights with Chinese Characteristics — Radio Free Asia

China (always referring to the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, not the Chinese people themselves) does not think in terms of 10 or 20 years. It plans centuries ahead. China has the broadest time planning horizon in the world, as well as the most sophisticated means of implementation.

The millennia-old Chinese art of war, as well as the strategists of supra-planning (the “Moulüe”, which is little known in the West; here is a dissertation on the subject for download), make it clear how power can be achieved by cunning action alone without necessarily having to plunge into military expenses.

[This is otherwise known as asymmetrical or unrestricted warfare, about which I’ve written and posted often on this blog] The ideal is victory without a fight [i.e., without the use of military force. And unfortunately for us it seems to be working.

See “An introduction to the modern chinese science of military supraplanning” 1st Paragraph: “In summary, a “moulüe fever” has been sweeping across China since the beginning of the period of “Reform and Opening Up” in 1978. This fever was unleashed by Major General LI Bingyan’s fortuitous discovery of a copy of a five hundred year-old military treatise on the Chinese 36 stratagems, which had been marked by the PLA for internal use only. Working as a journalist for the PLA Daily at the time, he requested and received permission to publicize the contents of these 36 stratagems in his newspaper column. Due to the overwhelmingly positive reception of his newspaper articles, he soon thereafter collected and published them under the title The 36 Stratagems in a New Edition in 1981. This book, which has sold over two million legal copies, remains the world’s best-selling work on the subject.”]

The strategist No. 1 mentioned at the beginning (“The emperor is to be persuaded against his will to cross the sea by inviting him to a house by the sea, which is actually a ship.”) could have been used in the pandemic. [I’m not sure what this is a reference to]

While the world believes it is fighting a pandemic, it is in fact fighting itself: by ruining the domestic economy with exorbitant consequential costs and a consequent massive debt. Combating them can lead to inflation and economic recession. The emperor [in this analogy] is the population of the West, who enter the house of pandemic control and find themselves captured on the ship of the Far Eastern seizure of power, transferred to the shore of the “New Normal”.

[In other words, we’ve been kidnapped and enslaved without a struggle] It was invited by its own politicians to the cheers of newspapers and broadcasters.

To be clear, it cannot be ruled out at this stage that the pandemic may constitute or be an opportunity for hybrid warfare and infiltration on the part of China. The main weapon is not the virus itself, but the measures taken to combat it. [In other words, the maina battle has already been fought and won by the CCP, but they may later on use actual soldiers — probably in the capacity of “helping” in a crisis; PLA soldiers are already in Canada]

China’s obstructive behavior in the official review of the origins of the coronavirus by WHO delegates is just as striking as China’s increasing influence in the West. This influence is exercised through cultural institutions, media sponsorship, the acquisition of Western companies, and investment in infrastructure projects such as airfields and ports, not to mention its own technologies such as 5G.

By the way, that would also be a strategist, namely Strategem No. 25: “Without changing the façade of the house, steal the supporting beams and replace the support posts.”

The influence on multi-national organizations and their representatives (the proximity of the WHO chief Tedros to China [the CCP] is undisputed) can be regarded as part of the strategy. In the 1999 book “Unrestricted Warfare,” written by the two Communist Party officers, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, the inclusion of supranational actors in military action is blatantly made clear.

[And since then the 2015 PLA document outlining the use of the coronavirus as part of the strategem]

You can see it in the conflict that Australia and New Zealand are currently having with China (both countries are considered China’s sandboxes for the world); you can see it in China’s influence on lockdown policy around the world.
And you can see the influence at the highest level in Germany in the so-called “panic paper” of the BMI, in which a group of researchers had recommended in spring 2020 to scare the Germans with drastic images and horror scenarios, including an agonizing death from suffocation caused by Covid.

Recently, the editor of the weekly magazine “Democratic Resistance”, Aya Velàzquez, leaked the email traffic of the expert group with the BMI on Twitter. The expert group also included two researchers, Mao supporter Otto Kolbl and Maximilian Mayer, both of whom are characterized by a closeness to China and who had recently published a joint article whose title is already telling: “Learning from Wuhan – there is no alternative to Covid-19 containment”. More China-friendly articles were found in email traffic.

Screenshot: BMI-Mails

In relation to China, Sweden’s divergent path is probably partly explained. Sweden is in a diplomatic dispute with China and is considered the most prominent example of a European country without lockdown measures.


Into the mix of the Great Reset, pandemic control, and climate change, the names of large foundations that hide economic and political power interests behind the mask of charity (philantro-capitalism) appear again and again.

Most clearly visible is the ubiquitous activity of Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who have secured an unprecedented impact on the global healthcare system (more on Bill Gates here).

Investments in vaccines, in the vaccine alliance GAVI, the vaccine distribution organization COVAX, the Event 201, as well as generous payments (grants) to media companies, foundations, state-affiliated institutes, and research institutions raise more questions than can be dealt with in this article.

Bill Gates is also bringing the topic of climate protection back to the fore in the media. A combination of the climate issue with the fight against the pandemic fits perfectly into the agenda of the “Great Reset” and is also received with interest in the media. Gates has good business relations with China, including a stake in TerraPower, which wants to sell new nuclear power plants to China (and of course not only there).

Gates’ cooperation with the Chinese company BGI is particularly explosive. This company is collecting the DNA of millions of Americans from the PCR tests obtained in the wake of the corona pandemic. Through Microsoft, Gates is also interested in developing and advancing contact tracing solutions.

To call Bill Gates a beneficiary of the corona pandemic would be a polite understatement. When in human history have events fallen into the hands of a single man (and his billion-dollar foundation) as easily as it does now? And when exactly at such a moment was so little critically reported about it?

If you want to call the pandemic a cult, then Bill Gates is something like the supreme leader, a guru with clairvoyant abilities, who maneuvers the world unerringly through the crisis and always knows exactly what to do and what will happen. Or to put it in the words of Ursula von der Leyen [a German politician and physician who has been President of the European Commission]: “Thank you, Bill and Melinda Gates, for your leadership and dedication!”

Final reflection

We are in a situation that is difficult to see through as a whole, but whose offshoots are already emerging. My personal conclusion, subjective but justified, is as follows:

The threatening thing about the Great Reset is not necessarily what already visibly and tangibly surrounds us, but what would now be possible and is already being rolled out in a hurried manner: It is the outlines of a globally active World Health Dictatorship, a corporatist, collectivist thinking, non-partisan apparatus, consisting of agenda-willing people at different levels, which are ostensibly dedicated to combating the pandemic and the implementation of innocuous goals.

[These goals include] how to prescribe environmental protection, to implement equality and inclusion [the so-called equity and diversity agenda, such as CRT and transgenderism]. But this agenda, along the way, breaches the individuation and is a violation of civilizational achievements, including fundamental rights.

The “Great Reset” is an act of seizing power by actively making the previous liberal way of life transient. Just as products have a specific artificial lifespan determined by the manufacturer (the phenomenon of “artificial obsolescence”), so do [economic and political] systems. It is obvious that the global financial system has not really recovered since the 2008 crisis, but is reaching its limits. Currency reforms are also not a new publication in history.

The reset behind the Great Reset could just be that of the financial system and that would be a kind of emergency operation on the simmering financial system. Schwab himself hints at this possibility in an interview with ZEIT, where he draws analogies to the Second World War, in whose echo new institutions and systems, such as the current, outdated Bretton Woods System, were created.

Here, too, a pandemic that opens up undreamt-of restriction possibilities in payment transactions (for example) would not be inconvenient. Numerous central banks are also working hastily on the introduction of digital central bank money, which would open up further control options over the citizen.

With the introduction of a universal basic income [UBI], the subjugation of the broad masses would also be easier than ever: anyone who behaves antisocially (a replication of China’s social credit system sends greetings) will automatically be fined: a corona fine will be deducted from his or her basic income.

[Already, in Greece, pensioners are being fined in this way for not being vaccinated; if the world were on UBI it would not only bankrupt the West; it would also rob people of the incentive to accomplish anything, leading to a culture of mediocrity, as under the USSR — and as noted above it would also become a tool for social control, to quell political dissent]

The seizure of power that we are currently experiencing must necessarily be a form of foreign domination. The population is not consulted on large-scale planning agendas, such as the Great Reset.

We encounter this foreign domination on the one hand in the form of bundled interests of great power actors, such as tech and pharmaceutical giants, investment companies, and foundations — and on the other hand in the form of what can be called a ‘hybrid Moulüe [supra-planning] attack, emblematic of Sino-Marxist character.

Propaganda photo from China of collapsing people. For all we know they may have been crisis actors
or people the government injected with a substance to make them collapse.
Ground Zero Of Coronavirus - Wuhan City Is A "Zombieland ...
Propaganda photo from China of collapsing people

[The photo below of coffins is actually from 2013, showing coffins of African migrants killed in a shipwreck off the Italian coast]

This became visible through propaganda films in the social media (Internet) of people collapsing in the street [This occurred in the streets of Wuhan province, but also Italy, which is now controlled by China and was used in the propaganda campaign of early 2020 to spread panic around the global that Covid-19 was as dangerous as Ebola or the Bubonic plague – which turned out not to be true]

By the way, that would also be a strategist, namely strategist No. 6: “Noise in the east, attack in the west.” The Great Reset virtually rolls out the red carpet for the Chinese Communist Party’s quest for supremacy.

At the same time, this aggressive agenda meets a Western world of relative abundance, media distraction, and busy apathy. Institutions have become anemic and sluggish; they are increasingly turning against the citizen, i.e. the sovereign, instead of fulfilling the constitutional mandate.

[We see this everywhere now, the way customers are treated, on airlines and over the phone, almost as enemies of the new order]

Why is it demanded in Germany to have lateral thinkers and other demonstrating citizens monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, but not politicians who accept the collapse of the economic and state order under the pretext of protecting the population from the effects of a moderate flu?

[Now with Omicron, the symptoms are that of the common cold. In other words, we are supposed to just hand over all our rights and freedoms, and all our prosperity, and essentially all that we are — won through great struggle over the course of centuries, rights which men have defended with their very lives — to some faceless bloodless bureaucrats who think they know better and want to run our lives as they see fit – all because we’re supposed to fear the common cold]

“Noise in the east, attack in the west”

The Great Reset advances the striving for supremacy of the Communist order, which ultimately brings to the fore the role of the unbroken individual. That individual does not ask for permission before exercising his freedom but perceives this legitimation out of his own moral conviction.

[In other words, this attempt at the subjugation of the world will necessarily produce some heroic individuals who resist that order]

But as long as the fear of the consequences of disobedience is greater than the fear of losing freedom, the “Great Reset” will continue.


There’s an article on the globalist Macron, one of the WEF’s alumni: “Macron profanely insults vaccine-resistant French, says they are no longer citizens.”

And my comment: Patriotic Frenchman, many of whose grandfathers died in WWI and II and whose ancestors built the country’s culture, its art, its industry — they are not to be considered “citizens” says the globalist Macron, BUT millions of Muslim and North Africans who clearly do not share traditional Western values are welcomed as such?!

Who are some of the other WEF people? From an online comment: “Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsome, Angela Merkel, and Jacinda Ardern … “It gets deeper than just the head figures; the WEF has ‘classes’ of new ‘graduates’ to help them extend their tentacles. It all links to one thing, ultimately: world domination.”

Graphic by Think for Yourself

“Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy”

[NB – This is a good article, though it starts off with a long bit about 9/11 Truth, which to be honest I never got into. I figured that if the government did, in fact, blow the towers — which I don’t deny is highly possible — and even if this was revealed as an undeniable fact — the world would still be indifferent to it. People are too self-involved to care anymore, it seems. The diabolical genius of the plandemic is to get them to care because their self-interest is tied into it, either through fear of disease or fear of social ostracization or fear of job loss and police response.]

by Kevin Ryan, Off-Guardian, Jan 5, 2021

It’s been a year since I’ve written anything for this blog. The reason, frankly, is that I have been at a loss for words. What has happened to human society in the last two years has been, for anyone with an understanding of history, beyond belief.

Of course, it should not be beyond belief because we know history repeats itself. And in the last two years, it has been repeating with a vengeance.

I spent 18 years working to understand, and help others understand, the crimes of September 11, 2001. Those crimes were never honestly investigated apart from the work of independent researchers.

The official accounts are widely known to be false and those who have taken the time to look deeper have found that there are good reasons to believe that people within government and major corporations were involved in planning and executing the attacks.

September 11th was a deception used by rich and powerful people to steal resources, consolidate power, and control the masses. It was just one example of such a mass deception. Others include the following.

  • The CIA’s assassination of JFK
  • The false Gulf of Tonkin incident that escalated the CIA’s war in Vietnam
  • The deceptions used to justify the 1991 Gulf War
  • The government-sponsored 2001 anthrax attacks
  • Claims of weapons of mass destruction used to justify the second invasion of Iraq
    The many manufactured terrorist events following 9/11
  • Previously hyped pandemics, including the 2005 “Bird Flu” and 2009 “Swine Flu” that were grossly exaggerated by the World Health Organization for the benefit of big pharma companies [in restropect this seem to be true]

    Along with these conveniently over-looked crimes, the last 18 months have shown that the 9/11 lie was not taken seriously. Anyone who still believes that governments and media care about our health has forgotten that deep state actors murdered thousands of citizens on 9/11. The corporate media and corporate-owned governments then covered it up so that a million more could be murdered to steal resources and control people.

Historical illiteracy is largely to blame for the Covid scare although much of that illiteracy is by choice, through willful ignorance of events that cause cognitive dissonance.

The examples cited above are but a few in the long history of deceptions used by governments to drive the agendas of the powerful few. People who ignore these historical facts not only turn a bind eye to history, they ignore painfully obvious features of current affairs including that “terrorism” has mysteriously disappeared.

People don’t want to acknowledge the fact that we do not live in democratic societies any longer. Yet today the world is fully run by an oligarchy and that oligarchy wants us to be diverted and outraged about superficial things while staying ignorant or silent on issues important to us like the following.

  • Indefinite detention without charges at Guantanamo Bay
  • Unwarranted mass surveillance
  • Voting machine hacking and election theft
  • Failure to prosecute the crimes of previous administrations (e.g. drone killings targeting weddings and funerals, torture at CIA black sites)
  • The increasing totalitarian censorship of dissenting views

    Some people have accepted or ignored the poverty and famine being driven by the reckless response to Covid. And they have also ignored that the people driving the Covid scare have a history of crimes against humanity.

    Not the least of these are Bill Gates, who has monopolized healthcare and has tried to buy off the media, and Anthony Fauci, who is known for having killed nearly 200,000 HIV patients with the toxic drug AZT.

How has the public’s willful ignorance been established so easily? The Covid crimes were carefully practiced beforehand through a series of exercises conducted by governments and corporations since 9/11. And the operation builds upon elements utilized in all the previous government crimes against humanity. Here are three primary components.

As has been demonstrated through all of history, the most effective way to dumb down a population is through fear. Communism, terrorism, WMDs, virus, it all works the same way. This basic feature of the Covid scare is one of many features and outcomes that it shares with previous psychological operations.

Censorship is another hallmark of authoritarian tyranny and we are seeing it raised to a new level in the media today. Any doctor or scientist who has spoken out about the obvious lack of scientific scrutiny applied to the Covid scare has been blocked on social media and ignored or smeared on television, radio, and in print.

In America, the most useful tool driving willful ignorance has been the narrative behind the phony 2-party system in politics. The Covid scare works in part because many Americans are easily controlled through the farcical theater of “right-left” identity politics.

Today if you want “the left” to take a position, all that is needed is to frame it as opposition to Trump. Control of “the right” is just as easy. This works despite the fact that we are ruled by an oligarchy that does the same things no matter who is in office.

Added to this formula of fear, censorship, and cartoonish politics has been the complete abandonment of science. Scientific illiteracy is known to be quite high in America, but that has become the case for many nations and today anyone with a lab coat and a pointer promoted by the media is accepted as a scientific authority. What people often forget is that it was doctors, not soldiers, who committed the worst crimes in Nazi Germany. These days it is just as easy to buy a doctor or a scientist as it is to buy a politician.

Scientific literacy in America took a giant leap downward after 9/11. The absurd anti-scientific approach taken by the government for the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings was either accepted or left unquestioned by many Americans. No doubt the death of science with respect to 9/11 was a key step in enabling the Covid scam.

Here are a few examples of how people around the world abandoned science when it came to Covid:

  • The PCR test for Covid infection in the U.S., which was used in many other countries as well, did not identify a unique coronavirus. In other words, the test had a high rate of false positives. Still, people accepted the narrative of “cases” that drove the fear.
  • The policy endorsed by the WHO and the CDC that attributed Covid as a cause of death for anyone who tested positive using the false PCR test, no matter what their actual cause of death was, dramatically inflated the number of deaths attributed to Covid.
  • Both the word vaccine and the word pandemic were redefined by agencies like the WHO to enable the Covid scare.
  • The “vaccines” are experimental gene therapies that are making people sick and killing them. Those bought into the vaccine narrative responded to this fact with the diversionary claim that the Covid drugs do not change your DNA. But most gene therapies do not change your DNA. Instead, they provide a functioning gene in addition to your DNA. More importantly, all the Covid “vaccines” provide genetic material that drives the production of toxic spike proteins that cause blood clotting, endothelial tissue damage, antibody dependent enhancement, and death.
  • The Emergency Use Authorizations under which these Covid drugs were granted temporary approvals were based on fraudulent attacks against long-established, effective treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The suppression of these effective drugs is responsible for the deaths of the patients who did die from Covid (instead of just with Covid).

    How do we go forward realizing that many of our friends, family, and coworkers have decided to remain willfully ignorant of history and science and the facts about the Covid psychological operation?

It is a difficult question but one that has a few clear answers. First, we must stop parroting the absurd official narrative regarding Covid. It is an illness that has a 99.7% survival rate for the elderly and higher for everyone else.

And it is very obviously a tool of propaganda in a psychological operation that exhibits all the features and outcomes of previous psychological operations. So, the first step is to not accept or repeat the nonsense narrative.

Secondly, since social media and other corporate media are completely compromised and engage in censorship of any facts related to Covid, we must reach people directly. This means speaking out locally and contacting your city, county, and state government representatives to oppose the Covid agenda.

There are creative ways to resist as well. For example, if you are forced to wear a mask in public areas in order to conduct your life, put a message on the mask that lets like-minded people see you. Something like “Mind Control” or “You stay safe, I’ll stay free” would work.

Finally, realizing that this will all get much worse before it gets better, plan to reduce your dependence on goods and services controlled by the oligarchy. If you can, get off the grid. In other words, find alternative sources of power, food, water, and the other necessities of life before the ultimate tool of control—the vaccine passport—limits your access.

The psychological operations of the media and political establishment are ramping up. They’re targeting every weakness of the gullible public, from its scientific and historical illiteracy to its most banal prejudices, in order to inflame superficial separations from the farcical left/right division to racial tensions. They know us better than we know ourselves.

Let’s resist these provocations and see if we can establish control groups within this corrupt system that can survive and educate future generations.

Kevin Ryan is a chemist, former laboratory director, and prominent voice in the 9/11 Truth movement. You can read more of his work at his blog. You can also watch his testimony to the Toronto Hearings on 9/11 here, his video on the parallels between 9/11 and Covid here, and his interview as part of our Covid19/11 series here.


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