Quebec, Canada, to impose a “tax” (fine) on the unvaccinated, similar to Austria, in a desperate attempt to keep medical tyranny going

Trudeau met with Canada’s Premiers (the Canadian equivalent of state governors) on Jan. 10, 2020, in a secret meeting. We now know what was being discussed.

Quebec (and possibly New Brunswick in the future), two Canadian provinces, will require all citizens to face fines (an annual $100 tax) if they’re not injected with the experimental mRNA drug (and possible imprisonment) — similar to Austria.

UPDATE as of Jan. 12th, 2022: Now it’s more than $100. See this article. Also, the Federal Health Minister for Canada says all of Canada will impose a mandatory mRNA shot. But even as this is happening the WHO came out against a 4th shot, so Alex Berenson predicts the end of this tyranny.

Trudeau is the most corrupt leader in Canada’s history by far; he is little more than a puppet for the CCP.

Austria’s move in this direction was likely orchestrated behind the scenes by the CCP, since Austria is a BRI nation, at the beck and call of China. While Canada is not a BRI nation (yet), Trudeau is deferential to China.

Quebec has also imposed a curfew, in effect becoming a police state and prompting mass demonstrations against these unnecessary and pointless restrictions. CBC, CTV, and the Montreal Gazette – and other corrupt MSM outlets paid by Trudeau — dutifully report all fines and arrests in order to help scare the public into submission.

Here is a typical MSM headline on the story from today (Jan. 11, 2022): “Quebec to impose tax on unvaccinated: People not vaxxed for non-medical reasons will have to pay ‘health contribution’.”

Now, to be truthful it’s not much now ($100 per year) but who knows how much it will increase in time. It’s a bad precedent, a sign of worse things to come. To single a group out to punish them is clearly wrong.

The unvaccinated have to pay at least $100 into Quebec’s public pharmacare plan, on top of their annual contribution at tax time. All Quebecers must be insured for medication costs. Adults pay an average rate of $710 a year as part of the provincial income-tax return, as well as monthly charges that can’t exceed $1,161 a year.”

Quebec Premier François Legault is a Liberal, the same party as Trudeau. Liberals used to be politically moderate, but since Trudeau took over they’ve become extremely autocratic.

This move is a blow to roughly one million Quebecers. In that province, 6.5 million submitted to the jab and about 1 million refused. That one million are now being unjustly singled out and punished. It will give Quebec autocrats another $100 million to spend on themselves and their pet causes.

Causing people to go into poverty is actually bad for their health, but the Legault apparently hasn’t thought of that or more likely doesn’t care, since this is not really about protecting the public’s good anyway. It’s entirely about money and power.

Rebel News, one of Canada’s few honest news sites, reports: “They tried bribery, now they’re punishing people with new taxes to take the vaccine” (full article below)

They call it a “tax” to make it sound less harsh and to sell it to the public, but in fact, it’s fine. Who knows how much it may go up over time, or what other punishments will be levied — including possible imprisonment, which is happening in Australia now under the guise of Covid quarantines. Canada has already imposed imprisonment in Chinese-owned hotels at the border in 2020.

The Quebec Premier says it’s in the spirit of “fairness” to the 90 percent who took the experimental drug, but this is a ruse. He is trying to pit Quebecers against each other, to create hatred and division. This is the politics of hate at work.

This burden will be placed on all unvaccinated citizens, not just those who go to the hospital, in effect becoming a mandatory vaccination order. It’s cleverly worded, to sell it to the public in the name of “fairness.”

Everyone in Canada already pays for universal health care through taxes, but the unvaccinated will now have to pay more. And that is discriminatory, especially since they’re the same people who just lost their jobs because of vax mandates – in the tens of thousands.

The unvaccinated cannot even move with any ease, due to vax passports at several provincial borders. Canada is becoming more like North Korea every day. Obviously, it’s not even close to that now, but as we slowly lose our freedoms, we move closer to Communism every day until one day it’s upon us, without having put up a fight. Canadians are the proverbial boiling frog.

The Quebec Premier claims there is an unfair burden on hospitals due to the unvaccinated, but there is actually no evidence of that since most people now in the hospitals are vaccinated – the very opposite of what he claims. Even the biased fact-checkers are having to acknowledge this now.

Also, very few are hospitalized because of Covid-19; most are admitted for other reasons and are given a PCR test (which can produce a false positive).

When you see MSM statistics claiming that people are in the hospital with Covid-19, it just means they tested positive and were there for some other reason.

To claim that Covid-19 cases are filling hospitals is a brazenly shameless lie. But instead of exposing the lie as such, the MSM prints it uncritically and gives it credence.

Even if the Premier’s arguments were based in fact (they’re not), Canada has never imposed extra cost on those who burdened the system more. Those who smoke or are obese are more likely to be hospitalized than those who are not, but are they expected to pay more? No.

An American-style health insurance system would be fairer at this point than that making healthy unvaccinated people pay for the hospitalization of unhealthy vaccinated people. But It’s not really about fairness at all, is it? This is really intended to punish those who don’t obey the state. It’s entirely punitive.

This ‘tax’ is a blatant human rights violation because it’s discriminatory: its purpose is to compel people to undergo an invasive and potentially dangerous medical procedure against their will, or to face punishment.

It’s really meant to socially condition people to submit to autocratic state rule. It’s the start of a social credit system, similar to China’s: a way to punish those who don’t comply with the state’s mandates.

There’s a reason Trudeau is doing this now: following Germany’s recent vote to not impose the vax mandate for all citizens — which it had considered after Austria passed such a law — the core co-conspirators of medical tyranny began to panic.

Omicron is not deadly (which must be disappointing for them) and the so-called Covid ‘vaccine’ has been exposed as ineffective: it doesn’t prevent transmission of infection and has numerous negative side effects, as is now well-documented. So their narrative is falling apart.

More people are seeing through their deception now. When deception fails, that’s when the autocrats turn to force.

The whole point of creating and spreading Covid-19, then imposing lockdowns and then mask and vax mandates and passports is to bring about a Great Reset, which in practice means a global world government patterned after Communist China.

China can pass any law it wants, with no regard for individual rights or freedoms. Those who object are imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Many are re-educated in prisons.

Globalists, beneath a practiced veneer of “inclusivity”, are really Communists. Trudeau has openly expressed his envy of China’s dictatorship in the past and his support for the Great Reset — as well as his open hatred of the unvaccinated and desire to punish them. If he could get away with it, he would commit mass murder.

Globalists want to run the West in the same way, essentially throwing away centuries of progress towards creating true democratic egalitarian societies based on constitutionally protected freedoms.

Anyone who objects could face censorship, fines, or even imprisonment if they have their way. Eventually, they’ll start killing us, if this keeps up. When state leaders start scapegoating a minority group, it’s a prelude to mass violence. It’s a recipe for state despotism and genocide against scapegoated minorities.

Right now, the unvaccinated – ie. those who value freedom – are being scapegoated and maligned by their own “leaders” — unjustly. It’s especially irksome for those who voted conservative and then those supposedly conservative politicians betrayed them (e.g. Kenney in Alberta, Ford in Ontario, Huston in Nova Scotia). It’s similar to Republican voters who are betrayed by ‘RINOs’.

The unvaccinated pose no more risk to the public in terms of transmission of disease than the vaccinated — perhaps less so, if one takes into account the risk of ADE due to mRNA. Scapegoating healthy people as though they’re diseased is a tactic that past totalitarian regimes have used with great success, due to an innate fear of disease and the human tendency towards tribalism.

Globalists have backed medical tyranny from the start in a desperate bid for world domination, as envisaged by Klaus Schwab and the WEF. This also serves the interests of Big Pharma and the CCP, who have been instrumental in making it happen.

Globalists like to view themselves as good, enlightened people but they’re going down a path that dictators and mass murderers have trod in the past.

One could claim this is a ‘conspiracy theory’ except for the fact that it’s fully substantiated by the very words coming out of their mouths, e.g. Trudeau on the Great Reset. They don’t try to hide it.

As noted earlier, Germany failed to pass the mandate — due in no small part to the backlash of hundreds of thousands of Germans marching on the streets non-stop and speaking out against this threat (after Germany knows what it’s like after having suffered both fascism and Communism in the 20th century).

As the dominant narrative began to waver, some very high-up people — the ones responsible for starting this global coup d’etat (e.g., the CCP, Gates, et al) — reached out to Trudeau to see if Canada would step up to the plate. Their hope is for a domino effect, with all nations falling to their will.

During the Cold War, there was a legitimate fear of the domino effect, of countries falling to Communism. That is now taking place in the West, under the guise of public health.

If all of Canada’s provinces impose a mandatory ‘vaccine’ on all citizens, in direct violation of human rights, they hope is that more nations will fall, starting with the EU nations, then going worldwide.

Many nations — and all Canadian provinces — fell to vax passports, so don’t be surprised if the Premiers all fall in line with this new “tax” as well. Quebec is the test case. All the provinces want to get that extra tax revenue, so expect it to happen.

And from there it’s a slippery slope to Communist world domination because if people can be persuaded or forced to give up bodily autonomy (and for many, they’re not given much of a choice if means losing their jobs and facing fines), then they can be forced to give up all their rights and freedoms to state authorities.

The only other option is to move to a free country as Canada increasingly turns into a communist regime. This is a desperate and craven move by the globalists, one that I hope and pray will backfire on them, politically.

The fight is far from over. There’s still a good chance that it will backfire, with enough protest.

The 13 Colonies staged the Boston Tea Party in response to a tax on tea imposed by the Britsh. They protested “no taxation without representation.” Unvaccinated Canadians could well say the same since their political leaders have abandoned them.

Another example from history: when the British imposed a salt tax, Gandhi led a march against it.

Something of equal symbolic value is needed now in Canada.

Protest in Quebec against mandates

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They tried bribery, now they’re punishing people with new taxes to take the vaccine (Rebel News)

Jan. 11, 2022 — It’s getting worse, not better. The politics, that is. Actually, the virus itself has really never been weaker. That’s the thing about the Omicron variant — it’s spreading like wildfire, but it’s really no worse than a cold. And it’s causing strange things to happen; health care workers who have the virus — who are sick with it — are being told to still go to the hospital to work. Because it’s like a little cold; it’s not debilitating. But imagine that — you’ve got the Coronavirus; COVID-19. And you’re being asked to work. While people who didn’t take the vaccine were fired from work.

This afternoon, Quebec’s Premier François Legault announced that they are going to punish anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine —by enforcing a new tax on them.

Legault’s government is literally telling people they may not have treatment in their hospitals and from their doctors if they don’t pay a submission tax.

You can’t convince them; you can’t bribe them; so you’ll tax them — and presumably, if they don’t pay the tax, they won’t access the system. That’s the implication, though it’s clear this hasn’t been thought through any more than anything else in the lockdowns.

Legault said he wanted it to be a significant tax — he says $100 isn’t enough. There are some people that spend $100 on lunch. And there are some people who spend $100 to feed their families for a week. Who do you think this tax will hurt?

And again, hurting them is the point. It’s about humiliation now.

Not a word against it from any “conservative” that I’ve seen so far — have you?

It’s punitive. It’s punishing the unvaccinated — even though the vaccines don’t work, even according to the vaccine-maker. Fired unvaccinated people are being called back because hospitals fired too many of them. It’s a total mess; a total failure by every politician. So of course, ratchet up the blame and the punishment.

That’s why this will ramp up, even though the narrative is crumbling. It’s because the narrative is crumbling that they must ratchet it up. So that their shouts and screams hide their own failures.

Mark my words, this will spread across Canada. Taxes and fines — and maybe, soon, jail?

Quebecers protest provincewide curfew, vaccine mandates in Montreal (Rebel News)

by Lincoln Jay, Rebel New. Jan. 11, 2022

Lincoln Jay made the journey from Toronto to Montreal to report on this protest and to show you the other side of the story the media won’t report on.

This past Saturday, thousands of Quebecers took to the streets of Montreal to protest the province-wide curfew, vaccine mandates and all of the other extreme measures that are being brought on in a seemingly futile effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Video: Quebecers protest provincewide curfew, vaccine mandates in Montreal: This past Saturday, thousands of Quebecers took to the streets of Montreal to protest the province-wide curfew, vaccine mandates and all of the other extreme measures that are being brought on in a seemingly futile effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Quebec has become the most locked-down province in Canada. It’s the only province to have a curfew, put in place on New Year’s Eve, no less, and begins every night at 10 p.m. and extends until the following morning at 5 a.m.

As Premier Francois Legault continues to add on more and more unjust measures — including an announcement today about a new tax, a ‘health contribution‘, for those rejecting COVID vaccines — the numbers at these protests continue to grow.

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Thousands of Protesters March in Montreal to Denounce ...
Thousands of Protesters March in Montreal to Denounce COVID tyranny


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