Letters and insights on medical tyranny as of mid-January 2022


1. The use of ‘wiggle words’ by politicians in Canada
2. Ehud Qimron’s Powerful Letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health
3. Interview with reporter Alex Berenson, author of Pandemia, by RFK
4. “If you are a vaccine company executive, it’s time to slam the brakes
by Alex Berenson
5. Proof that the real ‘medical misinformation’ is still being spread by the MSM
6. Jewish author calls Trudeau “unethical, immoral” and “evil” over comments on unvaccinated (True North)

I am hopeful that if you sent just these few items to friends and family who are still unpersuaded, it would persuade them not to listen to the MSM anymore and to realize we’ve been lied to for two years –provided their rational faculties are working. On the other hand, the emotional appeal of going along with the majority is powerful and can blind otherwise good people. The good thing is that public opinion is shifting. Berenson’s article (# 4 above) gives a good indication as to why.


  1. The use of ‘wiggle words’ by politicians in Canada

Below is a revealing exchange between a concerned citizen and a politician (in Canada) recently sent to me. A political aide responds, using what could be termed ‘wiggle words’ to avoid the appearance of supporting a human rights violation by supporting vax mandates. But first the letter. It’s in response to the recent inflammatory remarks by Trudeau.

Dear __________

Please resist our country’s rapid descent into tyranny with courage and honesty.

When I hear Prime Minister Trudeau vilify “unvaccinated” Canadians in a TV interview, deriding them as “very often misogynists and racists” who “don’t believe in science”, and even asking the ominous question, “Do we tolerate these people?”, I cannot help but see the similarities to Nazi Germany where Hitler progressively vilified Jews, blaming them for being disease spreaders, being a burden on the health care system, and the financial woes of the country.

I’m very concerned to observe similarities in Mr. Trudeau’s deliberate and progressively intensified vilification of “the unvaccinated”. Can you deny our Prime Minister is stirring up hatred in the masses against a minority of Canadians? People forget that Hitler did not begin his persecution of Jews on day one by tossing them into concentration camps and exterminating them. Before the camps, there were many years of steady vilification and propaganda against Jews. First, the public was poisoned against Jews over the course of years, before the final solution was implemented. What solution does Trudeau have in mind when he asks out loud during an interview: “Do we tolerate these people?”.

And now, to hear that Justin Trudeau’s Health Minister, Yves Duclos’ January 7th announcement that he will be pushing the provinces to implement forced vaccination of every Canadian, even against their will, against their conscience, or against their personal concerns about the safety of the experimental COVID injections and the huge number of adverse reactions to the jab, I cannot believe this is happening in Canada.

Is the state really going to force unwanted injections on people who don’t want them? Do you not realize this is tyranny, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, whichever term you want to call it?

Please oppose forced vaccination, in whatever form that force may be presented. Whether it is jail time like in Austria, or fines like Australia. I don’t want my country to turn into a dictatorship, even if that’s a form of government that Mr. Trudeau admires (as he once admitted about China’s “basic dictatorship”).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, _______________

[Note that this excellent letter is similar to this one, recently re-printed by True North: “Jewish author calls Trudeau “unethical, immoral” and “evil” over comments on unvaccinated” (full article below) And see my commentary on the comparison with fascism]

A political aide for the NDP — which is supposed to be in opposition to the Liberals, but over the last two years has been in lockstep with Trudeau — responds, dismissively. Keep in mind that the NDP are socialists who support mandatory vaccines and medical tyranny in general.

Hello, _

We have received your email.

No one is being forced to be vaccinated. Even when required for jobs, like driver’s licenses, they are privileges that can be removed to protect the safety of vulnerable persons.

Have a great day.

The citizen replies:

You don’t appear to understand or acknowledge my concerns, however, I’ll take your unclear statement as an answer.

My comment: There is so much that’s dishonest in their short answer. Namely:

1) coercion is in fact a form of force — especially when it comes to one’s livelihood; to be able to earn a living is a human right, not a “privilege.” What they’re doing is a violation of human rights.

2) the vaccinated are not “vulnerable” — and if they are, then the ‘vaccine’ is obviously not working

3) if anything, the vaccinated are more prone to disease, through ADE

Moreover, the political aide’s words were cleverly crafted — probably by someone else — to give support for vax mandates without appearing to do so, so as to avoid the appearance of the government supporting a human rights violation. I find that to be quite dishonest.

And here is another letter from a Canadian constituent, shared with me (no reply from the politician yet):

Hello __

I am one of your constituents.

I want to let you know that I am extremely concerned with the recent discussions and actions by government leaders regarding mandated vaccinations and fines. We are on the slippery slope to tyranny, so I’m asking you to stand up for Canadians and stop the unbelievably undemocratic and un-Canadian coercion of this latest and the existing COVID measures.

The attached letter by a head of Immunology expresses the sentiment of many of us citizens in Canada. Need I say more?

Please stand with the people of Canada. There are better and smarter ways to deal with our current issues. Destroying ourselves from the inside is not one of them!

Here is the document he shared. It’s worth posting in full:

2. Ehud Qimron’s Powerful Letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health. Jan. 12, 2022


Professor Ehud Qimron is head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists. He has written a powerful letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health that well summarizes many of the failings and disasters of the lockdown-based pandemic policies of the last two years, and, in a brief form, summarized the essentials. The letter first came to our attention after being posted at Swiss Policy Research. We are pleased to post the English translation from Hebrew here:

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so.

Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect, it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.

You refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves, despite years of observations and scientific knowledge. You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda “you overcame the plague.” And again you defeated it, and again and again and again.

You refused to admit that mass testing is ineffective, despite your own contingency plans explicitly stating so (“Pandemic Influenza Health System Preparedness Plan, 2007”, p. 26).

You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine, despite previous knowledge and observations showing that non-recovered vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than recovered people. You refused to admit that the vaccinated are contagious despite the observations. Based on this, you hoped to achieve herd immunity by vaccination — and you failed in that as well.

You insisted on ignoring the fact that the disease is dozens of times more dangerous for risk groups and older adults, than for young people who are not in risk groups, despite the knowledge that came from China as early as 2020.

You refused to adopt the “Barrington Declaration”, signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals, or other common-sense programs. You chose to ridicule, slander, distort and discredit them. Instead of the right programs and people, you have chosen professionals who lack relevant training for pandemic management (physicists as chief government advisers, veterinarians, security officers, media personnel, and so on).

You have not set up an effective system for reporting side effects from the vaccines and reports on side effects have even been deleted from your Facebook page. Doctors avoid linking side effects to the vaccine, lest you persecute them as you did to some of their colleagues. You have ignored many reports of changes in menstrual intensity and menstrual cycle times. You hid data that allows for objective and proper research (for example, you removed the data on passengers at Ben Gurion Airport). Instead, you chose to publish non-objective articles together with senior Pfizer executives on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

Irreversible damage to trust

However, from the heights of your hubris, you have also ignored the fact that in the end the truth will be revealed. And it begins to be revealed. The truth is that you have brought the public’s trust in you to an unprecedented low, and you have eroded your status as a source of authority. The truth is that you have burned hundreds of billions of shekels to no avail – for publishing intimidation, for ineffective tests, for destructive lockdowns and for disrupting the routine of life in the last two years.

You have destroyed the education of our children and their future. You made children feel guilty, scared, smoke, drink, get addicted, drop out, and quarrel, as school principals around the country attest. You have harmed livelihoods, the economy, human rights, mental health and physical health.

You slandered colleagues who did not surrender to you, you turned the people against each other, divided society and polarized the discourse. You branded, without any scientific basis, people who chose not to get vaccinated as enemies of the public and as spreaders of disease. You promote, in an unprecedented way, a draconian policy of discrimination, denial of rights and selection of people, including children, for their medical choice. A selection that lacks any epidemiological justification.

When you compare the destructive policies you are pursuing with the sane policies of some other countries — you can clearly see that the destruction you have caused has only added victims beyond the vulnerable to the virus. The economy you ruined, the unemployed you caused, and the children whose education you destroyed — they are the surplus victims as a result of your own actions only.

There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets, and control. The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and psychological engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.

This emergency must stop!

Professor Udi Qimron, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University


3. Below is an interview with reporter Alex Berenson, author of Pandemia, which is probably the best book on the topic of the many failures of the pandemic response.

He is a former NYT reporter who early on uncovered the massive disparity between the massively over-inflated epidemiological models of the death count and the reality of what actually happened (which fell well short of the predictions by a factor of millions).

He saw the panic and massive government and media over-reaction the models caused and decided to get to the bottom of it, as a true reporter should do. Unfortunately, very few journalists were willing to ask real questions at the time. This is an interview with him.

“Government Hysteria with Alex Berenson”

This is the book

My summary of his comments: Berenson examines the failure of the mainstream media in particular. Interestingly, he’s against ‘conspiracy theory’ type explanations (which I admit I am more prone to). He barely mentions the Chinese Communists for example. I see their role in this more than he does because I’m convinced (by their own statements) that they seek world domination and are using asymmetrical warfare to accomplish it.

Berenson does focus on how Wall Street took advantage of the situation to profit immensely (in the trillions) and how Neil Ferguson of ICL did very poor modeling – but it was picked up in the UK and then spread worldwide, causing massive panic and leading to lockdowns — which did not prevent disease transmission but it did harm billions of people in multiple ways. Ferguson is known in the UK for violating the lockdowns he recommended (based on the Wuhan response, which was clearly orchestrated to spread panic) and which then spread worldwide.

Berenson also reports on how the media verifiably lied about death counts, and how most people who died from Covid-19 had pre-existing health problems and it’s dishonest to say young people are at risk.

Note that the recent release of Pfizer mRNA shots for children is completely unjustified: children are at risk of injury from the injection, not the disease. I know this because I read the FDA’s clinical trial report, which clearly showed injuries sustained by children from the drug.

He asks why is there is such resistance to the idea of natural immunity – even though studies now show it’s 13x more powerful than mRNA drugs over the long-run — and why there is a push to vaccinate healthy young people who don’t need it (they are virtually immune to that particular disease). I would put it down to mass hysteria and moral panic, purposely amplified by the media. CNN got money from Pfizer, but what about media that didn’t? It seems to be a case of mimicry.

Berenson does try to explain it and does a plausible job of doing so, listing several factors, including the U.S. election. I suppose we could also put it down to the simple fact that if you give governments an opportunity to seize more power they will do so. And never before have they had such a great opportunity as through ’emergency orders’ – even though there really is no emergency.

He’s also fair to the efficacy of Covid ‘vaccine’ — it had a brief period of positive, life-saving results, but then later was ineffective and even harmful — especially the boosters. mRNA drugs are not meant for multiple does. Making it mandatory and ruining people’s lives over it and pushing it on people who don’t benefit from it is just insane. The human body doesn’t want the level of antibodies that the mRNA jab produced and your body clears them out within months. You get far more long-term benefits from natural immunity. Within 4 to 6 months after the 1st dose, you lose protection. The mRNA vaccines were never designed to be dosed repeatedly — this can lead to negative side effects.

This has resulted in massive spikes in cases. The booster is useless against Omicron, he adds. Now even Fauci and Gates have had to admit the limitations of the mRNA injections. Now the world seems to be waking up from the mass hysteria of two years, albeit slowly and taking account — even as some political leaders still try to take advantage of the situation, to impose authoritarianism (e.g. Trudeau). The pharma corporations have no idea what a 4th or 5th will do because the research hasn’t been done. Also, clinical trials for this drug ‘obliterated the placebo group’ – which is scientific fraud. There was no way to compare with a placebo group – which is the whole point of a clinical trial.

This is the most recent email from Berenson — also very insightful. I have learned more from him in a short time than most other commentators.

4. If you are a vaccine company executive, it’s time to slam the brakes

by Alex Berenson, Jan. 11, 2022

Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla sees the dangers ahead, as his very carefully worded interview (worthy of close review) with CNBC yesterday shows.

The hundreds of millions of people who have received shots of mRNA/LNP and DNA/AAV Covid vaccines had no real idea what they were taking.

They did so on the urging of the vaccine companies and health authorities, who told them that in doing so they would protect themselves and their families and end the Covid epidemic. The statements were public. Many are less than a year old. They cannot be suppressed or memory-holed, no matter how hard anyone wants to try.

Every single one of those statements has proven wrong – so wrong that the companies, which are at much greater legal risk than the public health authorities – no longer even try to defend them.

Here’s what Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s chief executive officer, said on Monday in an interview on CNBC:

“The hope is that we will achieve something that will have way, way better protection, particularly against infections because the protection against the hospitalizations and the severe disease, it is, it is reasonable right now, with the current vaccines as long as you are having let’s say the third dose.”


Read those words very carefully.

Protection against “severe disease” is “reasonable right now” for people who have taken a “third dose” of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Put aside the fact that even those words are at best an optimistic interpretation of current data.

Put aside the fact that Pfizer has NEVER compared a three-dose vaccine regimen to a placebo in a clinical trial.

Put aside the fact that “reasonable right now” suggests that any effect of a third dose will not last.


Even against “the hospitalizations and the severe disease.”

You need to be “having let’s say the third dose” for protection against those.

I didn’t say it.

Pfizer’s CEO did. (And I can’t wait to see Twitter’s lawyers try to explain it when they defend my fifth strike. It goes WAY further than that tweet did.)

Most people don’t understand yet how badly they were conned.

But they will.

The raw numbers are stark – in Ontario, for example, 76 percent of hospitalized people and 56 percent of those in intensive care are now vaccinated. Both the raw numbers and the percentages have soared in the last two weeks.

The data out of Europe are similar. The only reason the American data look different is that we don’t get to see the raw numbers.

Instead, health authorities provide meaningless adjusted rate ratios (adjusted for age of vaccinated people, but NOT for healthy vaccine user bias – the fact that frailest elderly people are often not vaccinated because they cannot be.)

Further, American hospitals report people as unvaccinated when their vaccine status is “unknown,” further skewing the ratios.

But you can trust Albert Bourla: vaccine protection against severe outcomes drops over time – and drops much more quickly against the Omicron variant.

That’s one side of the coin.

The flip side is adverse events. We don’t know how bad those are after a third dose, much less a fourth or fifth or more. (How can we? Remember, the companies didn’t test three doses against placebo.)

But the third-shot myocarditis data looks bad. It suggests a dose-dependent response. And the rise in all-cause deaths across Europe in the last few months cannot be ignored, even if the health authorities are ignoring it.

I suspect the smartest people at the companies are increasingly aware of the potential crisis of repeated dosing. Which may be why Bourla also said in the CNBC interview, “I don’t know if there is a need for a fourth booster.”

What? In the same interview where Pfizer’s CEO warned people not to expect long-lasting protection from a third shot – “reasonable right now” – he also pivoted away from more boosters?

Instead, Bourla talked up Paxlovid, his company’s new $530 per treatment antiviral. “This is where most of the effort of most of the governments is moving.”

Actually, Paxlovid is basically unavailable right now; Pfizer has promised 120 million doses worldwide in 2022, but as of 10 days ago, only 180,000 were available.

So what’s Bourla’s game? Doesn’t he want to sell as many vaccines as he can?

Maybe not. Especially not with a drug that potentially can be huge ($530 x 120 million = $62 billion, give or take, and Pfizer won’t have to share it with BioNTech).

More important for Bourla, the real risk to Pfizer – and to him – comes from side effects. People will be angry when they figure out that they’ve been conned into taking vaccines that didn’t work. But most of them won’t be furious, especially since Omicron appears much milder than earlier variants. Zero efficacy probably won’t destroy Pfizer or get anyone indicted.

But side effects might. People will be FURIOUS if they think they been conned into taking vaccines that didn’t work and potentially hurt them, or their parents, or their kids.

Right now the rate of reported serious vaccine injury is just low enough that the companies and vaccine fanatics can argue it’s not real, it’s a statistical artifact, the VAERS reports are fake (they’re not), etc. The third dose appears to be changing that equation somewhat.

Who knows what future doses will bring? Nobody, including Albert Bourla, though his scientists may have shot up enough mice and monkeys to give him a better idea than the rest of us.

Unlike BioNTech and Moderna, Pfizer isn’t stuck with mRNA. It is a $300 billion pharmaceutical company that is busily taking its vaccine loot to buy lots of research. Plus it now has Paxlovid.

(Big investors have figured all this out, by the way. The stocks of BioNTech and Moderna are down more than 50 percent since the peak of the vaccine frenzy in August, while Pfizer’s is up 20 percent and near an all-time high. Like Big Pharma, Wall Street is a lot of things, but it ain’t dumb.)

So the prudent move for Albert Bourla, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, PhD., is to begin to tamp expectations for vaccines, slow-walk more boosters, and hope that Omicron does his job for him. His biggest problem is probably that the public health authorities are a lot stupider than he is and continue to push boosters.

I’d love to know what Pfizer is telling them privately. I’m gonna guess it’s not in email, though.

And a couple of good comments on Berenson’s thread (below). There are dozens of them:

The problem isn’t at all that “we” were “duped” or “hoped for” something we didn’t get. “We” were FORCED, bullied, coerced, threatened, imprisoned, fired. I promise you 90% or more of the people shot up with this shit aren’t mentally ill internet fanatics- they just had their jobs, kids, and freedom threatened. (We can argue about whether their capitulation makes them weak). They weren’t excited about “safe and effective.” They were forced.

All of this is about the fact that allegedly free nations became fascist states overnight and forced an innocent, 99% safe populace to take a drug at legal gunpoint I could give a s**t about someone who seeks out and buys heroin and sticks it in our arm. We had drug dealers come to our house and tell us they’d take the house and our children and lock us in the backs of their cars if we didn’t stick it in our arm.


5. Proof that the real ‘medical misinformation’ is still being spread by the MSM

This note from a friend sheds some light on how the real “medical misinformation” is being spread by the mainstream media:

I was just told that the unvaccinated are largely responsible for the emergence of the Omicron variant. Apparently, “science” says so. The argument goes like this: the virus is very free to infect and mutate in the “undefended” bodies of the unvaccinated. Therefore it has more opportunity to mutate and produce more mutants. Therefore the unvaccinated are walking incubators of the virus and its variants and are therefore a danger to us all. I was somewhat broadsided by this new-to-me logic. Have you heard this anywhere?

My reply: Anyone can get Omicron. mRNA drugs don’t do a thing to stop it. The ‘viral load’ is the same whether one is jabbed or not. If there are mutations they occur through ADE due to the ‘vaccine.’ So whoever said that inverted the truth to say the opposite of what’s actually happening. See this statement on ADE, which is what produced the variants.

Another person commented, “if you can’t question such foolishness this is not science.” See my article on scientism, which clearly the person quoting “the science” (above) is guilty of. Science is necessarily falsifiable, meaning that it must be able to be proven wrong. If it’s pushed as political propaganda to make pharmaceutical corporations rich by scapegoating segments of the population who don’t go along with forced medical procedures, it’s not science. It’s medical fascism.


6. Jewish author calls Trudeau “unethical, immoral” and “evil” over comments on unvaccinated

Jan. 13, 2022

A Jewish author and columnist has savaged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for calling unvaccinated Canadians “racists” and “extremists.” 

Diane Bederman, who is Canadian-born, made the comments in a column republished by the New York Orthodox Jewish outlet JewishPress. 

“Here is Justin Trudeau, a sanctimonious, self-serving, self-righteous, inept, unethical, immoral and corrupt man, who can now add evil to the list,” writes Bederman. 

“Here we are in 2022 and our leaders are scapegoating the non-vaccinated, blaming them for the continuation of the pandemic,” she wrote. ”Like other evil leaders, they divide rather than unite. They promote fear rather than courage and strength. Pit one group against another.”

In September, Trudeau was interviewed by the French-language program La semaine des 4 Julie in which he called the millions of unvaccinated Canadian men, women and children a number of derogatory terms. 

“They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group that muscles in, and we have to make a choice in terms of leaders, in terms of the country. Do we tolerate these people?” said the Canadian prime minister. 

Throughout her opinion piece, Bederman made several comparisons between Trudeau’s remarks and the rhetoric of 1930’s Germany.

Bederman’s commentary also criticized New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, whose government “suggested the non-vaccinated not be allowed into grocery stores” until public outrage forced them to reverse the decision

“If we had remembered, as we promised NEVER FORGET, we would never have allowed our elected officials, leaders, doctors, to take away our God-given rights and freedoms. We would never have allowed these people to separate us into essential and nonessential, when all life is sacred, separate us from our elderly loved ones, desperately in need of care,” Bederman continues. 

An increasing number of voices from around the world are speaking out against Trudeau’s divisive and dangerous rhetoric. 

As reported by True North, New York academic Jared McBrady penned an article accusing Trudeau of “othering” an entire segment of the population. 

“Now, some politicians are othering the “unvaccinated”,” McBrady wrote. “These politicians attempt to scapegoat and marginalize this minority group, despite knowing that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons alike can contract and spread COVID-19.” 

UK outlets talk RADIOTV and GB News also joined in on condemning the Canadian prime minister for his comments. 

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