New reports on the truckers freedom convoy to Ottawa 2022

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To sum up what’s happening: Trudeau wants truckers from both Canada and the U.S. to suffer a vax mandate (mRNA injections). Why? Not for medical reasons obviously, since the injections don’t protect one against Covid-19 (and in fact, seem to make one more vulnerable by harming the immune systems).

I believe it’s to impose a CCP-style social credit system on Canadians, as a method for dividing and conquering the country and imposing corporate Communism via an authoritarian biosecurity state. It’s a cynical and devious political ploy designed to crush Canadians beneath the heel of government tyranny.

And is being helped by the corrupt MSM, who are either ignoring the trucker’s convey or giving it negative converge through the GoFundMe issue. What should be a story about popular grassroots support against medical tyranny is being turned into a story meant to cast doubt on the truckers.

This distraction is a clever ploy, but it won’t dampen the spirit of the people, who are pressing on despite it. Trudeau is a tyrant but he can’s stop the spirit of freedom. Thank God the tuckers took a stand! They are true heroes.

It’s sad to see the supposed Conservative leader’ O’Toole waffle. He is so spineless. This convey further reveals how utterly useless he is. He has pushed mRNA injections from the start. Another player in this is the disgusting political hack Gerald Butts, aka “Trudeau’s brain”, who is calling the truckers “terrorists.”

No matter how this plays out, the truckers have already won a huge blow for freedom against medical tyranny just by organizing and firing up the imaginations of millions of Canadians who are suffering under two years of hardship caused by a corrupt government colluding with profit-hungry Big Pharma and the power-hungry CCP to destroy a free Canada.

The Canadian National Anthem sings about protecting a free Canada. The tuckers and their supporters are doing that. They protecting Canada from traitors and tyrants (Trudeau, CBC et al) and standing up for freedom.

From True North: The elites belittle the Truckers For Freedom Convoy and Freedom Rallies

Freedom rallies and the Truckers for Freedom Convoy both took place over the weekend, and saw tens of thousands of Canadians voicing their opposition to vaccine mandates, forced vaccines and other heavy-handed public health restrictions.

But instead of listening to Canadians’ concerns, the elites in the legacy media and our politicians are belittling and demonizing these brave Canadians. True North’s Candice Malcolm says Canadians have had enough and are standing up to tyrannical government restrictions.

Recap of Day 2 of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy across Canada

An inspiring photo showing local support in B.C.!

Today was the second official day of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy 2022 across Canada to protest vaccine mandates, forced vaccines and other heavy-handed government restrictions. Truckers in the West made their way through Alberta today and are expected to be in Saskatchewan by Tuesday. This was the scene in Langley, British Columbia yesterday . . .

Asked twice today about whether or not he supports the trucker convoy and if he will meet with the truckers when they arrive in Ottawa on Saturday, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole refused to answer both questions definitively and instead encouraged truckers to get vaccinated.

Unlike the Conservative leader, Alberta Conservative MP for Bow River Martin Shields publicly supported the truckers. He posted a video on Twitter in support of the convoy, saying “I am in Ottawa awaiting the trucking convoy on its way to the capital” and “It’s time to get our freedoms back.”

Dragon’s Den star Brett Wilson called out the legacy media and in particular, CBC, CTV, Global News and Fox News for their lack of coverage of the convoy saying that they have “no right to ignore” the trucker protest.

The GoFundMe in support of the truckers at the time this article was published has reached $3,739,140

[there are more videos at this site]

Fundraiser for Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy exceeds $3.3 million

Crowdfunding for the Freedom Convoy 2022 truckers’ protest has already sped past the $3 million mark, with no sign of slowing down.

Tamara Lich of Medicine Hat, Alberta launched the protest’s GoFundMe on Jan. 14. Fleets of trucks departed from multiple points across the country on Sunday and are expected to converge on Ottawa within a week.

“It’s our duty as Canadians to put an end to these mandates,” Lich wrote on the page. “It is imperative that this happens because if we don’t, our country will no longer be the country we have come to love.” Lich said that participants with the Freedom Convoy are “doing this for our future generations and to regain our lives back.”

The page said donations would help with covering the costs of drivers’ fuel, food and shelter. “It’s a small price to pay for our freedoms,” she said. “We thank you all for your donations and know that you are helping reshape this once beautiful country back to the way it was.”

Addressing concerns raised by opponents of the convoy about the nature of its activities, GoFundMe said in a statement to CTV News on Sunday that funds will be held until the organizer can prove how they will be dispersed. “We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent,” said GoFundMe.“

In this case, we are in touch with the organizer to verify this information.” [sounds like GoFundMe is using a ploy to avoid blowback from Trudeau]

Truck drivers from across Canada have organized Freedom Convoy 2022 to demand all vaccine mandates end. Their protest comes just over a week after the Canadian government enacted a mandatory vaccine policy for cross-border truckers. 

An email obtained by True North showed that convoy organizers would begin a “slow roll” from multiple border points on Sunday and head towards Ottawa.

Organizers said they wanted the government to know that mandatory vaccines “will not be tolerated.” They claim that similar mandates in health care and aviation have been disruptive and would lead to further repercussions. 

The vaccine mandate for truckers took effect on Jan. 15. It removed the existing exemptions for Canadian truckers from testing and quarantines, requiring they be fully vaccinated. 

The CTA estimates as many as 32,000 Canadian and American cross-border truck drivers may be taken off the roads as a result of the mandate – approximately 20% of the 160,000 truckers total.

From Rebel News:

The truckers convoy is the biggest news story in Canada — because it’s doing what no politician or judge had the courage to do

[and the fact that the MSM is not covering it (or covering it negatively) exposes their shame and corruption!]

I bet you’ve seen this in an email or on social media:

Freedom Convoy 2022

It’s a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for the convoy of trucks across Canada, converging in Ottawa, to protest Trudeau’s bizarre and unscientific and destructive and punitive vaccine mandate for truckers.

Last I checked this morning, the GoFundMe had raised more than $3 million. That’s incredible — that’s got to be one of the largest crowdfunds in Canadian history.

The convoy is actually a series of convoys from different parts of the country, converging in Ottawa in about a week or so. The purpose is to protest Trudeau’s bizarre requirement that truckers — perhaps the most solitary profession, alone in their trucks all day — be forced to get a vaccine or to lose their ability to work.

It’s punitive; it’s not about public health; it’s about attacking small businessmen and entrepreneurs, which many truckers are. They are free spirits, independent, I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of Trudeau voters in the trucking community — just a hunch.

Besides the obvious point that there is no public health rationale here, there’s the small matter of the supply chain.

I see that Jason Kenney is tweeting about supply chain issues. That’s a utilitarian reason — we need them to work for us.

And here, watch a reporter repeatedly try to ask Erin O’Toole to comment on the convoy:

[O’Toole is spineless and pathetic]

I think the reporter who was asking him questions was this guy, Glen McGregor. Here’s a tweet he did yesterday.

And he shows a response that the crowdfunding website GoFundMe gave him — he obviously was asking them if they were going to cut off the truckers; and it sounds like they were working with the truckers to ensure that everything was compliant.

Say, do you think that’s real journalism? Or is that mob cancel culture?

And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Trudeau’s disgraced hatchet man, Gerald Butts, has done a dozen tweets attacking the convoy. [This is rich coming from such a corrupt person, who helped Trudeau waste over $1 trillion taxpayer dollars!]

All the institutions that could be bought off — all the media, all the truckers associations, all the politicians — they’re not in control of this anymore, are they? And they took on a very independent-minded group of Canadians — truckers — didn’t they?

And this thing has just started, it has a week to go, and it’s already mustering thousands, tens of thousands of people along the way, isn’t it? And the money that’s been raised — that’s a barometer of how much people care, isn’t it?

None of that money has actually been released to the organizers yet; I think it will be, but it might never be; but the hugeness of that number shows how much people want this protest. And it should shame every so-called check and balance in our system who has failed this past two years.

I’m very proud of the fact that we’re embedded in this convoy — two of our journalists, Mocha and a young reporter named Selene. And we have reporters covering it in other cities too.

We’ll show you what’s really happening — not just the smears by Gerald Butts and the rest of the disgraced bought-off media. Stay with us for more on this.

Comments: “I’m afraid that the government and their media mouthpieces will blame shortages on “anti-vaxers.” Whoever isn’t in lockstep with the party line will be called the enemy. I believe that Trudeau will keep on pushing for full domination over us.”

Convoy of truckers funded by online donations drive on ...

Freedom Convoy greeted by 2,000 supporters as trucks roll into Edmonton

Despite the rain, snow and cold weather, supporters remained enthusiastic, with many people giving away hot food, treats and personalized notes of encouragement for the truckers.

Sunday night at Husky truckstop in the Acheson Industrial Park, a half an hour west of Edmonton, hundreds of trucks were met by thousands of supporters of the convoy winding its way to Ottawa in opposition to the federally-imposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate on cross-border truckers.

Thousands of people piled into the truck stop parking lot and lined the road holding signs of support in a show of solidarity.

The convoy began the day early in British Columbia and finished the night in Calgary, Alberta after the truckers were plagued by delays along the route caused by Ministry of Transportation inspections at weigh scales.

The anticipated 5:30 p.m. arrival in Edmonton was delayed by at least two hours, though supporters, despite the rain, snow and cold weather remained enthusiastic, with many people giving away hot food, treats and personalized notes of encouragement for the truckers.

The size of the convoy and the public’s interest in it is becoming hard for the mainstream media to ignore, but they will try. Sunday night, mainstream media was on the scene — although masked, alone outside, and perched in the ditch away from the convoy rally.

Rebel News, however, was in the heart of the action, talking not only to supporters of the truckers but also to people on the convoy and those just joining it from Edmonton to make the long journey to Edmonton.

You can’t trust the mainstream media to get the news right when they won’t even talk to the people making the news.

That’s why Rebel News journalist and Chief Videographer Mocha Bezirgan is embedded in the convoy in a rental car. He will be publishing updates several times daily as the convoy rolls into city after city on the way to Justin Trudeau’s doorstep.

To support our independent, first-hand journalism from the convoy as truckers fight for medical choice and privacy, please visit

Rumble videos:

Rebel LIVE: What exactly are the Freedom Convoy truckers protesting?

DAILY | Truckers convoy for freedom kicks off

WOW! Truckers for Freedom Convoy DAY 2

Nationwide Truckers for Freedom Convoy to end mandates!

From The Epoch Times:

Massive Trucker Convoy Raises Over $3M to Fuel Vaccine Mandate Protest Heading to Ottawa

‘Thousands of us will be parking our trucks on Parliament Hill for as long as it takes,’ says organizer. A massive group of truckers are rolling across the country to camp in Canada’s capital until a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate on truck drivers is lifted.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 started from the west coast on Jan. 23, heading from British Columbia to Ottawa. Truckers from every province plan to join under a group called Canada Unity and form a large demonstration against the mandate in the nation’s capital on Jan. 29.

“Thousands of us will be parking our trucks on Parliament Hill for as long as it takes until these vaccine mandates are lifted,” Tamara Lich, a lead organizer, told The Epoch Times.

Lich, who works in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, said when she and a few of her trucker friends launched a GoFundMe campaign on Jan. 14, she never expected the support that they’ve received. “It’s been overwhelming,” Lich said. “I’m seeing Canadians coming together like I have never seen before.”

Les «camionneurs» antivaccins privés des millions de ...
Tamara Lich, a Canadian hero

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