Medical tyranny news & views for Feb. 6, 2022

(1) Arrests in Ottawa. Ottawa Mayor is trying to break up a peaceful trucker’s protest.
This is comparable to attacks on the U.S. civil rights movement.
(2) Police and FBI to use digital surveillance (i.e., spying) on protestors and supporters
as though they are criminals. This is a police state tactic.
(3) “Media’s handling of trucker convoy one-sided, inflammatory, shameful”
and How Trudeau bought the media
(4) Miscellaneous videos and photos
(5) Jordan Peterson calls for Conservative politicians to end COVID-19 restrictions
(6) Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump by Robert Malone
(7) Terry Fox and the Truckers by David Solway. And Pierre Poilievre’s statement.

BREAKING: Police begin ARRESTING convoy protesters outside Parliament

(1)  Ottawa police arrest truckers and confiscate fuel in an effort to stop the protest, at Trudeau’s behest

Rebel News reports that police have made several arrests. Feb. 6, 2022, following a “state of emergency” declaration from Mayor Jim Watson. Watson was under pressure to do this by some residents who complained of noise (comfortably oblivious to the suffering of ordinary Canadians). He was also responding to the legacy media who work for Trudeau and the corporations pushing repressive restrictions on Canadians.

There is a larger agenda at play here, meant to make Canadians obedient and subservient — perhaps as a prelude to Chinese rule. Ottawa has turned into a police state, repressing constitutionally protected free expression. Interestingly, the police are doing this quietly, trying not to attract too much negative attention.

Ezra Levant comments that “the massive sweep against Trudeau’s opposition has begun.” The police are not only arresting truckers but also confiscating fuel, which is needed to keep the trucks warm, and arresting those who bring the truckers fuel or food.

This is Ezra Levant’s statement:

The truckers are peaceful protesters. They haven’t broken any laws — they’ve just embarrassed Justin Trudeau. And they’ve moved public opinion against the lockdowns. Trudeau won’t allow that.

The police are acting like Trudeau’s personal errand-boys — but with guns and badges. At most, the truckers have made some noise by honking their horns, or other minor traffic infractions. Those aren’t offences for which Canadian police ever arrest someone. It’s like a parking ticket.

This isn’t Canadian-style policing. This is Venezuelan- or Cuban-style policing. And the mainstream media are cheering. In fact, they were the loudest voices calling for the crackdown. Trudeau wanted these truckers to do something violent, as a pretext for arresting them. But they didn’t — the truckers were peaceful. Trudeau is arresting them anyways.

I’ve heard that police have handed out literally hundreds of tickets so far. Most truckers can’t afford to fight them. Many are independent owner-operators. Many have just lost their income, since they’ve been banned from crossing the border. They can’t afford to hire lawyers on their own.

So, let’s do it for them. Let’s crowdfund the legal defence of these truckers. We’re already crowdfunding trucker lawyers to help the guys at the Alberta-Montana border. Let’s help the truckers in Ottawa, too! I want us to defend as many as we can — all of them, if we can raise enough funds. Let’s do this.

And I can promise you this: we sure won’t be using GoFundMe for our campaign! We’ve got our own crowdfunding website: The truckers are saving our country. They’ve done more for our freedom in two weeks than anyone else has in two years. The least we can do is give them a good lawyer to help them fight these trumped up charges.

Despite the protest being entirely peaceful, and the people fully with their rights to protest against government tyranny, Ottawa City Council has decided to declare an “emergency” and crack down on them.

“In a brief statement, the city says the decision to declare a state of emergency “reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents” posed by convoy protesters who have been in Ottawa for more than a week.” Serious danger? How? The police chief previously said it was peaceful. But now he said it’s time to remove the protest.

The protest is there to liberate people from Trudeau’s tyranny, since the people have no effective voice in government. The Mayor should be supporting them. Instead he’s punishing them with arrests and tickets. This was the same Mayor and city council that are trying to steal the $10 million GoFundMe money given by supporter to truckers, as this video shows.

The corrupt legacy media is against the protest and for the arrests. They’ve demonized the truckers and their supporters in the most vile fashion. Not just one or two papers, but every single one in Canada? They’re all owned by a few corporations who are colluding to do this.

All this is so is shameful. Let them protest until the mandates are lifted! But the ruling class doesn’t seem to want that.

Below is a great discussion on media bias and the elitist attitude of the bureaucrats who live in Ottawa who oppose the protest. As Candace Malcom says, there is a class bias taking place, where well-paid bureaucrats look down on the truckers with contempt, and fail to understand why this protest is happening. They smear the truckers with identity politics, as Trudeau did.

“Candice highlights and analyzes the temper tantrums coming from Ottawa journalists, bureaucrats and Liberal politicians, and contrasts it with the real story on the ground. The peaceful, happy, positive and patriot Freedom Rally continues — unscathed by the smears coming from elites. There couldn’t be a starker contrast between the positive nature of the protests versus the increasingly deranged hateful legacy media coverage of it. Journalists are doing Trudeau’s dirty work, and it’s all backfiring on them.”

Candace Malcom, I should add, is a true Canadian hero. She is one of the few independent Canadian journalists and as such is trying to prevent Canada from becoming a totalitarian state — which it is fast turning into under Trudeau.

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The the question of violence vs. nonviolence

I had a long discussion about all this with a friend this evening. I am always for nonviolent protest for both moral and pragmatic reasons: violent resistance may be tempting but it backfires and results in much worst repression. As long we have the hope of a liberal democracy, it’s important to avoid violence. Trudeau want’s violent resistance in order to justify his illegal crackdown, and police might resort to the use of agent provocateurs, as they have in the past.

My friend thinks Trudeau will be brutally repressive and violent resistance may be needed, but I am not convinced of that. For starters, Canadians are unarmed (unlike Americans) and the police are heavily armed. Any resistance would not work and would help lose public opinion entirely. Revolutions, in general, are a bad idea: the often just replace one tyrant for another. This is a resistance that clearly quires nonviolent action — which is precisely what the truckers have done. But I undersand my friend’s frustration. This is an old debate, one that MLK and Gandhi had with their critics in their day.

Civil rights comparisons and MLK‘s philosophy

In this link below, the U.S. civil rights movement of the 1960s — which was nonviolent — is compared: The freedom movement is a civil rights movement, comparable in many ways to the civil rights movement in the U.S. And this letter to the Mayor of Ottawa (which he obviously did not pay attention to) is along the same lines:


“We are now told that Ottawa police may crack down on the freedom convoy. Yet to the world, the truckers are the heroes in this drama, despite the efforts of the media to demonize them. If police are ordered to move on protestors, they’ll undeservedly end up playing the role of villain.

The world loves the Canadian truckers. They stood up for freedom when it was needed. They were the catalyst for a dozen nations moving towards loosening of restrictions. Billions have suffered two years of medical tyranny. Canadian truckers opened the floodgates of freedom. They should be thanked for their service, not demonized and threatened.

To Ottawa residents: I know the protest is disruptive but it’s also important. Martin Luther King Jr, in the Letter from Birmingham Jail wrote to his critics: “You deplore the demonstrations [but fail] to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations.”

Please understand that these mandates are incredibly oppressive. Protestors were left with no alternative.

Jobs were lost, lives destroyed, families separated, children harmed, human rights ignored – freedom of medical choice among them, but also freedom of religion, speech, and assembly. It was too much.

The ruling class went too far. These are some of the worst restrictions on the planet. They were ill-advised and need never have taken place to begin with.

Even as the UK lifted restrictions, Trudeau was doubling down and Quebec proposed a health tax. Depression and suicide have increased. We seemed headed down a long, dark road of endless tyranny. Thanks to truckers, there’s hope again.

MLK said nonviolent direct action “seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue. It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored … that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Ordinary Canadians have been oppressed: the social cost is staggering. Entitled politicians, bureaucrats and media seem unwilling to comprehend the enormity of the pain inflicted.

Doug Ford, for example, wants the people of Ottawa to get on with their lives, but that’s the whole point of the convoy: to end this nightmare for all of us.

The political class is woefully out of touch with ordinary working-class Canadians.

Ottawa City Council, much like Birmingham City Council of 1963 seems oblivious to the pain and suffering of those at their doorstep and resentful of the disruption. Now Birmingham celebrates the freedom march; in time, Ottawa will do the same.

While the historical contexts greatly differ, this freedom movement is a true civil rights movement, one that stands against medical segregation and government overreach and for egalitarianism and freedom of choice.

The convoy is not an occupy movement. MLK said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial ‘outside agitator’ idea.”

About illegal parking: the tactic of nonviolent civil disobedience is driven by a moral concern for the good of all. A municipal infraction is the lesser concern. MLK referred to a Moral Law given by God to defend justice. On this basis, he and Gandhi broke trespassing laws.

Birmingham police used water cannons and dogs. The media thus far have been the attack dogs for Trudeau, wrongly smearing the truckers. If police now use force, it will compound the injustice. Why can’t the Mayor make peace with the truckers and join them in calling for an end
to the mandates?

This protest is something  beautiful and historic. Ottawa should celebrate the truckers, not arrest them! All nonviolent movements for freedom are vilified at first, but in time gain respect.

(2) Police and FBA to use digital surveillance (i.e., spying) on protestors and supporters
(as though they are criminal). This is a police state tactic.

Ottawa Police announce digital surveillance of Freedom Convoy protesters, supporters, and donors. Partnering with federal agencies. (Reclaim the Net)

[In a move reminisce of the Chinese police state, Ottawa police are now using digital surveillance on peaceful protestors, in order to criminalize dissent. This is consistent with the state tyranny from Trudeau we’ve witnessed thus far.

It’s a step closer to making Canada more like China, a nation with the greatest amount of state surveillance in the world. They are making the constitutional right of protest “unlawful” and seek to prosecute people as criminals]

The Ottawa Police Service has announced a new operation where it is partnering with federal intelligence agencies to create “enhanced intelligence operations and investigations” that will target individuals who are taking part in and supporting the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy.

The Ottawa police said that it’s partnering with the US’s FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to investigate “online threats.”

Ottawa police the “enhanced investigation” will start with focusing on those who were involved in organizing the protest convoy and will use surveillance to “identify and target protestors who are funding/supporting/enabling unlawful and harmful activity by protesters.”

The police also said they are focusing on gathering “financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions.”

Ottawa Police have also said they’re working with police agencies across Ontario, the RCMP, and Sûreté du Québec.

Opinion | What It's Like to Live in a Surveillance State ...

(3) “Media’s handling of trucker convoy one-sided, inflammatory, shameful”

by Brian Lilly, Toronto Sun

Can we really be shocked that public trust in the media continues to fall?

Run for your lives, the barbarians are at the gates!

That pretty much sums up the reaction of most in the Canadian media to the trucker convoy that has been winding its way across the country for the last week before descending upon Ottawa on Saturday.

If you haven’t heard, this protest is destined to become Canada’s January 6th, the storming of the American capital that took place just over a year ago. Where did the idea come from that people involved in the convoy wanted to attempt a violent overthrow of the Canadian government?

It wasn’t from any of the organizers, it was an anonymous comment made online and referenced by Global News in one of their reports. It was enough to set the tone of the coverage for days to come — these are violent extremists. Beware!

I’ve covered all kinds of political protests from the Summit of the Americas riots in Quebec City to riots in Montreal, violent protests in Ottawa and the Idle No More campaign that took hold near Parliament Hill for weeks. Never have I seen our national media, led by those on Parliament Hill, spend so much time digging into the comments and views of a group of people trying to find those they can demonize.

Yes, some supporters have been using terms like fascist and Nazi to describe the government. That’s far from accurate . . . Those terms are thrown at me by supporters of the Trudeau government on a daily basis and I don’t pin that on the PM and his cabinet. People have lost all sense of decorum online and immediately jump to extreme rhetoric. It happens on all sides.

Normally though, journalists will say that organizers of a protest want a peaceful protest even as extreme elements threaten violence. That isn’t happening with this protest because it’s not one most in the media like or understand — it’s a group of people they look down upon.

The media in this country is not acting as a neutral observer and conduit for news on this matter, most have decided the trucker convoy is the enemy and are treating it as such. Watch any of the news networks or, more importantly, read the Twitter accounts of supposedly objective journalists, or listen to the contempt in their voices as they ask questions to see that they have clearly taken sides.

When Trudeau referred to the convoy as a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” the journalists covering him didn’t push back and ask him why he would use such language. They just moved along.

Apparently, the journalists on Parliament Hill these days think their job is to hold the opposition and not the government to account. It also appears their job is to support some protest movements and attack others based on the personal preferences of the journalists . . .

The behaviour of Canada’s media from reporters to news anchors, show hosts to editors, has been shameful over the past few weeks. Can we really be shocked that public trust in the media continues to fall?

[The problem of media bias in Canada can be explained thorough corporate ownership and Big Pharma and CCP funding/advertising and influence — and also since 2020, Trudeau’s control of the media, which he even bragged about in public, as this article explains]

Propaganda and disempowerment: media as a forum and as a ...

How Trudeau bought the media

Through a long process of regulation, licensing, and cash handouts, Trudeau has managed to bring nearly the entire Canadian media under government supervision.

by Derek Fildebrandt, Western Standard online, Oct. 10, 2020

The overwhelming bulk of Canada’s media is bought, and paid for, by the federal government. In particular, by the Liberal Party which has extended generous taxpayer subsidies to outlets that comply with its diktats. 

In its 2019 budget, the federal government rolled out nearly $600 million in subsidies for select media outlets that obtain the federal government’s approval. The latest $600 million cheque is meant to fill a blind spot in exerting government influence over the Canadian print and online media. 

This was a ‘blind spot’, because most of the rest of the Canadian media is already on the take. 

Magazines receive large subsidies to defray the costs of printing, and mailing. Massive “regulatory subsidies” give a cornered market to the government’s favoured broadcasters, and make entry by competitors (like the late Sun News Network) virtually impossible. 

The elephant of government media control is obviously the CBC, with an annual bill to taxpayers well in excess of $1 billion.

By handing nearly $600 million directly to select newspapers, the government isn’t doing anything new. It’s just extending the control that it had over other mediums, to traditional mainstream newspapers. 

To dole out the cash, the Liberals created a handpicked panel, giving the bailout an appearance of distance from direct partisan intervention. Unsurprisingly, the panel was stacked with Liberal allies, some quite openly so

In August, Winnipeg Free Press Publisher and Liberal media panelist Bob Cox, awarded himself a large grant from the $50 million Local Journalism Initiative. He cut himself the cheque to hire two new reporters, including a “climate change correspondent”. What that reporter does all day is anybody’s guess, but that “reporter” owes his or her own job directly to the Liberal government. Can we expect that person to do anything but toe the party line? For all intents and purposes, this person is an employee of the federal government. And not a reporter. 

Even those not directly hired with a large grant in the print business will owe a large portion of their take-home pay to the federal government. The Journalism Labour Credit allows the orwellianly-named “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organizations” to apply for a 25 per cent refundable tax credit, with a cap of $13,750 per employee. 

This puts even credible and reputable reporters, columnists, editors, and publishers in a massive conflict of interest. 

Press Freedom Chart (credit: Western Standard)

[Above: in Canada, the number of true free press outlets can be counted on one hand; they include True North, Rebel News, Western Standard, Canada Land, Canada Free Press and a few independent journalists such as Spencer Fernando and Tara Henley]

MacLeans and iPolitics columnist Stephen Maher wrote in June 2019 that since everyone else is getting bailout out, why not the media?  

“The public policy argument for some kind of measure to shore up public interest journalism is clear as day. For good or ill, the federal government has long been in the bailout business. Taxpayers spent $3.5 billion bailing out automakers.” 

The auto bailout was actually $17 billion, but he has a point. In crony capitalism, every rent-seeking business needs to get their hands in the pie or risk paying the bill for it. But he is wrong on the necessity of. 

“Federal governments routinely act to protect important parts of the economy. When an industry is important enough to our society, Ottawa is forced to act. Banks. Farms. Airlines. Airplane manufacturers. Oil companies. Every significant sector is subsidized or bailed out in one way or another. Few industries are as important to our society as the news media, but so far the government has done nothing but consult.”

The Liberals cut a $595 million cheque soon after, but I can’t recall an oilfield bailout. 

The media is important. Without it, the only voices would be the official government line, and Karen on Twitter. But at what cost are we willing to keep the legacy corporate media afloat? 

“Andrew Coyne and Paul Wells argue that if the government starts to pay our bills, we will inevitably start to suck up to governments, or at least to government,” said Maher. “I’m not so sure…An awful lot of our media is already subsidized, either directly by government, like news magazines, or through CRTC-mandated cable fees and industry funds, like TV news.”

Again, Maher is correct in that most of the other mediums of media are propped up by the government. His case that all of these other mediums are objective, fair and non-partisan is a bit flimsier. 

Most of the media miss the point in boiling media objectivity down to a matter of partisanship. Whether a media outlet is Conservative, Liberal, or NDP is only semi-relevant. Where a media comes down on issues, policy, and ideology, is much more so. 

Liberal media outlets like the Toronto Star were glowing of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government when it enacted ideologically liberal, interventionist policies like the auto bailout. Their only criticism was that it wasn’t enough. Similarly, conservative media outlets praised the Chretien Liberal government in the 1990s when it slashed spending to slay the deficit, as conservatives wanted. 

Where a media outlet stands on the issues is a lot more important than where it stands on partisanship. 

When every major media outlet in Canada is directly on the government take, this cannot help but to influence their coverage toward issues. Can the National Post credibly make the case against the next Bombardier bailout if it is receiving an annual, guaranteed bailout of its own? 

And are the media organizations that are already receiving government-backing (like CBC, CTV and Global) immune from the influence of being on government support? Name one of them that is even mildly conservative or libertarian. 

When Stephen Harper cut the CBC’s $1 billion budget by 5 per cent, the network launched a holy war against him. When Justin Trudeau promised a massive increase to their budget, they hailed him as the Second Coming (which, in a sense, he was). 

There is a small but growing list of upstart alternative media entering the market. Most will not qualify for government funding, likely by design. The Liberals tied themselves into pretzels to prevent Ezra Levant’s Rebel News from qualifying. This was a bad idea for several reasons. 

First, if Rebel News did qualify, and did accept the money, it would have blown its reputation as an outsider media outfit, righteously blasting the mainstream media for its complacency. In all probability, Rebel News would have refused the money if it was available for that reason. Much the same as the Western Standard

Second, by creating a regulatory rat’s nest to exclude Rebel Media, they made it much more difficult for other up-and-coming alternative media sources to compete with the big, dying, legacy media sources. By advantaging the media outlets whose business models are failing them, the government gives them a massive competitive edge over their new challengers in the market. 

The Liberals tweaked this a bit by giving themselves an even greater latitude in selecting which favoured media outlets qualify, by creating a government media licensing program. Only “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organizations” get in on the good times. 

In addition to creating artificial advantages for some media sources over others, they have also gone down the dark, authoritarian road of deciding who is a “real journalist”, and who is not. 

For our part, the Western Standard will not be registering for a government media license, and we will not be accepting bailout dollars. This puts us at a legally designed, permanent competitive disadvantage with our competitors. But as the publisher and primary owner, I would rather go bankrupt than corrupt ourselves for thirty pieces of silver. 

Trudeau’s media bailout will not save the newspaper business. It will put it in a complacent, comatose state on life support, fearful that if it acts against its master, that the plug could be pulled at any time. 

(4) Miscellaneous videos and photos

Two good music videos:

Below: despite the fact that this is an MSM channel, the coverage was not bad. Two different people mentioned that they oppose Communism and are afraid Canada is going down that path if they don’t stand up for freedom — which is quite true.

Below: good video editorial in defense of the convoy against MSM slander:

Protest works. We need to keep it going until all restrictions are lifted entirely, jobs restored. Constitutions need to be re-written to prevent this from ever happening again. Politicians and media and drug companies to answer for their crimes against humanity.

Speaking of Liberty - LewRockwell

Below: Canberra, Australia Feb 5, 2022.

“When you’re lying to the people and you’re the media, that’s a bad business model.” Well put! This is not directly about the freedom movement but this short take on MSM lies speaks to how they have lied and misled the people for two years about the pandemic (creating mass hysteria on purpose) and now the convoy. Shame on the media for lying to us and for being the enemies of truth and the people.

GoFundMe Freezes Funds For Child’s Heart Surgery After Finding Out He Supports Trucker Protest (satire)

More satire (or is it parody?)

From this video below

Freedom convoy truckers pray the Lord’s Prayer during protest

The video takes place in a local restaurant in Coutts, Alberta where truckers formed a blockade to demonstrate their disapproval of the vaccine mandates that force truckers who cross the US-Canadian border to be vaccinated.

American coverage:

Some of Trudeau’s cronies:

A group of individuals speaking on behalf of the truckers that have blocked the Canada-U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alberta delivered a response to Premier Jason Kenney after he addressed the protest at a press conference yesterday.

Police STORM ‘Freedom Camp’ in Canberra
Protesters vow to camp out a kilometre from Parliament until vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Convoy campers vow to stay ‘as long as it takes’

Protesters relocate ahead of weekend as police enforce move-on notice

Convoy campers vow to stay 'as long as it takes'

Convoy to Canberra protesters have vowed to continue to ‘hold the line’ as they prepare for a weekend of protesting in the nation’s capital.

A number of camp sites have been established around the city as more trucks, caravans, cars and motorcycles continue to roll into the city from all states of Australia.

Australia report from Rebel News: Earlier this morning, officers in full tactical gear and the dog squad arrived on site to issue move-on notices to the remaining campers on the grounds outside Parliament House. A number of cars were towed away from the site, including a family car at the centre of an incident which was caught on camera where a senior officer is seen pushing a mother to the ground in front of her crying children as they tried to leave with the car.

Many of those at the camp shared their stories and goodwill with each other and I spoke with people from all walks of life, united around a common cause.

FAULKNER: Truckers for Freedom convoy stands their ground in Ottawa

Trump calls Trudeau "far left lunatic" as siege continues ...
Krahnicle's Cartoon: January 26, 2022 - The Western Standard

Convoy Truckers Beware: 'ROAD HAZARDS AHEAD' | Canada Free ...

Thousands Converge On Ottawa As Protests Enter Second Week

OTTAWA—Thousands of protesters once again gathered in Canada’s capital to protest COVID-19 mandates and restrictions on Feb. 5. The trucker convoy protest was joined by farmers who took their own farm vehicle convoy to Ottawa to take part in the protest.

The protest on Feb. 5 featured speakers, music, dancing, and a singing of the Canadian national anthem. There were also tables set up to serve free food and drinks to protesters. The number of protesters dropped after last weekend, the first weekend of the Freedom Convoy demonstration, but many joined again this weekend.

Several other large protests were held on Feb. 5 in provincial capitals around the country against COVID-19 mandates. [See rest of article here]

Donald Trump comes out against the mandates. Good for him! I am glad he said this. I was a bit upset with him for doing the lockdown and vax and listening to Fauci, as I explain here. But he’s redeeming himself now by calling for an end to the madness. I hope he’s elected president in 2024, to help restore the world to some normalcy — though I also know that the Democrats are not above stealing elections, and China is interfering in U.S. elections, so anything can happen.


(5) Terry Fox and the Truckers

by David Solway

Canadian national hero Terry Fox (1958-1981), after having had a leg amputated due to cancer in 1977, embarked on a cross-country run in 1980 to raise money for cancer research. An annual event held across Canada continues to honor his memory. Terry Fox became a national hero because he represented the spirit of courage and defiance, of rising above the odds, of refusing to surrender to the trials of his condition. He began his “Marathon of Hope” in St. John’s on the island of Newfoundland and ran many thousand kilometers to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In a telling parallel, the Freedom Convoy, taking issue with the vaccine mandates and demanding the resignation of Canada’s discredited prime minister Justin Trudeau, traversed the country from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to the nation’s capital in Ottawa, travelling approximately the same distance, almost 4,000 kilometers, enduring sub-zero temperatures and without accommodations and salaried income. GoFundMe predictably suspended trucker crowdfunding, only a small portion of the over $10 million sum accumulated having been released owing to obstructionist government intervention. The transparent pretext is that the funds may be used to promote “extremism,” “hate” and “violence.”

Though hampered by spiteful authoritarian manipulations, maligned by the press and the political elect, and libeled for the heinous act of profaning the statue of Terry Fox, the truckers, in fact, embody the buoyant spirit of Terry Fox as they bravely protest the sickly condition in which the country now finds itself—a corrupt media, a coercive government, a heretofore apathetic public and probably the absolute worst prime minister who has ever defaced not a statue but his very office. They want their traditional freedoms back. 

They want their Constitutional rights restored. And they are prepared to assert these rights.

It is hard to miss the irony of an avowedly socialist prime minister cynically abusing the class of working people whom he presumably represents and on whom the nation depends for its survival, accusing them of racism and of stealing food from the homeless. It is equally hard not to see that the truckers are the avatars of Terry Fox. A majority of Canadians now approve of their mission. The truckers are on the way to becoming national heroes. As Chris Queen at PJM writes, “what started as a convoy within one sector of the Canadian economy is turning into a national movement advocating for freedom. It’s enough to warm your heart, even in the cold Canadian winter.”

The punditocracy and the cartel of leftist organizations are not impressed. True to form, Wikipedia parrots elitist propaganda, reporting that “illegal acts committed by protesters drew widespread condemnation. Protesters were seen desecrating the statue of national hero Terry Fox, the National War Memorial, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and several emergency vehicles were attacked with rocks.” Utter fabrications. They were never seen to do any such thing—though one would not put it past the intention of hired provocateurs. The ironically named Shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen claims that truckers harassed its members for meals. In point of fact, the opposite is the case; the truckers have been feeding the homeless.

Writing in The Globe and Mail, well-known Canadian columnist Andrew Coyne added his compromised voice to the general chorus of media obloquy, smearing the truckers as “conspiracy theorists and other assorted yahoos on the streets of Ottawa” and as “the pseudo-Trumpian grift known as the ‘trucker’ convoy—organized and led by documented racists and QAnon-style nutters.” Such crassness makes one blush for Coyne, who once upon a time enjoyed a solid reputation as an editorialist. James Menzies at trucknews.comdenounces the truckers’ behavior as “shameful,” regards them as having been “duped,” and faithfully repeats the catalogue of fake news to guilt them even further.

The mayor of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Fox’s hometown, was no less sanctimonious, claiming that “thousands if not millions of people in this country are going to see what they did to the Terry Fox statue and be absolutely disgusted.” Indeed, a feedlot of media types, mayors, party leaders, and premiers have been braying their disapproval, nay, horror, in an orgy of mendacious self-righteousness at this spectacle of ostensible depravity.

The truth is otherwise. As National Post columnist Rex Murphy writes in his typical phenolic manner, 

‘No Molotov cocktails. No vulgar harassment of police…No rocks for every Starbucks window and those of small businesses…No arson or looting. Jan. 6 insurrection Canadian edition? Ha! It is to laugh. I’ve seen more threatening picnics thrown by a few nuns…Plain, straight reportage uninflected by the personal dispositions or ideological pre-sets of the reporters or the corporations they work for was hard to come by. Our stern reporters, always ready to squeak agreement to power, worked to set a context.”

Meanwhile, the statue of Terry Fox silently observes the scene unfolding before it. How was the statue defaced? Pictures of the statue show the figure of Fox wearing a cap, an upside-down Canadian flag in hand (a symbol of distress), another flag draped from his neck, and the sign “Mandate Freedom” clasped to his chest. Some defacement! Fox was harmlessly recruited as a trucker, appropriated in a friendly manner as part of the convoy, and the symbolic garb was easily removed. The statue was neither toppled nor graffitied nor egged, as were many other statues and monuments, including that of Canada’s founding father and first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, whose statue was taken down in several Canadian cities by officials eager to appease the apostles of Woke. Such acts of vandalism and egregious disrespect received no recrimination from media and officialdom.

And how did these supposed “yahoos” behave? The actual reporting and video data provided by Canada’s only honest media outlet Rebel News, whose staff was physically embedded in the Convoy, and by innumerable people with smartphones and cameras along the highway route and in attendance on Parliament Hill, gives the lie to such outrageous slander. As Tucker Carlson reported, the evidence shows the truckers shovelling snow from sidewalks, playing pick-up hockey, cleaning up trash, and singing the national anthem. The chasm between the working class and the permanent political class, the salt of the earth and the pontificating aristocrats, laborers and loafers, patriotism and virtue-signalling, honor and dishonor, truth and lies could not have been clearer.

The question needs to be posed. Who are the real yahoos? Who are the real defacers and defamers? Who are the real thieves and grifters and hypocrites? Who are those who inspire genuine disgust? The answer is self-evident.

(6) Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump

by Robert Malone

[This is a piece on some new epidemiological data released by whistleblowers that sheds some light on the massive fraud and deception that has taken place]

. . . unexpectedly, onto the public stage, steps Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long. Department of Defense whistleblowers who downloaded a massive trove of unclassified data (to download the Excel file see the link “Data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) shows”) on the incidence of various diseases before and after the onset of illegal forced genetic COVID-19 vaccination of our military forces . . .

(7) Jordan Peterson calls for Conservative politicians to end COVID-19 restrictions

Prominent Canadian psychologist and author Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has released a video demanding various Conservative politicians stop supporting COVID-19 restrictions. 

“It’s your moment,” said Peterson in a YouTube video on Monday. “You’ve got a huge number of Canadians occupying Ottawa expressing their dismay with the suspension of our Charter rights in the face of this so-called emergency.” 

Peterson said his message was being directed to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. 

[There is also Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston, New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs, Manitoba’s Heather Stefanson, PEI’s Dennis King. All of them are in the CPC but folded to Big Pharma rule, against their own constituents. Since this article was written just a few days ago (Feb. 1), O’Toole was overthrown as leader.]

Peterson said this moment is a perfect time for Conservative politicians to “say to the people who are desperate to hear this that we can have our lives return to normal” . . .

[The problem is that in Canada, as in the U.S. with the RINOs, conservative politicians give in too easily to corporations and fear of the MSM. They seem to lack integrity and conviction]

Peterson also said that Conservative leaders should be advocating for Canada to return to what it should be and have a normal future. The politicians he is addressing, he said, are “good men” who need to act now.  [I’m not sure they’re good men, but Peterson is being diplomatic]

“Remove these mandates that are crippling our businesses and interfering with our private lives and stopping us from being able to travel,” he said. “Seize the day.” 

Saying the government is in disarray, Peterson also condemned NDP leader Jagmeet Singh for calling the truck drivers protesting in Ottawa white supremacists. 

[Singh is calling these men “white supremacists”]

After the blizzard, Sikh truckers caught in a political ...

[The NDP relies on defamation and cultural Marxism; their goal is to build an endless welfare state to enrich themselves while falsely claiming to represent the oppressed. When a group of people who really are oppressed steps forward to protest, the NDP smears them in the most vile fashion. Meanwhile, career politicians like Singh are highly paid and got through the pandemic unscathed while ordinary Canadians suffered]

Below: a good message from Pierre Poilievre. He mentions the word freedom several times and and promises to the control of the elites (government, corporate, media). His statement reflects the concerns of working-class Canadians suffering under repressive mandates, people who right now suffer “taxation without representation” and life-crushing policies.

Whether he will implement this vision, if elected, remains to be seen — and there is the other problem that an election is years away (time enough for Trudeau to wreck Canada even more). It’s good to hear a politician in Canada say something like this.

O’Toole and other conservative politicians (Ford, Huston, Kenny) have been huge disappointments, helping impose lockdown and mandates, becoming petty tyrants. Personally I used to vote NDP, but after Trudeau’s tyranny I became a conservative, despite my disagreement with some of their policy positions. I’m not the only one.

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