Faces of Protest


Views of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa
Ottawa, January 29, photograph by Dan Aponte

How do you know when you are doing what is right?

I was asked this by a man who was in Ottawa during the past week. This man has been observing, talking to people, documenting what he sees, and he is doing some soul-searching. He has seen real people, thousands of them, showing up to protect their freedoms and the freedoms of their fellow citizens. He has seen them being good to one another, friend and stranger alike.

But how to reconcile what he has seen with what we are told thatothersare seeing in the same place, at the same time? The Freedom Convoy, as presented by most of the media, ischaracterizedby violence and racism, selfishness and hatred. Can both visions of reality be true?

In considering an answer, I thought first…

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