Medical tyranny and freedom movement news & views, Feb. 7, 2022

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Above: this is a good message for churches who have imposed vax passports to hear. See my sermon on this issue.

(1) The GIVE SEND GO crowd-funder for the truckers (replacing defunct GoFundMe)
(2) Media’s Alarmist Reporting of Trucker Protest and Trudeau’s Intolerant Rhetoric Are Shameful (Epoch Times)
(3) GoFundMe and How the Left Came to Despise the Working Class (Epoch Times)
(4) Interesting tweets
(5) Is Trudeau guilt of hate speech?
(6) Trudeau has forgotten the lesson of tolerance he learned at his father’s knee
(7) The NDP and mainstream media in Canada are the playing the same role that racist segregationists played during the civil rights movement of the 1960s
(8) Footage from Ottawa of police breaking up truckers command centre Feb. 7, 2022 and comments
(9) The times they are a changin’ (Berenson) [The BBC in the UK is sympathetic to the unvaccinated. How long will it take for this shift in tone to occur in Canada (if ever)?]
(10) Miscellaneous videos
(11) Australia update: Anti-lockdown pioneers launch NSW Supreme Court fight back
and Covid-Cops STORM Church during service and viewers’ comments
(12) Nuremberg 2.0 hearings
(13) On automation of trucking jobs and the Book of Revelation
(14) Canada’s online censorship bill is back (Reclaim the Net)
(15) Twin Cities restaurant owners lose up to 40% of business after vaccine passport introduction
(16) Ottawa is now a police state . . . Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warns
(17) News Release – Urgent Message to Canadians, Feb 7, 2022 – A defense of the Charter
(18) Trudeau Establishes Elite Class As Canada Moves Toward Communism (Brad Salzberg)
(19) Short news items from across Canada
(20 Parliamentary debate, Feb. 7, 2022


(1) This is the GIVE SEND GO crowd-funder for the truckers, written by organizers. It reads:

To our Fellow Canadians, the time for political over reach is over.  Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods.  Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet. 

We are a peaceful country that has helped protect nations across the globe from tyrannical governments who oppressed their people, and now it seems it is happening here. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people.

Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive. It’s our duty as Canadians to put an end to this mandates.  It is imperative that this happens because if we don’t our country will no longer be the country we have come to love.  We are doing this for our future Generations and to regain our lives back. 

We are asking for Donations to help with the costs of fuel first, and hopefully food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task.

It’s a small price to pay for our freedoms.  We thank you all for your Donations and know that you are helping reshape this once beautiful country back to the way it was.

In order for your generous donations to flow smoothly, the good people at Give Send Go will be sending donations directly to our bulk fuel supplier and are working out the details now which means your hard earned money is going to straight to who it was meant for and need not flow through anyone else.   Any left over donations will be donated to a credible Veterans organization which will be chosen by the donors.

**Money raised will be dispersed to our Truckers to aid them with the cost of the journey**
**Funds will be spent to help cover the cost of fuel for our Truckers first and foremost, will be used to assist with food if needed and contribute to shelter if needed**”

[This is the video for the it. Tamara Lich is speaking. They have as of this writing raised $over $5 million! Below are some comments on the donation page. There are thousands, many worth reading]

To all the truckers in the freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa Canada, you are all do a terrific service for the Canadian people! Keep the faith!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Thank you, truckers for peacefully opposing the tyrants in government. We stand with you 100% PS I doubled my donation thanks to GoFundMe

I am more proud to be a Canadian now than any other time in my life. Stay strong, and thank-you for your efforts and tenacity. The world is watching.

Praying for the safety of the brave Canadian truckers that are standing for Liberty!

I simply cannot believe how authoritarian the Canadian Government has become. I FULLY support these people pushing back against these draconian mandates.

My heart & prayers stand with you as I know so many here is the US do. Your actions have ignited a light that has spread all over the world and WILL NOT be extinguished. God bless each and everyone of you.

Have never been so proud to be Canadian – and everything JT and his band of merry followers are doing trying to stop this – is just showing the true colours of tyranny!!! He’s-a-scared now!!!

I support the Truck Convoy in Canada who are fighting to remove all Covid mandates which are not working and are only there to restrict our freedom. We want our freedom back. What the police did yesterday by arresting the fuel trucks and stealing the jerry cans from reaching the convoy is a War Crime and is punishable.

We must all take a stand against medical tyranny. To the truckers and supporters: you are true heroes! Thank you and God bless! “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me” (Mt 25:40) As for those who persecute the truckers: “woe to those who enact evil laws” (Is.10:1) God sees your actions; they’re recorded in the Book of Life (Rev 20:15)

Still waiting for my refund from those other guys, but in the meantime, donating here and wishing you all the best from central California!

My brother is a coast to coast long haul trucker in the U.S. I support all that you are doing. Blessings to you all.

Keep strong and continue protesting peacefully. Sending love and support from England. Thank you

We are all counting on you guys. Hang in there and don’t back down!

Ottawa, Jan. 30, 2022 — Truckers protest

Police Order Canadians Home for Lockdowns With Loudspeaker Vehicles

[This is in Quebec where a curfew has been in place for some time. It’s essentially a police state]

(2) Rex Murphy: Media’s Alarmist Reporting of Trucker Protest and Trudeau’s Intolerant Rhetoric Are Shameful (Epoch Times)

[I posted this one before, but it’s so good I’m doing so again]

“COVID has shown government officials how to do an end-run around the normal system of checks and balances. They simply need to invoke ‘science’ and declare an emergency — and then extend their emergency orders time and again. Anyone who dares challenge the emergency orders will be stigmatized as ‘anti-science,’ or they will be told they aren’t scientists so they have no right to be heard,” writes John G. West in his commentary “The Rise of Totalitarian Science.”

“Regardless of your view of specific anti-COVID policies, policymaking during the pandemic has set a terrible precedent for the future. The genie of unaccountable government power in the name of science has been let out of the bottle. Will we be able to put it back in?”

During the months of full civic tumults and riots that plagued numerous U.S. cities in 2020, mainly the work of Black Lives Matter or the newly emergent curse of the oxymoronically self-named Antifa, the U.S. press was unwonted genteel in their coverage. Recall these mobs took over the central section of Seattle, set up “guards” to determine who could enter, nightly rolled through the downtown, and terrified residents of their liberated “Chazistan.” Businesses were attacked, saw murder and violence, and of course the riots were marked with scorn for and attacks on the police. Residents of Seattle were, effectively, kept hostage in their own city, this in 21st-century democratic U.S.A.

The mayor of utopian Seattle, during an outbreak of pure lawlessness, put the capstone on the folly by describing it as the beginning of “a summer of love.” A statement—let me coin a word—of such “dim-wititude” that it should be inscribed on granite and put outside the municipal offices under a bust of the mayor. Elsewhere in so many other cities there were nightly rampages, attempts to burn down police buildings, “occupations,” vast destruction of property, and mass looting. The works.

Still the news media were, shall we say, comforting, or fully complacent, downplaying what was in front of their eyes. Everyone who followed the riots will recall the epic moment when a reporter—standing in front of a three-storey building that was one huge torch, flames leaping up into the night sky—gave the immortal judgement, on camera, live: “Fiery, but mostly peaceful.”

CNN faces brutal ridicule over 'mostly peaceful' chyron ...

He was employed by, of course—how could he not be—CNN. There was six months of this, and the entire time the reporting of the riots and the looting was in the main cowardly, almost overtly supportive, and totally inadequate.

Here in Canada, we have had (as I am writing) six days of protest, in one city, and the dynamic is almost perfectly opposite. The protest has been actually not “mainly” but overwhelmingly peaceful, and the political and major press response wildly alarmist and ominous.

Ottawa shops remain with their windows intact, no assaults on police stations or police being bombarded with sticks and stones, no “armed patrols” by the truckers telling people where they could go or not go, and a splendid number of rather endearing incidents that have failed to make it to national or local press.

It’s a protest after two years of COVID lockdowns, shifting standards and policies, increasing overreach of governments’ authority impinging on the civil liberties of all, and a gutting of whatever protections our once-hallowed, now hollowed-out, Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteed. The truckers, early on in this crisis, were, like health staff and grocery clerks, praised as civil heroes, even by Mr. Trudeau himself, and the press. Truckers delivered the necessary foods and goods during the outbreak, their courage and sense of duty a tribute to the Canadian way of supporting people in a hard time.

However, two years in, bearing the weight of the “save the world” carbon tax, increasing COVID anxieties, and vaccine mandate policies imposed without consultation with those they most affect, when they decide they must protest and execute a two- or three thousand-mile trek to Ottawa to do so, they have been piled on with the most outrageous rhetoric from the very leaders and press which once lauded them.

Our great freedom-guardian press has sought out every minor incident—and there have been only minor incidents in a protest involving thousands—to brand and colour the whole movement, amplified all criticism, taking to calling the truckers “yahoos,” wildly exaggerating slights or perceived “threats,” and for the most part studiously avoiding giving anything like a reasoned and calm account of the concerns of the citizens who constitute the protest.

PM Trudeau, having removed himself and gone into protection (he caught COVID, after receiving the vaccines and the booster, which might be seen as undercutting the need to mandate them on others), announced in the most febrile terms that they were “misogynists, racists, and science-deniers.” Further, that they are a contemptible “fringe.” On Jan. 31 he was at it again: “We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism …. There is no place in our country for threats, violence, or hatred.” Could he be trying to—deepest sin of the Wokery Church—“marginalize a minority?”

Mr. Trudeau’s tone and terms, his condemnatory invective, is completely out of proportion. He is deliberately stimulating polarization, painting a set of working-class Canadians—who rarely protest—as villains. And, I’ll claim it as a fact, that the men and women who drove halfway across Canada are not vandals, they are not racists; indeed they are just as most other working Canadians are. And it is shameful for a prime minister—who invokes tolerance as his number one virtue every time the clock ticks another second—to sound such intolerant rhetoric over one group of Canadian citizens exercising their due right to protest. Coming from a prime minister the attack is, to use a word he must know, deplorable.

A great swathe of the press is in tune with the Mr. Trudeau. They exude a superior attitude to those they report on, some are describing the protesters as an “occupying force,” and are most outraged by the “honking.” Dear me. A wave of vandalized and burnt churches last year received far more tepid moralizing.

[68 churches were burned or vandalized and Trudeau said it was “understandable”]

Let me end with this observation from Glenn Reynolds, a keen and clear observer of American politics, in a column on the Ottawa moment in the New York Post: “In Canada, the press even tried to pretend that the thousands of truckers driving to the capital city of Ottawa were actually Russian agents. When that failed, it fell back on its old standard, calling them fascists, Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists.”

There used to be a distinction between the press and the politicians. During this last week you would need a microscope in some cases to see it.

Children lean out of a vehicle to fist-pump a passing protester, in Ottawa on Jan. 30, 2022

(3) GoFundMe and How the Left Came to Despise the Working Class

by Roger L. Simon, Epoch Times

What irony!

Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger must be turning over in their graves.

Bernie Sanders must be having sleepless nights.

The left-wing anthem “Which Side Are You On?” is no longer about whether you’re a “union man” or a “thug for J.H. Blair.” It’s about the size of your stock portfolio or when to go public with your start-up.

The oh-so-progressive GoFundMe crowd-funding site—run by about as pure a group of upscale lefty elitists as you could invent, with its CEO being a former a consultant for the multimillion-dollar drug pushers at McKinsey—has turned against those lowly 16-hour-a-day working-stiffs, the Canadian truckers, for deigning to risk their jobs and livelihood to protest vaccine mandates.

At first, calling the truckers occupiers and accusing them—without the slightest proof—of violent acts, GoFundMe essentially absconded with the US$8 million donated to the truckers through its site and peremptorily decided to distribute the money to charities of its choice (one can only imagine).

Sounds like “misappropriation of funds,” at the minimum, and possibly fraud. Don’t these people have lawyers? But worse than that, it was one of the more clueless readings of public sentiment in recent years—and there have been many.

Maybe it’s because those lefty elitists on their board don’t do much shopping on their own, send assistants to the supermarkets for food, and don’t see the empty shelves, so they think they can push the truckers around. That’s an explanation, anyway, but blowback happened fast enough that GoFundMe quickly rescinded its “charitable” decree and promised to return the money to the donors.

Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called for an investigation of GoFundMe (when are we going to start calling him “America’s governor”?), as have officials in Georgia.

Good for them, but what interests me here is how it came to be that supposedly left-leaning organizations, indeed basically the entire modern-day American left, came to be so anti-working class.

It could be a “Just So Story” in a style reminiscent of “How the Camel Got His Hump” or “How the Leopard Got His Spots,” although far less beguiling and humorous than Rudyard Kipling would have made it. (Kipling, whose stories many of us enjoyed as children, has become a particular target of those fun suckers known as the “woke.”)

GoFundMe versus the truckers may prove to be a paradigm case for our time—and it’s about class.

To understand it, you have to go back to the man who started it all, Karl Marx, who expected his communist revolution to begin in heavily industrialized Germany.

He was wrong, of course. It began in the much less developed and largely agrarian Russia. In Germany, the working class was not nearly as attracted to his theories as he had hoped. The majority rejected them.

This trend continued as communism did better in poorer countries (China, Cambodia) than it did in the industrialized West, where it was supposed to take hold.

This failure was not lost on a group of intellectuals known as the Frankfurt School, who brought their revised Marxian theories designed to succeed where the working class approach had failed—notably via the so-called march through the institutions (media, entertainment, education)—to the United States at the end of World War II.

This indeed was an intellectuals-first revolution, and it has succeeded almost completely in our university system, where their “critical theory” dominates. They also succeeded, to lesser but still powerful degrees, in turning the media and entertainment, pretty much destroying Hollywood in the process. Why would the Chinese object?

[Related: Douglas Murray addresses cultural Marxism]

This was clearly a top-down revolution, with elites dictating to hoi polloi what they should think and how to behave. In the way of the world, those elites also became increasingly rich, richer than anyone else in the history of the human race (the likes of Bezos, Zuckberg, Gates, et al.). They knew best. (Someone should write a book about that.)

In the process, the working class, what Amity Shlaes earlier called “The Forgotten Man,” was forgotten.

Which brings us to the truckers. This time—I think, hope, and pray—these elites have gone too far. The yawning gap between them and the people they lord over has become too great. People are sickened, as they should be, by the arrogance.

Thank you, GoFundMe, for blowing it. This is a teaching moment. Let’s use it.

Online comments by readers

Love this guy’s essays! Lefty elitists are so out of touch with America (think Hillary Clinton labeling half of America as “deplorable”) that they should be considered a fringe group that is of no consequence! And yet, somehow, they have become a force to be reckoned with. How did our country go so far astray?

Go Canadian truckers! You rock ! Keep your stance and show the world. There ARE more of us than them !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lefties and liberals will always be able to rationalize why their illegal (and unethical) acts are the right thing to do.

This dumb move by GoFundMe reminds me of when Hillary Clinton called ME and millions of others DEPLORABLES.. I have always felt , that is when she lost the election..

Another anti constitutional and anti freedom company exposed. Look at GiveSendGo as a viable alternative; for now.

Like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and ilk, I stepped away years ago. Now, too GoFundMe. Will never use it again. The unmasking continues.

FB has lost 35% value in one year… for the first time in the companies history they are loosing more members per month than gaining. Does this surprise anyone?

The Upscale Lefty Elitist’s are all about freedom — for themselves and no-one else.

They did the same to Kyle Rittenhouse while leaving the fund up for the violent Kenosha thug. As well as the J6 prisoners.

The backfire heard ‘round the world.

Great article! As noted, the liberal self-proclaimed elites have over-played their power grabs due to their own ignorance and arrogance. In spite, of big-tech censorship and media silence. We are more connected digitally than ever, and the information is available to all who want to know the truth. The lies never hold up because the real world consequences always come into the light. Now, we need an ever-growing number of people to see it and stand against it to defend our liberties and restore us to a true Constitutional Republic and rule of law. God Bless America!

Let there be Freedom Convoys in every capital on the planet.

The elites won’t say it out loud but they view the working class as their slave class – shut up, get to work, and produce profits for us and revenue for the government.

This is certainly a class war and these are the early shots across the bow. I am so thankful and proud of the truckers who are standing ground and drawing the proverbial line in the sand. This far and no further. I have felt this way since about 2 weeks into the lockdowns when it became more and more apparent that this “pandemic” is not what they say it is. I have been praying for eyes to be opened, for hearts to take courage and for tyrants to be put in check!

Great article. The Canadians truckers are to be applauded for “just do it!”
Someone has to show the wall flowers that unless they take actions they will be painted over in red. This movement has to roll into DC only the Communist groups like Antifa and BLM will try to turn it into a riot so the corrupt FBI can shut it down with “cause”.

The Woke doesn’t like Kipling? Here’s an easy one. Ricky Ticky Tavi. The story of the pet Mongoose to keep the human family safe from a pair of Cobras (Trudeau and his policy)
. The Canadian Truckers are Canada’s Mongoose. They are in a battle against the Cobras. The symbolism in this “children’s story” is easily recognized.

We need the Grandmothers and Grandfathers to see this Over reach and trampling of Cdns rights freedoms. if we can convince them to listen to things other than MS media then we will have a chance.

The elites get nervous when enough of We the People get fed up and show up. I can’t thank the truckers of Canada enough. We all must stand up for freedom now before it’s too late. We are either a free people with rights and liberties or we are just the slaves and controlled masses for the overlords. FJB and Trudeau. We choose Freedom.

Education of the action of corporate leftists against the working class is of utmost importance during such chaotic times. We have been side lined by the ugliness of the elites at the podium of politics.

We can survive without elites, they can’t survive without blue collar workers, we build and keep this country alive.

Lefties think truckers are slaves.

Go Fund Me presents as a reputable company but like many organizations they have made the decision to become political.

Liberals always think they know best on how to spend other people’s money. The truckers have already found another reputable company to handle donations. People thinking about setting up a Go Fund Me account will be thinking twice about using them. The alternate companies should be advertising and growing.

Time for GoFundMe to get shutdown, permanently! has replaced GoFundMe for the truck convoy. Christian based organization which takes 0 % of your contribution to handle the transaction, only asking that YOU determine that amount. Once the donation is made, you’ll receive a receipt and a Bible verse to save.

We can live without actors and football players, but things get awful quickly without truckers and garbage men.

Has anyone heard of the proposed and Constitutionally legal method of calling a Convention of States? It doesn’t cost anything and there’s no need to waste time and fuel chasing them down.
A Convention of States was written into the Constitution in Article V for the purpose of making specific and legal changes to the laws and government of the United States. A quorum of States OR the Congress may propose, vote upon and enact changes to our laws and our governance.
The Marxists and socialists would be powerless to deny those changes. Please read. You will see the map of states who have passed this. Thank you and, keep your powder dry!

Convention of States just in the last week got the 17th state to approve holding a Convention of
States. That is halfway to the 34 states needed to call a Convention of States. Momentum is building for this. Contact your state representatives and talk to them about this. I think we can do this before FJB gets out of office.

The Left are financed by the global elites. It all starts w/ them. The entire world is now at the mercy of global elites. THE GLOBAL ELITES ARE KILLING US. First, they allowed China to release the COVID-19 virus, (which they themselves financed the manufacturing of), then mandated an inoculation, (it’s not a vaccine or you wouldn’t need ‘boosters’), which totally disables your immune system, making you totally vulnerable to ANY virus. How much more proof do we need?

China will soon make its move to invade America. Sounds crazy? Think about this: Did you even DREAM what you’re going through today – only 3 years ago?

It should be a lesson to us all of how easy it has become for a woke technology can make off with
your money.

They hate the workers of the world.

Maybe GoFundMe should chat with Mark Zuckerberg about how well progressive policies affected his balance sheet (lost $30 billion in a day)

At some point with this Marxist philosophy being shoved down our throats there will be an uprising of true Americans. We will return to the country described under our Constitution.

How the Left Came to Hate the Working Class: first they hated God and rejected His Son; second the Enemy stepped in and told them how right and righteous they are; third they accepted the word of the Enemy and now they are his followers so they accept the basic tenants of the Enemy and of communism (which are the same) i.e. materialism, struggle and self-righteous disdain for others; not coincidentally these have been the failings of people from the beginning; note Cain, Jacob, the Pharisees et al.

Romans 11:8 As it is written: “ God gave a spirit of stupor, eyes so they could not see and ears they could not hear, to this very day.”

The plus in all these happenings is that it’s revealing the true colors of our leaders, in both business and politics, at home and abroad. Now it’s up to we the people, around the world, to stand up and resist this push toward world communism – something which is meant to ultimately lead humankind to destruction.

Anyone that donated through the gofundme, should go to their bank and request a dispute and they will get their money back and gofundme will be charged $15 USD! They will lose lots of money. All banks do this

The Canadian trucker convoy now has a “Give Send Go” fund set up and has already raised $4 million in 3 days. [now over $5 million] Give Send Go is a crowd funding platform like Go Fund Me but they don’t discriminate.

One has to wonder why elite are so determined and pushing hard on vaccination and masks deployment? If it is all abound obedience training of the population then they must know, the masks and vaccines are useless and has no effect on people as they themselves are using these. However, if on the other hand , they know vaccine does have their desired long term impacts on the DNA and brain making people more amenable to accept commands and masks induced higher Carbon dioxide breathing helps speed up such change, that could be the driver. However, then why would they subject themselves to such experiment?

Keep in mind that there are several different “vaxes” floating around. I would guess that the elite get shot with a harmless variety. They expect to live beyond the serfs who have gotten the “killer” shots. I keep flashing to the scene of the village storming the castle with torches and pitchforks. Which may happen at some point.

GoFundMe originally stated they would distribute the stolen truckers’ monies to charities of their choice. Backlash was instantaneous and GFM said those who donated could submit a request to have their donation refunded, but that it had to be submitted by Feb. 22. That did nothing to stem the massive and growing backlash. GFM finally said they would refund the approx. $9 mil to the donors. New donation site is GiveSendGo.

GoFundMe can be proud, proud that they instigated what is commonly referred to as a “watershed moment” in history. And history will note how GoFundMe’s arrogance ignited the fury of the proletariat and scuttled the schemes of the ruling elites. Bravo GoFundMe, bravo. Evil has a way of exposing itself!

The “Left” is not the left as we understood it, nor it the “Right” the right. Things are now better understood as up – down. Political leaders on both sides (with a few exceptions) have the same goal of transferring power and wealth from their constituents up to themselves . Concern about the working man, small business, individual rights stand in the way of that transfer. There are several shared concerns between the individuals on the left and right and can be sources of coalition action. Globalism and the World Economic Forum, is a good example.

[There are many more great comments in the margin. Epoch Times comments are always worth reading. They provide hope because they reveal how many people out there think what’s happening is wrong and are prepared to say it.]

(4) Canadians are done with lockdowns (True North)

[This is a short video. He says there is a shift in the mood after 2 years. People are done with it. Only the governments are holding up the end of mandates. He doesn’t go into why but the first comment says why: Trudeau is committed to the WEF/CCP vision, the Great Reset/Communism and wants to continue to use this to impose that vision, even if he destroys lives to do it. He is an ideologue who controls the media and is not above using inflammatory rhetoric to divide people]

Online comments:

“What’s the holdup” you ask? the Great Reset is the holdup. Things are ending faster than the globalists wanted. They are trying to find the next narrative we will agree with to keep us in fear. Is it Russia and Ukraine? Another variant? They want to keep the show moving. They didn’t spend trillions of dollars on vaccines and vax passes, etc for nothing right!? We see through the bs now and no one believes the mainstream legacy media anymore. Look at the viewership dropping!

I would agree with your assessment but I would suggest we go further. The current intentional lockdowns were a pre-planned response to the worldwide Covid lie. As such, we can reasonably predict they need another worldwide ’emergency’ to keep the globalist reset plan alive. In today’s climate I would suggest that worldwide ’emergency’ will be an economic collapse. There are multiple ways that collapse can be started because they have sufficiently undermined and weakened all of the nations economies. The point being once they trigger the economic meltdown it will cascade almost overnight around the world. Once that happens they will have carte blanche to literally enslave the worlds populations.

Completely agree. There is a slew of tools they have access to so it could really be anything. These people aren’t going down without a fight, and things get crazy when you push someone in a corner.

The ‘difference’ is the extent of political corruption federally, provincially and municipally, in Canada. When you have a lying POS blob like Ford WHINING that the freedom protests are “harming” business you can know for a fact the political machine in Canada is beyond repair. The freedom protest has exposed, beyond doubt, that the political class have already decided that they are the rulers and all those damn dirty peasants need to shut up and do as their overlords tell them. The people of Canada do indeed have a serious threat they are facing, and no it’s not the China flu; it is a government, UNIONIZED bureaucracy and a political thug squad called ‘police’ that is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.

No more masks. No more jabs. No more vaccine passports. No more social distancing. No more firing people for having different opinions or restricting travel, based on not complying with tyranny. I find it preposterous that government criticizes truckers for “hurting business” by blockades/ protests for less than two weeks, yet the same weasels shut down or restricted businesses for nearly two YEARS with asinine COVID lockdowns. A bunch of disingenuous globalist W.E.F. sellouts!

Take a look at what Ottawa police have now gotten up to at the over flow truck park:

All truckers and hundreds off thousands who lined the highways and over passes. Kenney and conservatives to end mandates restrictions – but not really. When they install far left Mayors restrictions stay in place. Throw them out vote those Mayors out or recall them. Seems like the majority of Albertan’s are conservative but some how far left commie Mayors get elected .My guess they are cheating somehow. They both are playing mind games throw them all out or demand they change municipal bylaws.

(5) Is Trudeau guilty of hate speech?

Re: Trudeau’s attacks on the unvaccinated and truckers: “Section 319(2) the Canadian Criminal Code says that “Promoting hatred—makes it an offense to willingly promote hatred against any identifiable group, by making statements (other than in private conversation). The Crown prosecutor can proceed either by indictment or by summary process. The maximum penalty is imprisonment of not more than two years.”

Could he be prosecuted? Though he is wrong to say such thing, it’s highly unlikely. Aside from the argument that hate speech laws are wrong, in toto, for stifling free speech, he would have a solid legal defense if indicted: Section 319(3)(c) said “if the statements were relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which was for the public benefit, and if on reasonable grounds he believed them to be true.” He would get off on that point.

Of course he will never be indicted unless there’s a revolution in Canada, which seems unlikely: the people are relatively passive and unarmed and due to the MSM also divided against themselves. Their only hope is for the government to back down.

[Humour video]

(6) Trudeau has forgotten the lesson of tolerance he learned at his father’s knee (Calgary Sun, Feb. 7, 2022)

Trudeau wrote that “My father [Pierre Trudeau] said: ‘Justin, we never attack the individual. We can be in total disagreement with someone, without denigrating them as a consequence’ . . .

“Because simple tolerance, mere tolerance, is not enough. We need genuine and deep respect for each and every human being, notwithstanding their thoughts, their values, their beliefs, their origins. That’s what my father demanded of his sons, and that’s what he demanded of his country.”

My, how far Trudeau the younger has fallen from that ideal. Here is what he posted on Twitter on Feb. 1 about the protesters on Parliament Hill:

In a French-language TV interview during last fall’s unnecessary snap election, Trudeau said the following: “They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group that muscles in, and we have to make a choice in terms of leaders, in terms of the country. Do we tolerate these people?”

An Angus Reid poll, taken Jan. 27 and 28, found 54 per cent of Canadians want COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted. That represents 20 per cent more Canadians than voted for Trudeau’s government in the fall election. How ironic.

Reasonable people can disagree on either side of this debate. It’s not at all surprising that unvaxxed long-haul truckers — who spend most of their time alone behind the wheel of their trucks — might be concerned and angry over that recent mandate. Many retailers were concerned and angry, too.

To call all of “these people” “extremists,” “who don’t believe in science,” “misogynists” and “racists,” is bigotry in the extreme.

In March 2021, Statistics Canada reported the groups that were the most likely to be vaccine “resistant” included Blacks, Metis, Arabs and Latinos — people who have valid historical reasons to mistrust government initiatives and mandates.

According to  Abacus Data, in a 30,000-person poll taken over months, the typical vaccine-hesitant Canadian is a 42-year-old Ontario woman who votes Liberal.

As Abacus chair  Bruce Anderson  wrote in an Aug. 11  Maclean’s magazine article, “almost half of (the vaccine hesitant, 46 per cent) live in Ontario and well over half of them (59 per cent) are women. A quarter were born outside Canada. Their average age is 42 . . . If they were voting in a federal election today, 35 per cent would vote Liberal, 25 per cent Conservative, 17 per cent NDP, nine per cent Green. Are those women misogynists? Are those diverse people racists?

. . . It’s absurd and illogical to link every protester on Parliament Hill to symbols of hatred [e.g. Nazi flag], just as it’s absurd to say that every unvaccinated person is a racist and a woman-hater.

Linda Frum, a former Conservative senator and now the chair of the board of United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto, pointed out that there is “selective outrage over the use of Nazi symbols when there should only ever be condemnation.” She retweeted photos of other demonstrators from other protests — including a pro-Palestinian protester — marching with a swastika.

There are examples of Liberal cabinet ministers marching in protests that contained flags of Hezbollah, which is officially a terrorist organization in Canada. NDP and Liberal MPs have marched in parades that glorify the mastermind behind the Air India bombing. Are they terrorists by association?

To quote Pierre Trudeau again: “We can be in total disagreement with someone, without denigrating them as a consequence.” Justin Trudeau needs to remember that lesson he learned as a boy [about tolerance] and try to unite our country instead of just dividing it.

(8) Footage from Ottawa of police breaking up truckers command centre Feb. 7, 2022

This was as they arrested truckers and some supporters. Looks like the police are taking over the recently constructed base camp meant to support the truckers. The police are not being rough. They’re polite but they are making arrests. I have been in similar situations where the police arrest you but are nice about it (they are told to be by the higher-ups, to avoid negative criticism from world opinion — which is against Trudeau). One man asks them to join the truckers, but none of the police does so. Though many know the truckers are right, they want to keep their jobs.

Some good comments below the video:

I’m not religious but when the pastor showed up and did a prayer I kinda teared up 😥 you guys are doing amazing! I’m so disappointed in our government right now. Keep up the great work and rooting for you all from Sask 🇨🇦

Beware of government agitators guys, they’ll start trouble then blame you. Keep your eyes open and record anything that doesn’t look right. Stay peaceful, safe, and strong. God bless all of you.

I NEVER would have thought Canada would have done something like this! I am VERY impressed! Hopefully Canada and US will drop the mandates and let us live our lives the way we want. I am a truck driver from Oregon, and my heart is with all of you! STAY SAFE!!!

The stark contrast between how organized and professional these protestors are and the BLM protestors were.

Imagine accepting a paycheck to take food out of ppl’s mouths and the fuel they need to stay warm. I am learning from you truckers and I am amazed by the non violence. The politicians expect that you are easy to abuse because you do not fight back with any of the immense force and equipment you possess. These actions by the politicians are exposing them and the MSM, who can support this abuse of power? The world is watching you set an example with your restraint, exposing this abuse of power and all the lies!

I must say you Canadians win the award for being nice and patient. Where I live, the theft of that fuel would not have ended well. It is obvious to the world they are trying to provoke you to be violent.

My heart aches, when we see those sworn to protect us…stand with cold hearts against us! Matters not whether you are Canadian, European and I pray American…will wake up and join those making a Peaceful Stand! Thank you Canadian Truckers! From America, retired driver.

Yes, we are all praying for you and your amazing efforts in the winter weather for our children around the globe. Standing up for our God-given freedom – I pray for the police too – and those who will change the law and give back our human rights in Canada and all the people around the world who you represent. thanks.

“The whole world is watching” – he’s right! Stay strong, greetings from Switzerland!

We once had police in Ottawa. Now we have police in para-military gear. The state have muscled up while we slept. Now that we’ve started to awaken, we see what we’ve allowed to happen. Voters, open your eyes.

Thank you for your coverage so the world can see in real time what’s going on. No spin, no propaganda, no bs. Stay strong. The whole world is your witness to these events the good the bad and the ugly. The good will eventually win. We are praying for you all. Show the world how to fight peacefully, how to love your country and your people, and how respectful you are even with people who have opposing views. God bless and God keep.

Never thought I’d see the day where firefighters are stealing fuel. That’s low, how despicable, shame on those firefighters. as a paramedic I’m very ashamed of these people and if I worked with them I would disown them.

[There are many more supportive comments of this kind]

(9) The times they are a changin’

by Alex Berenson

[News from the UK: the MSM there are FINALLY coming around to truth-telling after two years of outright lies. But in Canada, they are still lying]

The Democrats are finally reading the room. They’ve got an election coming up. The media bluechecks will be the last to go.

New Jersey – New Jersey! – may drop school mask mandates. But even that move isn’t the biggest sign of late that Team Apocalypse is finally starting to see how out of touch with reality it has become.

No, the biggest sign came from Britain, where the BBC wrote a story comparing vaccine mandates for health care workers to FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. I kid you not.

This is the same BBC that barely a month ago sicced Rachel Schraer, its “health and disinformation reporter” – lolcatz – on a physician who had the temerity to speak out against the policy to Britain’s health secretary.

The BBC calls these little bits of virtue signaling “reality checks.”

Hey, Rachel Schraer, I got your reality check right here.

Meanwhile, Britain has now dropped jabs mandate for health-care workers. Unlike the Biden Administration, which doesn’t seem to care particularly if the Medicare mandate causes hospitals to collapse, the British government has realized that trading vaccines that don’t stop infection for a functioning health-care system doesn’t make much sense.

Uncle Joe or whoever is at the controls this month will get there eventually. With luck not too many people die along the way.

Reality grinds slow, but it grinds exceeding fine.

Let’s all be sure to save our receipts. [This is a reference to the fact that if you’re the victim of a crime – which we all have been — be sure to make a record of it for later; a great many atrocities are covered up and buried]

Reader’s comments:

Saw a report Murphy is dropping the State Obedience Face Diapers in schools as of March 7th for NJ. They inquired further in their “newstory” if schools would be able to continue the state-worshipping practice further? They think that’s an open question. They’d like to believe they can repeat the issue in the NJ courts and follow Virginia. The Branch Covidians will not surrender. Their fight lives on …

Too many in their base still have a psychotic fear about covid, plus this administration is in bed with the US Drug Cartel (Big Pharma) so I’m not feeling confident that we’re getting anything other than a temporary reprieve.

(10) Miscellaneous videos

Peter van Oordt – Puslinch Fire & Rescue Services FIRED the day after posting his video discussing his right to Medical Autonomy. The Canadian Constitution is Supreme Law. Section 52(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – The supremacy clause –… #PetervanOordt #civilrights #medicalautonomy Provision 52.(1) The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect. #canadaconstitution #constitutionact1982 #supremacyclause #supremelawofcanada #firefightersstandup #protecttheconstitution #protectcanadians #section52

Below: Interesting music video against Biden regime and vax mandates. It’s obvious the man is suffering from dementia, but they keep him in office anyway. The U.S. is being run by a shadow government in the NSA, in cooperation with the globalists, large corporations, Big Pharma, military-industrial complex (war profiteers) and the CCP.


Freedom Convoy Leadership Update – Address to the Nation 7:00pm February 6, 2020. Ottawa Mayor declared a state of emergency. How Ottawa Police taking the convoy fuel and occupying the convoy tents does not impact the Freedom Convoy logistics. #irnieracingnews #freedomconvoyupdate #freedomconvoyaddresstothenation

Candice Bergen [interim leader of the CPC] calls for END to ALL Covid-19 restrictions in Canada

Below: Ottawa riot police detain protesters and seized all gas containers that were obtained to assist the truckers. This is theft.

(11) Australia update: Anti-lockdown pioneers launch NSW Supreme Court fight back

Victor Tey and Renee Altakrity are two of the pioneers of pushback against over-zealous policing under harsh Covid-19 restrictions.

Thanks to your support through our Fight The Fines initiative, their cases will be now heard in the NSW Supreme Court after Victor had one his matters dismissed in the magistrates court.

Now, alongside Renee, he’s heading to the Supreme Court for the remaining two on constitutional grounds in what will be precedent-setting cases.

PLEASE HELP! We need your help to escalate Victor and Renee’s matters. With your help through Fight The Fines, we’re making a difference.

Victor and Renee still need your help, as the case in the Supreme Court is an expensive proposition with legal costs estimated at about $150,000.

Those following Rebel News since the start of the pandemic will remember Victor Tey, the Christian community leader who was fined and arrested for literally exercising his rights during a lockdown.

In May 2020, the world watched on in horror as Renee’s child was ripped from her arms as she was dragged into the back of a police van for simply carrying a sign objecting to Covid-19 restrictions. Sadly situations like this have become the new normal during the pandemic.

C Shamsabad, a solicitor at Banga Legal representing in the matters, highlighted the importance of the cases appearing before the courts.

“Essentially, if we can take this matter all the way and we can get a successful outcome in this matter, the right to protest will be preserved no matter what strain comes next and no matter what strain of authoritarian thinking might pop up in society,” he said.

“The right to protest is something which is reserved for all Australians whether you are on the far left or far right of politics, as long as you’re legally protesting, you should have a right in this country to go out and express your thinking.

“That’s something that is fundamental to who we are as a country and that’s essentially what the purpose of this case is to preserve.”

For Victor, the case reaching the Supreme Court is a major milestone in his fight for justice.

“19 months ago when I started walking outside Parliament House with a friend I didn’t know what was going to come of this. I didn’t know if it was going to make a difference,” he said.

“I thought if I got a fine I would just go to court to fight that fine myself and so be it, at least I tried.

“But now because of Rebel News and because of your generous supporters, I’m so pumped about this supreme court challenge because now our case is going to be the one that actually goes to the supreme court and is going to fight for our right to freedom of political expression.

“I’m just so glad that Rebel News is taking this on and we can help potentially thousands of others that are in the same situation.”

“The police brutality needs to stop,” Renee added.

“The memory will never go away. It’s tough. But I know I am a strong girl and I will overcome anything and so will my son and my family.”

Covid-Cops STORM Church during service

The Western Australia police barged into a church to check mask compliance on a day with 18 local cases in a state that is 93% fully vaccinated.

Avi Yemini tells Fox News: Learn from Australia.

Don’t believe them when they promise life goes back to normal if/when you get “fully vaccinated”.

The comments below the video are interesting:

Within a day of Joe Rogan having 100 videos taken down and the Ottawa cops saying license plates will be used to target supporters of the Freedom Convoy . . .

I don’t believe any numbers from corrupt Totalitarian governments Nothing but number fear porn .

The only reason Australians numbers are so high is because they give up their rights to have firearms . That was a guarantee for communists to take power . It’s a good thing Canadians and Americans are armed to the teeth . Communists are cowards when they are confronted with pushback. [Actually, Canadians are NOT armed]

Tell that to Pastor Artur Pawlowski, and several other Pastors here in Canada.

We gave up the Guns again comment….. Wake up. The same sh*t is happening everywhere with or without the guns.

It is bizarre how even people vehemently opposed to all the narrative nonsense will still refer to the experimental gene therapy as a “vaccine”.

people are too lazy to do a little research and think the same government that wants to cull them are looking out for their best interests.

Problem is the 93% complying. Govt figures they now can do anything to people.

I’d say that 90% figure is a tad high , more like 50% are uninformed lazy people . Over 2 million protesters in Ottawa this weekend and when warmer weather hits expect that to double or triple.

It’s an ideological purge in needle form.

Liberal media is now in overdrive to spin the stories and lies. Based on this article, Dug Ford is fully committed to destroying freedom as well. [Typical MSM headline, which is against the truckers: Ottawa Declares Emergency as Protests Spin ‘Out of Control’

We need to talk about the World wide Truck Convoy to Freedom

Davos Summit. Australian PM speaks at WEF. [He gives an update on how far that country has gone towards the WEF 2030 Agenda — which is social engineering on a global scale. It seeks to eliminate an entire underclass of workers who have traditional values, through ideological indignation, state control, automation, and technocracy. The jab is a way to identify the resistors and marginalize them]

The vaccines are designed to make everyone susceptible to new strains and new viruses! So line up and get your shot or two or three, 4,5,6,7… do your part to protect the elite so they can live long enough to steal your property. [This argument has some plausibility, since there are now studies that show the mRNA injections lower immunity; this is why people who take them are more susceptible to Covid]

Imagine what leftists would say if this was a mosque.

It’s sad that the police are being used as the equivalent of the Brown shirts in Nazi Germany . I would say Australia is a hard place to bring millions of people together since it’s so huge and spread out. When the people unite together they become stronger. Our government in America is hoping the people riot so they can come down on the gun laws and try to control. Trying to separate the people is a big mistake. Forcing mandates on the people is a big mistake. Hopefully it will bring more people together. This resistance is spreading across the world.

Americans have shooting irons. Remember it’s not un-American to use them. It’s how we got our country.

Satan used Judas to betray Jesus. To all law enforcement, think before you betray your fellow countrymen, and your Lord Jesus. To interrupt the Holy Mass is a sacrilege.

It’s against the law to interrupt a religious service.

You voted for this group to spread their wrath Aussies. Will you look deep within yourselves come the next election?

WEF has infiltrated top levels of government and institutions. Klaus Schwab happily stated half of Trudeau’s cabinet are globalists over here in Canada. All these globalists need to be identified and ousted, forever, across the board.

We have been very complacent and lulled by promises for “safety.”

Our voting system is broken . . . The last federal election I received a letter in the mail to my address telling me my last vote did not count because they were not sure of my address. I have heard of others getting the same letter. That leaves me thinking how many votes were stolen in this fashion . . . The past 3 or 4 elections were won on lies. They win on a promise to do this and that. As soon as they win, they sell us out to the corporations or highest bidder.

It is long past obvious that those crappy masks spread disease. Just look at the data.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

We are in the same boat here in Canada my Australian friends.. There is no room for communism anywhere. Refuse to live in fear my friends. Practice your religions openly and freely. Do not allow evil to win.

It’s time Australia. Time to shut this 💩 down. Fight back . . .

I will pray for Australia.

The current pope is useless. He’s an apostate and atheist motivated by Marxist globalist ideology.

What happened to the 70 year old woman tackled and arrested by violent Australian police on Saturday?

This is so wrong. Why won’t the government just let the country get back to normal? Why are all these top government officials so hell-bent on control. Don’t they know that they are playing with danger. They will be voted out.

Instead of democratic government’s swaying China to our side, China has influenced them to become more authoritarian.

Eph. 6:12 (KJV) – “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Jesus is LORD, and they are treating HIM as common. Shameful. Cry to the LORD, you who fear Him. He will hear!

The lie of going back to normal when we reach a certain percent.

China is behind all of this! The mandates are made in CHINA just like everything you buy.

The archdiocese of Perth has issued a statement deploring this police action, interrupting Mass. However, within days of this incident, the police have reportedly interrupted two further Masses in Perth.

Police are neutral. They can do good things or evil things depending on the orders they are given. There are bullies among them who like to hurt people.

WHATS A CASE ??? ..PCR test cannot tell anything about infections but was the only basis for all anti corona measures including the “ so called vaccines ..the PCR test creates mostly false positive cases.

God is watching…and may He step in soon, even if that means protecting the people that rise up. Prayers for Australians.

Concentration camps and gas chambers next if you people don’t kick out liberal, labour dictators.

When you see one cop in a video arresting a preacher and another cop in a video pretending to support the convoy, that doesn’t show you every single one.

High crime rates and the police are checking in the churches. WA [Western Australia] may be saying goodbye to religion freedom!

Non-compliance was the way out from the very beginning.

As a freedom-loving Yank, we support YOUR freedom from tyranny and mandates and lockdowns! Dig in and hold on, mates!

When will the bobbies [police] STORM abortion clinics, even in the middle of a so-called pandemic, to stop the murdering of both unborn and newborn children? [never]

Actually that has happened in California and pastors are going to jail in California. And there are 2 covid camps in the US and they are trying to bring one here in NYC. “Covid camp” in Washington state. RED ALERT: Covid internment camps announced in America; Tennessee governor signs EO authorizing National Guard to carry out Covid medical kidnapping.

“G’day! We’re here for a pointless faux-protection checkup that doubles as a reminder that you’re actively being oppressed for no reason! Everyone got a bacterial breeding cloth strapped over their nose and mouth? Good! Everyone have a drug that we’re all pretending has something to do with a vaccine? Excellent! Anyone daring to think all of this is breaching the depths of depravity and wickedness, and that we are held in utter contempt? —I should think not! Carry on then, chattel!”

Imagine STILL wearing a germ diaper on your face at this stage in the game.

Thanks for getting the truth out and exposing the evil, amazing service brother.

I don’t think their ‘Great Reset’ would work of they hadn’t had the Pope under control.

This makes me sick, just sick. C’mon Aussies, stand up. This is your government out of control.

Australian hell is covered on international news but nearly completely silent in Australia. More evidence our news is controlled. So many rely on “news” for the ‘current state of play’, and we get silence, or distraction. Keep fighting the good fight Avi! We love and support you and your team!

Freedom to defend yourself gone, freedom of speech gone, freedom of religion on the way out. Australian will keep complying.

Australians traded their ability to defend themselves for a promise of safety. Nobody mentioned safety from the authorities who made the false promise.

We need MASS protest, literally 😎👍✝️❤️

My old friends from a church who have visited me for 5 years have not been allowed to since covid came to Western Australia.

(12) Nuremberg 2.0 hearings

Nuremberg 2.0 statement: Nuremberg 2.0 – Fullmich Opening Statement

While the “Dirty 16” they tried for crimes against humanity are still free, and this is what’s called a mock trial, it’s still important to set the record straight and provide evidence, while it’s still fresh, of what’s happened. Perhaps in the future there will be an actual trial in the Hague’s international court, but whether that happens or not, we still have this noble effort.

A comment I found online about this:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is leading this. He is an “international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.” It starts on Feb 5th, 2022. Fuellmich say there was no corona pandemic but only a PCR test designed to create a global panic. It was created by a group of sociopathic individuals. In future sessions you will hear from medical professionals. Known treatments were banned in favor of ineffective and lethal injections. Individuals will testify about the injuries they suffered from the experimental injections. The virus is no more dangerous than the common flu. The PCR test created false positive cases. Our natural immune system is perfectly capable of dealing with this virus. There was no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental injections started. Cases were created artificially by the PCR test. Mandates and treatments are now considered serious medical malpractice. The injections cause more mortality that the virus. If you are medical or legal professional these hearing should be advisable for you. Go to this link.

(13) On automation of trucking jobs and the Book of Revelation

Top left: technocracy as a consuming beast wrecking society.
Top right: medieval illustration of the beast in the Book of Revelation
Bottom Left: robotics replace jobs. Bottom right: the wretched masses of the future dying,

considered expendable by the elites (still from Max Max Fury Road)

This video (below) by an Australian man starts out slowly but gets interesting if you stick with it. It brings up technocracy, and ties into the Book of Revelations, predicting ever-increasing automation and repression of the underclasses. “During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them” Rev. 9:6. The “beast” in Rev. 13, according to this fellow, is the “technocratic beast system.” Let’s look at that verse, keeping in mind that there are multiple schools of interpretation of this scripture. This man is using what’s called the futurist interpretation.

The beast “coming out of the Earth . . . exercised all the authority . . . it deceived the inhabitants of the earth . . . It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name . . . the number of the beast [is[ the number of a man.” – from Rev. 13.

Is this a prophecy of technocracy? Some people say ID chips are the mark of the Beast. Whether or not Revelation, written almost 2,000 years ago, predicts our times exactly, it does seem to indicate how evil works: through systems that enslave people to them and treat them as cattle and that these systems are idolatrous. [One can interpret it through a reading of the Bible from a moral perspective, as a moral statement against evil and as a prescription for a good society]

At the time of writing, the Roman empire was that system, imposing itself on the world. Now it is globalism, which has far more power, using technology to enslave all of us. Technocracy represents an existential threat to humanity. It’s evident in the mRNA injections, automation of jobs, robotics, surveillance cameras, ID chips, smartphones, digital currency and the rise of the financial sector, tracking and ubiquitous computing. In the future, it will give rise to transhumanism.

With automation of driving, will truckers will be replaced, as will most jobs eventually, creating a massive underclass whose skills are obsolete, ruled over by a technological elite. They/we will be demonized and considered expendable. Why would they bother even keep us alive. See my comparison of dystopian science fiction with medical tyranny. As for Biblical prophecy as it relates to technocracy, I discuss it here. And my discussion of technocracy and its chilling implications.

(14) Canada’s online censorship bill is back (Reclaim the Net)

The Liberal Canadian government is resurrecting its online censorship bill that many were pleased died last year. The new Bill – now called Bill C-11 – is aimed at regulating online platforms . . .We obtained a copy of the bill for you here.

If the bill passes, platforms that host content such as Netflix and Spotify, will be required to follow the content rules that traditional broadcasters follow as well as be forced to show a specified amount of local content and contributing cultural funds.

The Liberals claim that Bill C-11 addresses the free speech concerns that were raised about Bill C-10. In the new bill, user-generated content will be exempted from regulation by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Professor Michael Geist, from the University of Ottawa has disputed that the new proposals protect free speech. “Indeed, for all the talk that user generated content is out, the truth is that everything from podcasts to TikTok videos fit neatly into the new exception that gives the CRTC the power to regulate such content as a ‘program,’” Geist wrote in a blog post.

Basically, the bill means the Canadian Radio and television and Telecommunications Commission will be granted permission to regulate a lot of social media content created by Canadians.

[That will mean the loss of freedom to critisize the government and it’s medical tyranny, much as is in the case in China]

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said that only commercial social media content will be regulated, social-media “influencers” and “cat videos” will be exempted.

[Do you believe the government? I don’t. It would leave it up to their discretion]

. . . the bill is regulatory overreach by the government . . . The updated bill is also facing opposition from the Conservatives. “When the Liberal government introduced Bill C-10 in the previous Parliament, experts and advocates raised serious concerns about how this legislation affects the rights and freedoms of Canadians on the internet,” the Conservatives party’s heritage critic John Nater said in a statement . . .

(15) Twin Cities restaurant owners lose up to 40% of business after vaccine passport introduction (Reclaim the Net)

Restaurant owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul have noted a drop in business by up to 40% after the cities’ vaccine mandate came into effect. Last month, the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul (the twin cities) joined the growing list of mayors that have enforced vaccine passports for public and entertainment venues like restaurants, night clubs, and bars.

Related: How vaccine passports are crushing freedom, privacy, and civil liberties

. . . Now, only two weeks after the mandate came into effect, businesses are complaining that business is extremely low. Speaking to KTSP, Craft and Crew Hospitality co-owner Luke Derheim said: “Unfortunately when the vaccine-or-test mandate went into effect we saw a 30% drop in our Minneapolis locations overnight.”

(16) Ottawa is now a police state . . . Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warns


. . . now they want to take away, all the fuel for the vehicles, propane for cooking included . . . It is really cold in Ottawa you know. Now it is deadly.

I call this war against Canadian Citizens. That is what they do to the enemy during a war. That is standard operational procedure (SOP). Destroy food chains. Destroy anything that will help the enemy . . .

. . . The entire planet has been terrorized by their own governments.

Click to visit the original post

Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warns

Posted On: February 6, 2022 OTTAWA: The Justice Centre [Centre for Constitutional Freedoms] today warned that Ottawa police would be breaking the law if police attempt to intimidate or arrest people who bring food or other supplies to truckers who are peacefully exercising their Charter rights and freedoms in Ottawa.

tweet from Ottawa Police from 11:52 a.m. on Sunday February 6 states “Anyone attempting to bring material supports (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway.”

But “People who bring food, water, gasoline or other supplies to peacefully protesting truckers are not breaking any law. There is no basis for this police threat, that was issued by Twitter this morning,” states lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter, representing the Freedom Convoy.

“In a free and democratic society that is governed by the rule of law, citizens can freely associate with each other, including the giving and receiving of goods and gifts. There is no law that would allow the Ottawa Police to arrest people for giving fuel or food to another Canadian,” continues Mr. Wansbutter.

“The truckers themselves are exercising their Charter freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly, as they are legally entitled to do,” concludes Mr. Wansbutter.

(17) News Release – Urgent Message to Canadians in defense of the Charter, Feb 7, 2022

We, the undersigned, wish to make the following statement based on the fluid, unfolding events in Ottawa in relation to the Freedom Convoy.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees every Canadian’s right to peacefully assemble and the right to protest.

For nearly two weeks, Canadians with their families and children from all over the country from different ages, races, ethnicities, religions and beliefs have gathered in our Nation’s capital to exercise this right in unity, peace and love.

Many of the undersigned have attended and are still present in Ottawa. We have witnessed peaceful demonstration and have observed multiple acts of humanity which define what it means to be Canadian. These acts include providing meals to the homeless population, tidying the streets of trash and snow, keeping watch of the tomb of the unknown soldier and other monuments and assisting business owners with tidiness while providing patronage to their establishment. There is overwhelming evidence to substantiate what we have witnessed first-hand.

The corporate media’s coverage of these events does not accurately depict what is transpiring.

The government’s decision to block refueling of the trucks puts fellow Canadians and their families including their young children in danger due to the extreme cold temperatures currently occurring in Ottawa. Regardless where one stands on this topic, these actions are inhumane and do not align with Canadian principles.

The spirit of the protest in Ottawa is that of peace and coming together as a nation. We will continue encouraging the non-violent nature of the protest and non-interference with emergency vehicles and businesses established in the area.

If Canada truly is a democratic nation, then we call on our duly elected members of government to engage in meaningful dialogue consistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unjustly labelling those protesting the unconstitutional public health orders as terrorists, racists and misogynists is unacceptable and creates further divide.

I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.

– John Diefenbaker, July 1, 1960 from the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Police on Guard
Mounties 4 Freedom
Stand up Canada
Take Action Canada
Mama Bears
Police for Freedom
Vaccine Choice Canada
Rick Nicholls – Deputy Leader Ontario Party, MPP Chatham-Kent-Leamington
Harold Albrecht – Retired MP – Kitchener Conestoga
Derek Sloan – Leader Ontario Party
Dean Allison – MP for Niagara West
Randy Hillier – MPP Lenark-Frontenac-Kingston/No More Lockdowns
Larry Sault – Former Chief and Grand Chief in Ontario/ Indigenous Consultant (Present)

(18) Trudeau Establishes Elite Class As Canada Moves Toward Communism

by Brad Salzberg [edited down and graphics added]

The media’s vilification of the truckers is the latest phase in Canada’s transition to pseudo-communism . . . Trudeau is the most ideology-oriented prime minister in Canadian history . . .

Unfortunately for 38 million Canadians, our PM’s ideological beliefs are rooted in a family pastime– a preference for Communism. [See Pierre Trudeau was a Communist]

. . . a post-modern elite class is being [formed] as we speak . . . Government and media collusion have leveraged a tactic co-opted from authoritarian governance: accuse the other of that which you indulge in. Invert reality to skew the circumstances in your favour.

[For] example: “The truckers are a threat to Canadian democracy.” As if. The truckers, in fact, represent an exercise in democracy. It is Justin Trudeau who represents a threat to democracy. One way he is doing so is through an establishment of an elite class in Canada.

Along with government/media, we have what may be called the “woke liberal” contingent . . . The idea that our PM is systemically stripping away individual freedoms in the name of Covid never seems to penetrate their consciousness.

. . . the target of their vitriol are Canadian truckers . . . Beneath the media message is a form of attack against “Old Stock” Canadians [i.e.] conservatives, Anglophones, Christians, pro-Lifers.

[These are people] the elite despise . . . Canada is at war. In this war, there are no guns and tanks . . . This is “post-modern” warfare. It is perpetrated from within. It is class warfare . . .

Canadian immigration [plays a part] New citizens . . . don’t know Canadian history . . . Arriving mainly from non-democratic nations, their absence of perspective assists the Trudeau government in its goals.

. . . Minister of Diversity MP Ahmed Hussen is thrilled— and why wouldn’t he be? Living in Canada for decades, he doesn’t give up his dual Somalian citizenship . . .

[Thought to be fair, there are immigrants and so-called ‘people of colour’ support the freedom movement]

Top row: Ottawa rally, Halifax rally, François Amalega (opponent of medical tyranny, Montreal)
Bottom row: from Ottawa rally, Halifax rally

Thus, the shaping of a brand-new Canada . . . an elite class sneering at Old Stock Canadians [and] government, media, academic and media- brainwashed Liberal snowflakes.

Under the auspices of Justin Trudeau . . . our country has transitioned to a pseudo-Communist state. Whether or not anything– or anyone– can come along to break the socialist spell remains to be seen.


Trudeau needs to go resign he is no good for Canadians.

Trudeau is Freedom-A-Phobic.

The Liberals have taken the ‘moral high ground’, believing somehow, that they are best equipped to manage authority. That authority has expressed itself as tyranny. Oppression does not serve the people. Free thought, free discussion, and free enterprise have been kicked to the curb. Justin Trudeau, as ill-equipped as he is to manage just about anything, has ‘Niche Marketed’ himself. The worst kind of ‘snowflake’ imaginable. Let’s hope he melts on the sidewalks of Ottawa.

And my comment:

For its entire existence, Canada’s social and political philosophy was founded, to a great extent, on a combination of two major forces: (1) 18th-century Enlightenment rationalism, which gave us universal moral principles and the idea of individual rights and egalitarianism; and (2) Judeo-Christian values and tradition which also include universal principles such as love of neighbour and charity and respect for family, and respect for God.

Now, the CCP and globalists want to take over and impose their form of state autocracy and collectivism – which does away with God, family, nation and rights. It creates a two-tiered society through technocracy. The truckers and working classes are standing in the way of this Utopian vision, so the state-run media are trashing them — which is shameful and grotesque.

I’m glad to see the resistance form and to see people stand up for freedoms, and to witness patriotic displays and a celebration of Canada by these good people — but as you all know, this fight is far from over. The one good thing that’s happened is that the enemy of Canada (our governments and the media) have exposed themselves. Trudeau has sided with the CCP and Big Pharma and the corporate monsters against Canadians. We see him clearly now.

We will never take freedom for granted again, now that we know how easily they can rob us of it. From now on, we will have to fight for freedom. The old days of enjoying a free and prosperous nation are over. In this NWO, our enemies are intent on destroying us. But we have the moral high ground and truth and God are on our side. Never underestimate the power of truth and the moral law within.

(19) Short news items from across Canada

Trudeau Government Asking Provinces Cancel Licenses Of Truckers Protesting

by Brian Peckford

What‘s going on in this country? Protests by the left seems to be okay. Remember the churches being burnt down?  The truckers have a right to PEACEFUL protest —‘to associate and assemble, freedom of expression’ , all these protected in the Charter of RIGHTS AND FREEDOMs. Yes, it has to be peaceful—-and that’s what is happening! These authoritative moves by the Federal Government are not democratic , not Canadian. Canadians are going to have to protest to their Premiers, Prime Minister  that this is wrong —-and to tell the Premieres they oppose taking away a truckers’ licence and not to take such action

Alberta education minister calls student mask protests to ‘cease immediately’. “Schools are not an appropriate place to protest public health measures, as this only serves to disrupt the education of Alberta students.” After massive backlash erupted on social media last Thursday over a mask protest by students at a Bowden School, Alberta’s Education Minister has called on students to stop the protests.

[An example of protest working]

Ottawa tow truck companies refuse to help remove trucks. Police in Ottawa are having the same problems as their colleagues in Southern Alberta — they can’t find tow truck operators who want to help them remove protesting semis that are part of the Freedom Convoy. A senior police source told CTV News Ottawa that even if they decided to tow the trucks, they wouldn’t have enough tow trucks to do it.

[The police think it’s intimidation, but I would venture to say it’s solidarity]

Elon Musk calls GoFundMe ‘professional thieves’. Elon Musk is accusing GoFundMe of hypocrisy after shutting down a huge fundraiser for the truckers’ Freedom Convoy. Musk tweeted it was hypocritical of the organization to shut off Canadian truckers after accepting donations for rioting Black Lives Matter protesters in the US. “Double-standard?” Musk questioned on Twitter.

[Good point: the Mayor of Ottawa march with BLM, a Marxist group, on June 5, 2020 but refuses to meet with hundreds of thousands of patriotic citizens this month — and in fact aggressively turned against them, following Trudeau’s lead]

Hold the line, no washrooms in Ottawa. “I saw maybe a total of 8 porta-potties for probably over 100k people when I was there” . . . Bathroom facilities are scarce for the masses of protestors in Ottawa.

Coutts truckers demand Trudeau and Kenney end mandates. “We call on the premier to do the right thing; the people have spoken,” said the spokesman. Truckers protesting at the Coutts border crisis for more than a week have released a statement calling on Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to end all COVID-19 mandates. In a recorded statement, protest organizer Marko Van Huigenbos started by thanking those who have supported the truckers with donations of money, food, supplies and other essentials.

Kenney expected to announce plan to drop mandates. “We can – and must – get on with our lives, restore our freedoms, and live with joy, not fear,” wrote Kenney in his tweet. It’s expected Alberta Premier Jason Kenney will bring forward his UCP government’s plans to end COVID-19 public health restrictions and vaccine passports early this week. Kenney said plans will be “phased in” to remove measures including the vaccine mandate program . . .

[It seems that protest works!]

Ottawa police slap cuffs on elderly man for honking. An elderly man was arrested in Ottawa Monday morning after he was pulled over by police for apparently honking. He was arrested in a tense confrontation in which he refused to provide an officer his driver’s licence and people on the sidewalk derided the officer.

Man charged in Winnipeg car attack on convoy protest is radical far-left anarchist. The man charged in Winnipeg for an attack on a convoy protest is a radical far-left anarchist. Police, however, are still treating the incident as a hit-and-run, rather than a hate crime.

Man charged in Winnipeg car attack on convoy protest is radical far-left anarchist

(20) Parliamentary debate, Feb. 7, 2022

And finally — a very important news item: in the Canadian Parliament, the conservative party (CPC) are finally saying that the mandates must end for all of Canada (in video below).

Of course the Liberals are objecting but the fact that the debate is ensuing is important.

It means the protest worked. And if Alberta and Saskatchewan are dropping them (or more precisely phasing them out), how log before the other provinces do so as well? Or will they continue to be held captive to this madness in perpetuity?

By all measures, the protest has been successful for exposing Trudeau and the media as enemies of Canada and freedom, and inspiring a dozen other countries to drop restrictions.

“Canada’s House of Commons is holding an emergency debate on the ongoing trucker protest and occupation in Ottawa at the behest of New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh . . . What began as a protest against Ottawa’s vaccine mandate for truckers at the Canada-US border has morphed into opposition to all public health measures including mask-wearing and vaccination, and now calls for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign.”


[I have been listening to this debate from Parliament for the last couple of hours. The Liberal and NDP Parliamentarians are so focused on ending the protest in Ottawa and getting people injected that they seem to have no understanding or sympathy for what ordinary Canadians are going through — what they have put people through.

Even one fellow, who ought to know better — his father was a truck driver — sides with the Liberal party (I presume he’s an MP) and doesn’t get it. They also seem oblivious to the fact that the entire world is moving past this concocted emergency towards “living with” Covid. The mass hysteria is all but over in Canada. It’s on life support due to the media.

All this falls at the feet of Trudeau, who has divided Canadians with hateful rhetoric and an unwillingness to listen to the voice of Canadians. And the media too, who are inflaming hatred an division and falsehood.

The PC members bring these things up, but their comments are pushed away and deflected. And that’s why the protest continues and will continue until all the mandates are dropped across Canada.

Trudeau really should resign and the media needs to be defunded and broken up (it’s controlled by a few owners). I will go so far as to say that some people should be arrested for treason and put on trial for their role in working with globalists and the CCP to actively destroy Canada from within — including the Prime Minister himself.

These Parliamentarians have no idea how angry people are at them for destroying lives and dividing families. It’s also sad to see that half of Canadians — due to the negative media coverage — are against the protest — but again, with no sympathy or understanding of what happening. They just blindly believe what the media tell them and don’t look into it themselves, with their own eyes and minds.

This again falls on Trudeau and his paranoid, hateful response. He acts like someone who is guilty of a crime, trying to cover it — and indeed that is the case. The PMs who support him are also guilty of the crime of destroying lives at the behest of the greedy and powerful]

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Graphic by Think for Yourself

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