Three arrested in British Columbia after shopping without a mask: B.C. joins Australia as an emerging police state

by Drea Humphrey Rebel News Sep 2, 2021

Three citizens were hurt, humiliated, arrested and charged, after shopping without their air pathways covered at a Blenz Coffee in Vancouver.

The shocking arrests took place just before B.C. dropped its face covering mandate, only to soon yo-yo back in a new one for the fully vaxxed and un-vaxxed alike.

In this full report you will see both the calm discussion the shoppers were having with Blenz staff after being refused service, and the angry customer who saw it necessary to call police to come save everyone from the barefaced shoppers.

“I am not resisting arrest!” yelled Alyosha Zeifman, an independent journalist who went from filming the interaction while maskless, to being gripped by the neck and taken down by two officers. Zeifman’s friends, Darren Urtesky and Lisa Di Fonzo, looked on in shock and pleaded for the officers to stop, without realizing that they were next on the officers’ takedown list.

Watch this video to see how quickly the police escalated the situation to the point of arresting the three individuals, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Being arrested after shopping without a mask is rare in B.C., but not unheard of. Through our Fight the Fines civil liberties project, in partnership with the Democracy Fund, Rebel News is currently fighting the criminal charges of five young adults who were also arrested by Coquitlam RCMP after shopping in a Chapters with their full faces exposed.

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This story above is similar to a report on Australia’s lockdown and emerging police state

Four provinces out of 10 in Canada have now adopted some sort of vaccine passport system: Quebec, Manitoba, B.C., and most recently Ontario.

Here is a report on the response of different provinces as of Aug. 27, 2021:

This chart was made by based on the following information:

There are several unknowns because bureaucrats and politicians in Canada often speak ambiguously, trying to please all sides. Only Alberta’s premier Jason Kenny had a strong statement against vaccine passports.

What provinces have to say about vaccine passports

by Ben Cousins & Tom Yun, writers; Thursday, August 5, 2021


British Columbia announced on Aug. 23 that the province will require residents to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, gyms, casinos, sporting events, theatres, conferences and weddings.

Starting Sept. 13, B.C. residents will be able to access a digital vaccine card or request a paper one from the province.

Proof of at least one dose will suffice until Oct. 24. After which, the province will require proof of being fully vaccinated.

“We’re making it as simple as we possibly can to have a confidential way of determining people’s immunization status,” B.C. Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Bonnie Henry said during the announcement. 


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said in July that the province won’t issue vaccine passports.

“We’ve been very clear from the beginning that we will not facilitate or accept vaccine passports,” Kenney said during a Calgary Stampede photo-op on July 12.

“I believe they would in principle contravene the Health Information Act and also possibly the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.”

On Aug. 26, the province announced that it would be creating new digital and paper cards containing COVID-19 immunization records.

However, the province said that the new vaccination card won’t be considered a vaccine passport. Health Minister Tyler Shandro also reiterated his government’s opposition to vaccine passports in a series of tweets.

“To be clear, the Alberta government has not and will not mandate a so-called ‘vaccine passport’ for domestic use,” Shandro tweeted on Aug. 26


Saskatchewan is working on a form of vaccine passport designed to assist in international travel, but Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has stated that such documentation will not be required to go to work or attend events.

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark on Aug. 25 said on social media that he’s urging the province to mandate vaccine passports for certain activities in order to curb rising COVID-19 cases in the province.


In June, Manitoba launched its proof-of-vaccination card, issued to any fully immunized Manitoban with a provincial health card. 

The certificates allow residents to skip the mandatory quarantine when returning to the province from international travel and helps with those wishing to visit a loved one in long-term care.

The passports are also used for access to sporting events, restaurants, bars, and any business that wants to see vaccine proof before entry.


Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his government plan to unveil a COVID-19 vaccine passport system next week, a senior government source confirmed to CTV News Toronto on Aug. 27.

According to the source, proof of vaccination would be required to enter non-essential businesses such as restaurants and movie theatres.

​Ford will meet with his cabinet next week to finalize the plan, the source said.

Ford had previously ruled out the possibility of a vaccine passport for the province, telling reporters in July, “We’re not going have a split society.” 


Starting Sept. 1, individuals who are 13 years of age or older will have to present a QR code through the Quebec government’s VaxiCode app in order to visit a restaurant, bar, gym and other establishments listed on the Quebec government’s website.

The code contains the person’s name, date of birth and vaccine information. Quebecers will also be required to present photo ID alongside the code.

iPhone users can already download the VaxiCode app as of Aug. 25 while Android users will have to wait until the app lands in the Google Play Store later this week.

Quebecers without smartphones can also print out the QR code through the province’s website or have it mailed. Visitors to Quebec can show proof of vaccination from their own jurisdiction alongside a piece of photo ID.

Earlier in August, Quebec Premier Francois Legault said the passport will be used “in order [for] people who made the effort to be vaccinated, that they are able to come back to a normal life.”


New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said in July that the province has no plans to bring in a vaccine passport.

“I think that we can do without a vaccine passport on a domestic level,” she said.

New Brunswickers travelling to a destination – in Canada or elsewhere – can use the paper proof of vaccination they received when they were inoculated or have access to an online record.


Dr. Robert Strang, the province’s top doctor, said Thursday that Nova Scotia is in no rush to follow Quebec’s lead and has not made a decision on vaccine passports.

“I remain concerned that if not done very thoughtfully, something like a vaccine passport will further marginalize populations that are already marginalized in our communities.”

Strang said he thinks there are a number of issues concerning the idea and that any proof of vaccination would have to be robust to avoid fraudulent claims.

The Nova Scotia Liberals, in the midst of a provincial election, promised to implement a vaccine passport if elected on Aug. 17. However, Tim Houston’s Progressive Conservatives won a majority. Houston has said that he would rely on advice from experts like Strang before deciding on vaccine passports.


On May 26, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and Office of the Citizens’ Representative responded to national statements on vaccination passports.

They could offer a substantial public benefit, but should only be implemented if their benefits are balanced against privacy rights, Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael Harvey said.

“They are asking people to reveal their health information in exchange for access to a premises or even the province or country,” Harvey said. “That is a lot to ask.”

Bradley Moss, who represents the provincial ombudsman office, which is known as the Office of the Citizens’ Respresentative, said his organization recognizes the need for a vaccine passport, but that it could lead to confusion and complaints.

“If the government decides to develop or use vaccine passports in order for people to access provincial public services, it is important that they ensure that administrative fairness is respected,” Moss said. “Vaccine passports should not create oppressive or unreasonable barriers to obtaining public services based on an individual’s vaccination status.”


Prince Edward Island has instituted a “PEI Pass,” which is similar to vaccine passport, except is only for people travelling to the province and people from P.E.I. who are returning from another province.

Travellers are eligible for a PEI Pass if they have one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or are fully vaccinated, depending on where they’re from.

People in possession of a PEI Pass will be exempt from isolating when entering the province.


The Yukon’s Privacy Commissioner Diane McLeod-McKay released a statement in May that vaccine passports must safeguard privacy and should only be used for public health measures.

“They should also incorporate privacy best practices in order to achieve the highest level of privacy protection commensurate with the sensitivity of the personal health information,” the statement said.


In an FAQ section on the province’s website, the Northwest Territories “will comply with federal requirements once decided, but it is not up to us to decide what is needed or accepted across the country.”

It also noted that anyone requiring proof of vaccination for employment can request their vaccination record.


The Government of Nunavut has said that any vaccine passports would happen at the federal level.


Federally, there is a vaccine passport to enter the country. Those who do not have proof of vaccination may be required to enter a quarantine facility, a hotel, at their own expense for a time period determined by border officials (anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks). There are reports of it costing $2,000!

Here is Canada’s “mandatory quarantine” website:

The Radisson hotel that Canada uses to quarantine people is run by China:

“The Radisson hotel next to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport was recently revealed as one of many government-run COVID quarantine facilities in Canada, with this location in particular alleged to have sealed windows, cheap meals and demands that occupants not leave their room at all, as per a Rebel News source who was recently placed at the facility.

Canadian quarantine hotel owned by Chinese Communist Party ...

“In addition, a recently de-flagged Radisson Hotel in east Toronto was also revealed as a COVID hotel. It appears that the Radisson chain hotels are owned by a Chinese-led consortium which is run by state-owned enterprises, under the ruling Chinese Communist Party. Radisson Hotel Group is owned by Aplite Holdings AB. Aplite Holdings is owned by a consortium led by Jin Jiang International.”

Tucker Carlson did a piece against Canada’s quarantine hotels, from March 31, 2021:
He is critical of Trudeau’s internment policy.

Tucker Carlson Tonight : FOXNEWSW : March 31, 2021 5:00pm ...


  1. hyden says:

    Mans being voting in his own imprisonment for long time.
    Frankly they deserve it. Always voting going to the elections and voting for these corrupt people.


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