Justice Centre sues Ontario Government over vaccine passport

Their reasons for not taking it, in this case, are all perfectly understandable. What’s astounding and maddening is that it’s being forcefully pushed on all of us for no good reason. It doesn’t provide immunity, the disease is not fatal for most people, the jab has negative side effects, and it seems to be used as a tool of coercion by the state to condition us to accept a CCP-style social credit system. And possibly worse (i.e., weakening our immune system, and make us susceptible to another worse disease they may unleash on us soon). And it was produced from fetal cell linings and animal testing, making it ethically compromised. It has also been tested on children despite the fact that they have a 99.997% recovery rate, and it produced “adverse events.” There have been miscarriages because of this drug. All good reasons not to take it. And it is being used to scapegoat people and create social divisions that never existed before. It’s being used to promote discrimination and violent rhetoric. It’s being used for evil. If this were the Bubonic plague and one in three people was dying and the jab actually provided immunity, I’d gladly take it. Why do people pretend this is a deadly pandemic on that scale and that this drug works? It seems to be a case of the Emperors’ New Clothes: a pretense.



TORONTO, ON:TheJustice Centrehas filed aconstitutional challengeagainst Ontario’s vaccine passport mandate in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.

The legal challenge is brought on behalf of eight Ontario citizens who are exercising theirCharterrights and freedoms by not taking one or more doses of the Covid vaccine.

One of the eight applicants in this court case is Sarah Lamb, from Kitchener. She suffered serious adverse effects from the first dose of the Covid vaccine and has decided against a second dose. Ms. Lamb has been unable to obtain an exemption to the vaccine passport. The Ontario government has proclaimed that exemptions to the vaccine passport would only be accepted in very limited cases.

Ms. Sarah Harjee, another Applicant, is an expectant mother with degrees in nursing and public health. Ms. Harjee is concerned about possible adverse effects from the Covid vaccine…

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