Gibraltar has a 100% vaccination rate but is still experiencing Covid cases; proving that the jab doesn’t work (except to ruin lives and impose tyranny, which seems to be its real function)

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Gibraltar cancels official Christmas celebrations amid ‘exponential’ rise in cases

NZ Herald, Nov. 17, 2021

About Gibraltar

The tiny territory of Gibraltar has announced a raft of new health updates following a “drastic rise” in Covid-19 cases.

The British-owned peninsula often referred to as “the most vaccinated place on Earth” for having inoculated the entirety of its adult population, has seen case numbers steadily rise throughout the months of October and November.

[NB – This is due to the jab itself, through ADE, even though the media refuses to acknowledge it.]

Health officials governing the 34,000-strong population believe the sudden re-emergence of the virus to be cause for concern after 124 new cases appeared over the weekend. Gibraltar has seen an average of 56 cases per day over the past seven days, compared to under 10 per day in September.

[NB – What the government there should do is this: nothing. Let the 124 cases take their course and continue with life as usual. Eventually, most people will have natural immunity as a result. Problem solved.]

The number of active cases sits at 474 – roughly 1.3 per cent of the population – as of November 17th. The recent spike is the biggest surge the tiny populous has seen since January 2021.

Gibraltar’s vaccination rate is currently at a peculiar 118 per cent, taking into account the fully vaccinated Spaniards who travel across its border each day for work.

Despite ongoing reassurance from world governments, the widespread vaccination of populations has unfortunately failed to ease rising case numbers for some densely populated nations.

The recent spike has put Christmas plans in the firing line for Gibraltar, which has been forced to reintroduce mandatory mask laws for indoor spaces and public transport.

[NB – No one is forcing them except their exceedingly stupid government]

Gibraltar’s government has recommended civilians cancel plans going into the holiday break as the “exponential rise in cases” takes hold.

[NB – There’s no point in doing this since the chance of asymptomatic transmission in public is rare. It just makes life more dismal, for no good reason.]

“The government intends to cancel a number of its functions including official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings,” the official release read.


This popular vlogger says “keep complying, idiots”

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