“Vaccines don’t stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths” – Alex Berenson

They never have, even at peak effectiveness. A huge U.S. database offers proof

[My commentary: We’re always told by the MSM and talking heads that the unvaccinated are more at risk of death than the vaccinated and they end up hospitalized more. But is that true? They like to talk about how we should have faith in “the science” but when scientific studies produce results that don’t square with their relentless push to get every person on Earth injected with this experimental drug (for reasons that are still unclear), the MSM are conveniently silent – or they blacklist the scientists. Perhaps that’s why Berenson calls his blog ‘Unreported Truths‘.

Here is the link to a study, titled “Association Between Immune Dysfunction and COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection After SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination in the US.” It’s discussed below. Despite concluding that people ought to wear masks and get injections (I guess they have to say that these days, to continue funding), the study’s implications raise important questions.

It says that people with immune dysfunctions are more at risk of death from “breakthrough infections” (i.e., getting Covid-19, despite taking the mRNA shots) than those without immune dysfunctions. And that “vaccine protection fades [quickly] after the second dose.” It also may be understood to imply that the CDC “hugely understated the number of vaccinated people hospitalized for Covid earlier this year.” It also cautiously implies that those with immune dysfunctions (such as HIV) should avoid the jab and seek alternative treatments.

Given that the jab weakens the immune system and doesn’t prevent transmission of infection, and produces potentially worse variants (like Delta) through ADE, and has numerous severe side effects — and (now we know) does little to prevent hospitalization or death in people with immune dysfunctions, at least for some parts of the population — its efficacy, safety, and public health value are not quite as clear-cut at the MSM would have us believe.

Another lesson we can derive from this report is that science is far from settled. There is no scientific consensus on the safety of the experimental mRNA injections (they’re not vaccines). Therefore, the precautionary principle should be in effect. I suspect that many if not most people are taking the jab not to prevent Covid but to keep their jobs and not become second-class citizens – and they gamble that they’ll be among the lucky ones not adversely affected]

by Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths, Dec. 29, 2021

Even at the peak of their protection earlier in 2021, Covid vaccines barely reduced the risk of hospitalizations in vaccinated people who had “breakthrough” infections, new data show.

Vaccinated people in a study published Tuesday had a nearly 1 in 200 chance of requiring hospitalization for Covid in the first six months after being “fully vaccinated.”

That stunning risk came even though the median age of people in the study was only 51, and most were relatively healthy.

Deaths, ventilator use, and other severe outcomes also occurred regularly in vaccinated people. The data comes from a study of about 600,000 vaccinated Americans seen at over 100 academic medical centers.

The study was published online Dec. 28 in the Journal of the American Medical Association – JAMA Internal Medicine.

The data in the study also make clear how quickly vaccine protection fades after the second dose – and that the Centers for Disease Control hugely understated the number of vaccinated people hospitalized for Covid earlier this year.

Of the 600,000 fully vaccinated people, about 2,800 required inpatient hospitalization for Covid in the first six months after “full vaccination.” That period starts 14 days after the second dose of mRNA vaccines when vaccine protection should be at peak.

Almost 3 percent of fully vaccinated people, or 1 in 35, were infected over the first six months, with infection rates accelerating sharply at the end of the study.

In all, 148 of the 600,000 vaccinated people had what the study’s authors called “serious” outcomes from Covid, including ventilation or death, in the first six months after full vaccination.

The study does not reveal how many people were infected or hospitalized for Covid after the first dose or less than two weeks after the second, when rates of infection, hospitalization, and death are known to be even higher.

The stunning figures are buried in a supplemental table of the study, which focused on the post-vaccination risk to a small group of people who have serious immune complications. The paper’s researchers compared infection, hospitalization, and death rates in about 35,000 immune-compromised people with about 570,000 who did not.

Somewhat surprisingly, the researchers found immune-compromised people had only a slight extra risk of SARS-Cov-2 infection, though they had about three times the risk of dying from Covid as people without immune disorders.

But by far the most interesting figures in the study are contained in a single small table in an appendix.

It compares the outcomes of the roughly 18,000 vaccinated and infected people seem at the medical centers with a much larger group of Covid patients – about 2.5 million people – who were not vaccinated and visited the same centers at any point during the epidemic.

About 84 percent of the vaccinated patients were seen as outpatients, while 16 percent required hospitalization.

In comparison, about 77 percent of unvaccinated patients were seen as outpatients, while 23 percent were hospitalized.

Almost 1 percent of the vaccinated patients had serious outcomes, including death, compared to just over 2 percent of the unvaccinated patients.

The study contained no information about post-vaccine side effects.

The findings run contrary to the endlessly repeated promises of Covid vaccine advocates that even if vaccines fail to prevent infection, they are necessary to keep hospitals from being overrun. They also help bring American hospitalization data – which is both fragmented and hopelessly politicized in a desperate effort to prove vaccine efficacy – more in line with figures from the United Kingdom and other countries.


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