Is ‘luciferase’ enzymes in the ‘vaccine’ proof that it’s Satanic? No. Is the destruction of a free society through medical tyranny evil and thus Satanic? Yes.

Red Voice Media has a story provocatively titled “PROOF: LUCIFERase Found In COVID Vaccine Company Patent, Satanic Big Pharma Company? Bioluminescent mark of the beast?” The article takes you to a video in which we go to the Moderna website to show the components used in the production of the Moderna ‘vaccine’. There’s something in it called ‘luciferase.‘ From this, the commentator infers something Satanic because one of the devil’s names is Lucifer.

Apparently, “luciferase” is a “glow-in-the dark enzyme produced in fireflies, plants and fish that is used in bioluminescence research.” Does that mean that fireflies are thus Satanic? No. This enzyme is just part of the created order of things. What’s evil is the moral decision to do harm to other people for power and profit by imposing medical tyranny.

A French pharmacologist named Raphaël Dubois (1849-1929) decided to name a class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence “luciferin” and “luciferase” from the Latin word “lucifer”, meaning “lightbearer” (etymology: “light” (Lt. lux) and “to bring or carry” (Lt. ferre)). Luciferases are widely used in biotechnology, for microscopy and as reporter genes, for many of the same applications as fluorescent proteins.

Things That Glow in the Dark
Deep sea jellyfish are phosphorescent; they have Luciferases.

Biblical scholars who focus on historical context believe that 666 refers to the Roman Emperor Nero at the time, but of course, it can also refer to something more supernatural, of Satanic origin, inasmuch as Biblical symbols can have multiple interpretations.

I would argue that it can refer to evil itself, which according to the Enlightenment philosopher Kant can be defined as putting one’s self-interest ahead of the good of others. From a Christian perspective, evil and sin is first addressed in Genesis as the fall from grace. It is later codified in the Ten Commandments as disobedience to God’s will. Satan is the personified originator of sin, as per 1 John 3:8: “the devil has been sinning from the beginning.” His action led to the sin in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3).

For the purposes here, both evil in the Kantian sense and in the Biblical sense refer to willful harm of others, in defiance of what is good and just. In both senses it seems to involve a certain self-deception and deception of others. We see evidence of that now in the way that Big Pharma and the CCP are putting their profit and power ahead of humanity through deception. What they’re doing with vax mandates and passports and poisoning children for profit is wholly evil. There is no good in it. There is only the pretense of good.

For instance, there is a false belief now widely assumed, due to mainstream media lies, that the unvaccinated are the carriers and spreaders of a deadly disease (Covid-19). First of all, it’s not the Bubonic plague or even close to the Spanish Flu, either in total rate or mortality rate or transmission rate.

Estimated disease mortality rates
Chart showing the mortality rate on average. It ranges from about 6% for
the elderly who have co-morbidities to almost zero for ages 0 to 19 years.
Death count for different pandemics. Covid-19 has about the same death count at The Antonine Plague of
165-180. And if one factors in total population relative to the death, Covid-19 comes up dead last. The real threat of Covid-19 is not the disease but the fear of it, promoted in the media, which led to lockdowns and the widespread abrogation of civil and human rights, as well as lockdown deaths and vaccine deaths.

In other words, even after boosting its mortality rate artificially through gain-of-function research, it’s an entirely unremarkable disease, one that no one would pay attention to were it not for the mainstream media propaganda to promote it.

Moreover the numbers of dead have been inflated (up to 88% in some countries). The vaccinated can carry and spread it as easily as the unvaccinated (apparently the “viral loads” in both groups, when infected, are “similar”). So where did this myth arise that the only unvaccinated have it?

That lie has an evil purpose, which is to scapegoat and harm a large minority of people worldwide, and to violate the inalienable rights of millions of individuals for the sake of pharmaceutical profit and political power for the CCP and globalists.

It is utilizing fear and the unconscious psychological dynamic called displacement, a type of defense mechanism. It’s being used against us in this case.

John 8:44 says that Satan is the “father of lies.” Thus it’s not wrong to call MSM support for medical tyranny Satanic.

It reminds me of the way in which large groups of people in the past were persuaded by authority figures to believe that demonic spirits possessing women justified their being burned at the stake (witch-burnings), or that Jews were carriers of disease, justifying their extermination. The current beliefs are no more rational than past justifications for scapegoating.

And if they did have demons possessing them, a Christian pointed out to me recently, the demons should have been exorcised and not the women murdered; a good point. My point in this comparison is to argue that scapegoating is the similar dynamic in both cases.

A typical idea you might find online in the comments section of an article on vax mandates is as follows: “The unvaccinated are potential carriers of a deadly disease and should lose their jobs.” For “lose their jobs” merely substitute “be executed” and you can see where this is headed.

Thus the vaccine is indeed evil and Satanic insofar as it is being used as an instrument to divide and defeat us, out of all proportion to the medical risk it poses. Its politicization, its use as a weapon to subjugate people and violate their basic rights, is what’s evil.

This story of luciferase in the jab being identified with Satan will no doubt be picked up by some snarky Big Pharma paid ‘fact checkers’ as another piece of ‘misinformation’ and proof of why greater censorship is needed. One of them has already “fact-checked” the claim that luciferin is in the ‘vaccine.’ Are they telling the truth?

The so-called fact checkers have lost all credibility: they have lied to us about the Wuhan lab, hydroxychloroquine, isolation camps built-in Canada, and hundreds of other things. In a court of law, anything they said would be given no weight inasmuch as they’ve lied before and thus are not credible witnesses.

Plus, they are in a severe conflict of interest, being paid either directly or indirectly by Big Pharma. There’s a good satire of the ‘fact-checkers’ from the Babylon Bee: “Boy Who Pointed Out The Emperor Has No Clothes Banned For Misinformation.”

This satire is particularly clever because that fable (the Emperor’s new clothes) is a good metaphor for the orchestrated psyop we’re now being subjected to: the lies of the MSM to promote fear should be exposed. Anyone who does so is the boy of that fable.

These ‘fact-checkers’ will use this article it to mock evangelical Christians in order to make their readers feel intellectually superior, i.e., “look what those silly Christians are saying now . . .” But ironically, that mockery is itself Satanic, as per 2 Peter 3:3: “in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.” It is borne of pride, the # 1 deadly sin and instrument of Satan.

So, are we in the Last Days? Those who subscribe to what’s called a futurist interpretation of Revelation say yes. I can’t say one way or the other, but in the following photo essay / sermon, I will explore some Biblical themes that may be of use for both believers and non-believers for further understanding how the Bible can be understood to relate to current events.

A painted depiction of the Final Judgement

In one sense, the coming ID chips are as close to a ‘mark of the beast‘ (Rev. 13:17-18) as one could get, corresponding with a futurist interpretation of the Book of Revelation. This is because they will be forced on everyone by force, just as the so-called ‘vaccine’ is right now, in service to “powers and principalities” (Eph. 6:11-12).

Here is an article promoting the ID chip as something good. That’s how it will be sold to us. Perhaps the Satanic force that John of Patmos, the author of Revelation, is prophesying, is Communism.

ID2020 is one of many companies that will create the ID chip. The point of it though is to track and monitor and control us, through a social credit system. It will initially be sold to us in order to promote a vax passport, as in this video which is on the ID2020 site. Those without the chip will eventually be banned from all public places.

Rev. 13:17 says, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Vaccine passports seem to be consistent with that prophecies, if extended to all purchases — which may well happen in the future.

Expect stay-at-home orders for non-compliance, and even incarceration in wilderness isolation camps – which have been built in Canada.

Already the ‘vaccine’ is being used to as a method of totalitarian coercion — by firing and segregating and ridiculing non-compliers — which itself is evil and thus Satanic. I don’t believe the enzyme class called luciferase has anything to do with it. That’s a coincidence.

But I do believe that Big Pharma, the globalists and the CCP are pushing us towards a one-world government based on medical tyranny (the signs are all around us) and that is evil and should be resisted.

[NB – Someone online replied to this answer: “It has everything to do with it. There are no coincidences. These jabs have self-assembling nano-technology. Where do you think that Luciferase is going? Right to your pineal gland in the middle of your forehead. Don’t you ever wonder why they are now taking our temperature on our forehead with a gun-like laser, when other methods work perfectly fine and are much less expensive? It’s to condition us to this type of brain reading. I’m not a born again Christian, yet I can see this as clear as day.”]

Now, a theological question: is it part of God’s plan to bring about a great revival of the church? Pastors Bill Prankard and Barry Wunsch believe it is:

Even from a secular perspective seems likely to happen: if you destabilize society through ideological subversion (see this article) as they have been doing, it will lead many to submit to the new world order, but it will also lead many to reject that new order as evil and to embrace Christianity instead — which is precisely what happened in China. This secular article argues the revival is already taking place, due to a reminder of our mortality.

China could have as many as 120 million Christians, and perhaps more who are underground because traditional faith is illegal there. To be a Christian in a Communist nation requires real commitment. Early church father Tertullian said “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”

The CCP thinks it is gaining real power but it is also inadvertently helping real Christianity to grow. We are now witnessing a falling away of false Christianity (that which is too much influenced by Leftist progressivism) and a growth of a more authentic faith based on Biblical revelation.

The numbers of Leftist Christians is waning and the numbers of more conservative Christians (mainly through the spread of Pentecostalism) is rising. For example this GIS map by religious studies scholars shows the grow of that denomination worldwide:

I would also add that the use of Satan as a symbol of ultimate evil is not inappropriate. I have used it and seen it used many times to describe what’s going on. For instance, this is an image I made a year ago, during the U.S. election:

Feel free to share it! I also made this one:

It ties into the theme that the MSM is the enemy of truth.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1252142914408452097-ev-_dl0u4aeyzng.jpg

I will add that I don’t think Trump is error-free. He was mistaken to promote the vaccine and go along with lockdowns. He listened to Fauci too much. And unfortunately, he was a foil for the reactionary Left, who used him to promote their agenda. He also did not do enough to stop the CCP from taking over the U.S.

However, he was an important symbol for freedom of speech and religion and democracy worldwide and is he is credited with exposing ‘the Swamp’ (widespread government and media corruption). This is why the Elites launched such a vicious attack on him in the media. Trump was also a good ally to Israel and to evangelical Christians, to his credit. I made this meme a year ago as well, which uses a Satanic image from the film The Passion of the Christ:

In this image below, it shows social media — through the online disinhibition effect — turns ordinary people into demons by bringing out the worst in them. It creates the same dynamic as a lynch mob: dissociative anonymity, invisibility, etc. They feel there are no consequences if they vent their aggression online. This has had a terrible effect on society, by creating divisive tribal identities and giving rise to so-called #CancelCulture.

In this clever meme below, there intent is humour, but there’s also a certain truth in it as well: that a vague spirituality is insufficient to combat real evil. It takes a more dedicated faith. Of course, faith can be a double-sided instrument: it can be used for good or evil. Idolatrous faith serves evil.

Leftism can be termed idolatrous if it is understood as a kind of faith; I find this article quite persuasive for making that argument.

Early Christians would rather face a violent death than commit the idolatry of burning incense to the Emperor as though he were a god. Christians in Japan in the 17th century, similarly, were told to step on an image of Jesus as a sign of their disdain for him and obedience to the Emperor (as shown in the film Silence (2016)).

Those that did not were tortured and murdered — but like the early Christians they believed that through martyrdom and through God’s grace they had won eternal salvation.

Stepping on the image of Jesus as a sign of obedience to the Japanese Emperor.
Those who refused were murdered (below).
Scene from the film Silence (2016). The martyrs were crucified in the ocean. They did this to him because he would not step on the image of Jesus. Full scene:
Early Christians in the Roman Empire were required to burn incense to the Emperor or face execution. Saint Perpetua (right), an educated young women, preferred death to idolatry, in the 2nd century. She believed it would bring her into the Kingdom of Heaven as per Matthew 5:10: “Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Perpetua died because she refused to honour Emperor Diocletian and thus offend her own sense of conscience — and to join the martyrs who had died for Christ before her in eternal salvation.
Today, millions of Christians around the world like this young woman in China, would rather face jail or worse than to renounce God.

The fight in this battle against medical tyranny is not with “the powers and principalities” of this world or the people who run them; it is with Satan himself:

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” – Ephesian 6:12

A dilemma now faced by millions due to vax mandates.

Satan may be further understood in Enlightenment terms as a personification of the propensity to evil within the human spirit (above graphic). We also all have the propensity to good in us, and we must choose, through free will, which way to go.

These issues are tearing people apart, tearing families apart. One could argue that God said this would happen in Matthew 10. Those who resist evil will be criticized by even their own families. During the Canadian election a protestor said to Trudeau: “You monster! You ruined families.”

Our conscience pulls us one way, while Satan pull us in another direction. We are forced to choose at some point. The vaccination issue brings that point home. It is not a public health issue; it’s a moral issue. Do we choose good or evil, God or Satan?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1251275571616780292-ev1p1c7x0aey3dj.jpg

In what follows I will deliver an online sermon, with graphics, which is a bit out the ordinary. You do not have to agree with all that I say. The main thing is to think about it and reflect on it, to use it as an occasion to discern the truth.


We often hear the argument that it is the right thing to do, to help others, by taking the vaccine. I would argue the very opposite: there is no reliable evidence that it help other people. The ‘vaccine’ provides no immunity, so where does this idea come from that the vaccinated are somehow disease-free or that the unvaccinated are therefore diseased? It’s a fiction being promoted online incessantly.

By pushing this lie, all it does is force our society on a trajectory to totalitarianism. That does not only not help others; it harms them — especially future generations born into that kind of world. I would rather give up my self-interest than be coerced in this way. I do feel as though my very soul is on the line. Jesus, in Matthew 25, has strong words for those who forsake others.

Of course, it’s not my place to judge others (that is God’s role) but personally I would not wish to be the leaders of the CCP or the Big Pharma boards of directors when they inevitably face their Maker, after what they’ve done. After we die we all meet our Maker and there is a life review, called The Book of Life, in Revelation:

And I (the apostle John) saw the dead, small and great, standing before God . . . and another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged out of the things written . . . (Revelation 20:12)

Hell could be a literal place or it could be figurative. Some people have died and come back to life and say it’s real (just as many who died and were revived say that Heaven is real). For instance, in Two Views of Hell, “Robert Peterson defends the traditional view [that it is a real place], while Edward Fudge advocates the conditionalist perspective that after a period of suffering, the unfaithful will experience a complete extinguishing, or annihilation, of existence.”

Nor would I wish to be one of the politicians – such as Trudeau or Doug Ford – who imposed unjust laws on people, causing poverty and hardship through vax mandates and passports:

Ultimately, it is not up to me (or any person) to render that ultimate judgement. It is God’s role alone to do that. Jesus says “judge not lest ye be judged” and “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” And James 4:12: “There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” That does not means we should not stand up against evil when we see it, though. It only means that the ultimate judgement, in the life to come, is God’s call.

What we are witnessing in the world today is idolatry on a mass scale. For example, the BLM movement is Marxist and thus idolatrous. I would compare it to the Golden Calf in Exodus. This is a meme I made last year to that effect:

The worst is yet to come. But we should console ourselves that our sufferings are not in vain, but in suffering we honour God, who loves us.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-169.png

There is hope in the Resurrection of Christ. Though the tyrants of this world may seem to prevail, it is only for a short time, then they fall. Christ has already won. He says in John 16:33: “Take heart, I have overcome the world.”

I made this meme last year as well, to put our current events into Biblical context:

We may take consolation in the fact that God loves us, all of us – even the animals whom He created. I made this meme to honour God’s love for them too. He receives them into Heaven (Isiah 11:6-7).

Mary Magdalene after seeing the Risen Christ. From the film The Gospel of John

Great things are going to happen for those who have opened their hearts to God, even though great tribulations will also have to be born this century as well.

Above is a scene is from the movie The Seventh Seal, showing the moment the people in the movie meet their Maker and are liberated from this world, to join Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And in this world, as on Sodom and Gomorrah, a great Judgement will fall:

Though perhaps enough people will repent, as the people of Nineveh did, and God will relent. This is a good telling of the story:

The Christian may take consolation in the Good News, that He is Risen:

Before us is a great task, to live according to God’s word, in obedience to His commandments and to spread His Word. I myself cannot do it, but with God’s help I can.

I became a Christian a few years ago, after having left the faith for many years due to being lost, but God found me again and I realize that like Jonah I had been running away from Him. Through God we have the power to go great things. It doesn’t matter what the enemy does at this point.

Through the Resurrection, Christ had already defeated Satan: “I have overcome the world.” Today Satan is using the MSM and CCP and Big Pharma to spread lies and evil. But God’s Word is infinitely more powerful than anything men can do. We need to take consolation in that fact.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1251057893958455296-evymdyrxyaedtp1.jpg

If you want to understand it in more secular Enlightenment terminology, we have a moral duty to choose good, of our own free will, through reason. Good is that which helps others. Evil is that which harms them. Medical tyranny is evil for this reason. It doesn’t help anyone.

Autonomy of the will means choosing obedience to the voice of conscience and reason over obedience to authority figures (that would be heteronomy of the will). Choosing liberty over tyranny is the right choice. A free society is that which is best for all people, as the history of Communism and socialism have proven.

We are now on the verge of a world run by technocratic corporate Communism, ushered in under the pretext of a faux pandemic. We can choose to go along with that lie or we can choose to speak the truth. As Jesus said, “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).


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