Spotlight on Austria

People protest against coronavirus restrictions and the vaccine mandate in Vienna
An estimated 44,000 people attended the demonstration in Vienna on Dec. 11, 2021.
The sign says “No to the mandatory vaccine!”
The cartoon reads “Lockdown for the unvaccinated” and their protest signs read “dictator” and “no vaccine”

Recently, Austria has been in the news, first for imposing a lockdown on all unvaccinated citizens, a few weeks back, and now for announcing mandatory mRNA injections for all citizens by Feb. 1, 2022.

44,000 Austrians protested in the streets on Dec. 11. More protests are likely to follow. Once the law is imposed in February, holdouts will reportedly be fined and possibly imprisoned.

The Germans have a good compound noun for this: Impfendiktatur, or “vaccine dictator.” This nicely describes the Austrian parliament that voted for this. Another word that applies: Impfzwang or “compulsory vaccination.”

Germans have a knack for compound nouns, such as Abstammungsnachweis (“genealogical certificate”) – used to establish blood purity during the Third Reich — which has its analog today in the vaccine passport.

The politicians initially all assured such things would not happen. It was “ten days to flatten the curve” turning into weeks, then months, then a year of lockdowns and ever-increasing restrictions.

In truth, none of it was ever about public health. That was a lie, which many millions still (inexplicably) want to believe Anyone with a working brain should be able to see through this lie.

Unfortunately, most people prefer not to think for themselves – due to moral and intellectual laziness, social conditioning, and endless propaganda.

The Austrian government claims that 36 percent of the population remains unvaccinated and that the cause of continued outbreaks of Covid-19 is their fault. But that conclusion is based a false causal correlation.

States with much higher vax rates still have case counts. Gibraltar, for example, has an over 100 percent vaccination rate but still has a high case count.

Could it be that the jab itself causes mutations that are immune to it and provides no protection from the disease it’s supposed to remedy? mRNA shots appear to be making the disease worse, through ADE. But one is not allowed to say that.

These injections do not stop the transmission of the disease. This is because devising vaccines for respiratory diseases will result in a “sub-optimal” remedy:

“Historically, virologists and vaccinologists have not been able to develop a safe, optimal vaccine for coronaviruses or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Over the past 20 years, the best they have been able to do is develop a sub-optimal vaccine—meaning that the vaccine might reduce disease severity somewhat but does not adequately prevent infection or transmission. Those sub-optimal vaccines have not proven to be adequately effective or adequately safe. In fact, animal studies of these previous coronavirus vaccines have shown them to be dangerous, primarily because of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of viral replication and disease severity within the vaccinees.” Source: Robert M. Rennebohm, MD.

The so-called ‘vaccines’ in this case are more harmful than the disease itself for younger patients. They’re also proving to be more harmful at the macro level, due to the social divisions and political unrest their implementation is causing.

They’re simply not worth it, if the objective is disease-control. If however, the objective is political disruption and mass behavioural change, then one could say they’re quite successful.

The best strategy is to learn to live with the virus and accept its low mortality rate as the price of having a functioning economy and free society — as outlined in this thoughtful piece. But Austria is run by globalists intent on the Great Reset, and this is their opportunity to impose authoritarian rule.

Not getting the vaccine is safe!
Politicians, Pharma, Media: they do not want to be reminded of their pandemic bankruptcy.
Vaccination doctor: does not want proof. Patient: cannot provide proof.
Karikamur-Karikatur! - Wiedenroth: 03.12.2020
The cartoon shows Bill Gates (I think) saying “Still no desire to vaccinate?
But I have even more hideous pathogens in stock!”
The cannon is painted like the Chinese flag.

There may be something in the German-Austrian character that easily submits to authoritarianism and collectivism, or so it’s claimed. That same claim is made about Chinese, Russian and other peoples. But that’s speculative. However, some people have gone to a lot of trouble to measure and map it, geographically:


The map-maker says, “I have used Geert Hofstede’s scale of individualism vs collectivism to make the map. There was a lot of data missing in Eastern Europe, which I had to infer from the score for neighbouring countries and based on the genetic and cultural similarities. Genetic traits don’t fit neatly within a country’s political border. In general, I have found that the percentage of Y-DNA haplogroup R1b-L11 (Celto-Germanic) correlates fairly well (though not perfectly) with high scores for individualism. The strongest matches seem to be the S21/U106 and S28/U152 subclades.”

Contrasting Europe with the surrounding region we see a rise in collectivism and a decline in individualism outside Europe:


I personally believe that the love of freedom is universal, not just among human beings, but among all sentient beings. So I do not believe that genetics plays a role. Social behaviour is learned. No one really wants to be imprisoned. When they do want it, it’s because fear of what lies outside the cage is greater.

Austria is now going to violate the Nuremberg Law en masse, which prohibits involuntary experimentation on human beings. That international law was implemented in response to Nazi medical experiments. I don’t see how the imposition of experimental mRNA injections is morally any different.

The next stage beyond mandatory mRNA shots for all is mandatory ID chips to track us (called ‘contact tracing’). An authoritarian technocracy of this kind is endorsed by the U.N. and World Economic Forum. For example, the ID2020 project‘s objective is to create a “digital identity alliance” globally.

Schallenberg has been Chancellor only since October and will be vacating the position next month. His political party has been implicated in corruption, which led to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz stepping down and Shallenberg taking his place temporarily. He is widely viewed as a sort of political puppet. The incoming Chancellor also supports the nationwide mandate.

While in that position of power he’s managed to make Austria the first nation to impose the next phase of medical fascism. This could not have been done without Kurz’s approval. The entire Austrian government seems to be implicated in this crime.

It reads “Excellent, Schallenberg, excllent.” Which is an allusion to the Simpsons’ Mr. Burns, who uses that line. But the hair is to indicate that Mr. Burns is really Kurz saying this.
Einimpfen - Cartoons - › Diskurs
“Impfen” means “vaccinate” and “einimpfen” means “innoculate.” The meaning of the cartoon is unclear to me, but in it, the doctor says “alternative medicine” and puts syringes into a person’s head, like acupuncture. Why?

These politicians are figureheads, like the petty dictators who ruled eastern European provinces under the USSR. They have been told a new global order is being imposed and their best interests are served by going along with it.

If I were Austrian I would move out, but I suspect many cannot afford to and resent being put in the terrible dilemma of choosing between their homeland and freedom of medical choice.

Other nations got away with vaccine mandates by passing off the responsibility to corporations or government agencies or hospitals. Austria, as far as I’m aware, is the first nation-state to impose it directly on all citizens. But it won’t be the last. I expect this to be imposed in Canada, where I live before 2022 is out. Our glorious leader, Trudeau, is openly a fan of Communism and wants to impose it here.

It doesn’t surprise me that this is happening. Those of us who realized this was all about power and not public health, since its inception in early 2020, knew this day would come. Medical tyranny seems to work because so many people are easily conditioned by fear.

But I wondered about Austria in particular. Why are its leaders going ahead with this now? To answer that, we should be aware that Austria is part of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI). Meaning that Austria, like many African nations, has taken money from China, in exchange for obedience to them. Austria appears to be in the grip of Communist influence: Graz, a major city in Austria, elected an openly Communist mayor.

Italy also obeyed the CCP: the Italian government went along with being used to kickstart the mass hysteria with false reports of mass deaths from Covid-19, to scare people into believing this was a real pandemic, in early 2020. BRI membership may also be why Greece decided to fine pensioners if they don’t get the jab.

Italy's coronavirus disaster: At first, officials urged ...
Scene from Italy in 2020, which in retrospect appears to be theatrical propaganda.

These poorer nations of Europe have already capitulated to Communism. This was what the Greek civil war was over. There’s a good film on it called Eleni, showing how terrible the Communists were then — including stealing children and murdering innocent people.

Another theory is that Shallenburg was influenced by George Soros’s son, who apparently visited him days before the announcement of mandatory injections for all citizens: “George Soros’ son Alexander now runs the Open Society Foundation. He recently met both Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and the new Foreign Minister Michael Linhart.” Also: “Who’s pulling Schallenberg’s strings?”

Like Trudeau, Austria’s outgoing Chancellors have been accused of corruption, so it’s not hard to imagine them falling in line with the globalists and CCP.

Soros is a founding member of the Good Club, along with Bill Gates. Their objective is climate change mitigation and depopulation, under the auspices of a one-world government.

The WHO, part of the U.N., works closely with the CCP. The medical tyranny we’re experiencing is part of an elaborate plan conceived and executed by the CCP, the WHO, the Good Club, Big Pharma owners, and MSM owners.

There is substantial proof of this so-called “conspiracy theory.” To call it that doesn’t make it wrong. Some criminal conspiracies are real. In the U.S. justice system, they’re called “racketeering” which is “a pattern of illegal activity (as extortion and murder) that is carried out in furtherance of an enterprise (as a criminal syndicate) which is owned or controlled by those engaged in such activity.”

“The Soros family is known across the world as the key sponsor and supporter of globalist liberal agenda that targets patriotic and pro-freedom conservatives while rewarding corrupt and criminal liberal politicians as well as their network of media and corporate entities, including the pharma mafia. The conservative government of Hungary banned Soros University in 2017. Soros then moved his university to Austria where the governing party – of which Schallenberg is the latest ruler – follows the Soros agenda.” That explains a lot.

There are claims that Soros funded revolutinoary Marxist groups BLM and Antifa, through the “Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountabiliy” fund of the Open Society Foundation.

Shallenburg, like Lenin and Pol Pot, appears to be a pseudo-Communist ‘progressive’ intellectual, willing to sacrifice millions of people to implement a collectivist transformation of society.

The historian Paul Johnson said the 20th century saw the rise of the intellectual as a religious fundamentalist. He was referring to Communists in particular. The 21st century is turning out to be a repeat of the 20th, but this time, instead of class war, the totalitarians are using a faux health crisis to implement their social engineering plans.

The EU is run by globalists. Globalism presents itself as a sort of enlightened and benign democratic socialism, striving for social and political progress, but its real goal is to concentrate power into the hands of a small elite, at the expense of the masses.

At its core, it is no different than fascism, the philosophy that might makes right. It may represent itself as good – to end racism or help people or solve the environmental crisis, etc – but that’s a facade. In the end, it’s only really ever about power.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundation, to spread his anti-American socialist ideas, by funding them with his billions. He funds the Marxist revolutionaries Black Lives Matter, for example, and has stated that his objective is to destroy the U.S., a country founded on the principle of individual freedom. Globalists hate individualism and human freedom.

The hypocrisy of the use of the name Open Society is that Soros took it from the title of a book by anti-Communist philosopher Karl Popper. Popper wrote it to precisely argue against the kind of totalitarian society that Soros is trying to implement. As Orwell perceived, those who do evil like to call themselves good. The history of religious tyranny is a good example.

The Austrian government is counting on the passivity of the people. Freud wrote, “Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” Sadly, that’s true, though fortunately, it doesn’t apply to all people. A minority will strive for freedom, and in them lies hope for humanity. Interestingly, he wrote from Vienna, roughly a century ago.

Fortunately, many Austrians are aware of all this and oppose it vociferously through public protests. But will it be enough? No matter. Protest for freedom is necessary and virtuous even if the end result sought doesn’t materialize. A deontological ethic says the value of the act is in its intention, not its result. These protests are never in vain.

This is truly the best time to oppose medical fascism before its seizer of the reigns of power becomes permanent. Eventually, all evil empires fall, and the medical fascists will too, in time, but it would be better to depose them now than endure decades of their tyranny.

I now believe they’re intent on reducing our numbers. They seem to hate human life, as evidenced by their obsession with abortion, euthanasia, and the imposition of medical fascism – which is killing people both through SARS-CoV2 (which they engineered) and the mRNA injections.

Gates said his objective was a 10 to 15 percent reduction in the world’s population. Fact-checkers obfuscate this quote, saying we take it out of context. I don’t think so. That really is his intent, as I argue here.

The globalists also want to impose austerity measures, which has already led to rising oil and food prices. We may expect to see more protests, in response to these austerity measures.

The one hopeful thing about all this, which the globalists cannot entirely eradicate, is that the spirit of freedom can awaken at any time because we are born with it. It is part of what it means to be human. That spark can be dimmed but not put out.

Without a doubt, freedom always has a price: our effort, and if necessary our blood. Thomas Payne said, “those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must undertake to support it.”

Another American founding father Samuel Adams said, “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.”

What was true in the 18th century is more true today than ever. These are perennial truths that need to be stated and re-stated.

I stand with the 44,000 who marched for their freedom in Austria (see article below). That fight needs to continue.

Tens of thousands protest against compulsory Covid jabs in Austria

Crowds in Vienna demonstrate against mandatory vaccines and confinement orders for unvaccinated [The protest was on Dec. 11, 2021]

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Austria’s capital Vienna to protest against mandatory Covid vaccines and home confinement orders for those who have not yet received the jabs.

Police said an estimated 44,000 people attended the demonstration on Saturday, the latest in a string of huge weekend protests since Austria last month became the first EU country to say it would make Covid vaccinations mandatory.

partial confinement since last month ends on Sunday for the vaccinated, but those who have not received the required doses will have to remain at home.

“No to vaccine fascism,” read one protest sign. “I’m not a neo-Nazi or a hooligan,” said another, “I’m fighting for freedom and against the vaccine.”

Vaccination is to be obligatory from February for all those older than 14, except in the case of a dispensation for health reasons. [presumably, religious exemptions don’t count?]

Nobody will be vaccinated by force, the government has said, but those who refuse the shot will have to pay an initial fine of 600 euros (£510), which can then increase to 3,600 euros if not settled.

[NB – They say it’s not by force, but the fines are coercive; it’s the social credit system of China but in a western nation]

Manuela, 47, said she had traveled to the capital for the protest. Why “exclude those who aren’t vaccinated, especially children?” asked Manuela. She said she was vaccinated, but did not want to give her surname. “It’s incredible discrimination not to be able to send a kid to dancing, tennis, or swimming lessons.”

Analea, a 44-year-old violin teacher who also refused to give her family name, said this was “not the direction a democracy should be taking”. “We can have different opinions and values, but still live together freely,” she said.

Austrian cartoon with the subtitle “Could a lockdown also affect vaccinated people?”
(Könnte ein Lockdown auch Geimpfte treffen?) The answer, of course, is yes.

I like the cartoon because the monkey turns the tables on his tormentor.
Fauci was recently implicated in funding the torture of monkeys.


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